Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mie Casa - The Beginning

I am going to move to my new apartment end of this month. Though I used to handle housebuyers complaints before, I couldn't understand their ordeal until I went through the process of housebuying myself.

Earlier, on my friend recommendation I placed a booking on a single storey terrace house in Bandar Enstek. What actually caught my interest was the "illustrasi pelukis". Then later I found out that the viability studies was done by my former roommate and the senior architect whose firm designed the house was someone I knew years ago in Sabah. It sort of reaffirmed that it was a good buy. Until I saw the execution of the design by the contractor and sadly, the developer CEO arrogance which forced me to pull out from the deal.

Anyway, when i bought this apartment, I had defied all my housebuying principles, which are:
(a) Don't buy service apartment.
(b) Don't commit to sign the S&P when buying near completion properties without getting a longer interest free grace period.
(c) Take our time getting more information about the property before putting your booking or deposits.
(d) Must be financially, mentally and physically ready to own a strata property - the maintenance, sinking fund, quit rent, renovations, "bangla security guards yang strict tak bertempat", ignorance neighbours....
(e) Must make it known that I am working with KPKT.

The first ordeal was finding out on the day I signed my S&P that the lease only left 88 years. As it is a service apartment, this information is not accessible to me and developer has no obligations to make it known to purchasers. Well OK, I wouldn't be living that very long anyway so I compromised.

Next, after signing the S&P, it took the legal firm so long to execute my S&P.

Next, OCBC delayed in giving letter of instruction to my financier solicitor to execute my loan agreement and memorandum of transfer.

Next, I received developers progress billing stating that if I don't pay in 3 weeks time, I will be charged late-payment interest.

Luckily, I did what any "house buyers" who know their rights will do - call everyday and follow up with letters. But of course for the final touch, must give the developer or solicitors a visit and swing a name card with the Government Lion's Crest that spelt "Ketua Penolong Pengarah, Bahagian Penguatkuasaan" -just to make sure some people do their job.


mirza said...

hehe...i like the last statement of yours...bagus sgt ko bg diaorg tu card ko..ha bru diaorg tau saper ko..hehe...kpp enforcement tuhh..

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