Sunday, February 27, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For ...

Do you know that certain areas along the highway have great views?
I am on travelling mode again since beginning of the month and just came back from KL few days ago. As I was driving from KL to Penang in the wee hours of the morning (5.30 am) I remembered those years, working under Dr. P and cursing like nobody's business because he just could not let me out of his sights (and out of the office). And there I was monitoring states of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan from Kuala Lumpur, visualizing the projects progress from 7F reports and artist impressions on the brochures.

Now, since moving to MOTOUR, I am mostly outstation than in my office. Even when I was already back in the office, my meetings with NGOs and industry players were back to back. This month in particular, my punch card was like half empty ... CNY leave (Kuching), then Mallacca, then Lumut and then KL ... still I am cursing like nobody's business ... hahaha. Snapshots of some my journey this month.

@Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan
@Lumut Waterfront, Perak
@Botanic Garden, Melaka
 Be careful what you wish for ...
By the way, this is not my luck prediction. Mine's P&C but hehehe ... very lucky. To KK and Vincent dismay hahaha
Anyway I was inspired to share my thoughts about this topic after a successful program with Rapid Penang recently. We were testing some of Rapid Penang routes so that our team in Tourism Malaysia could promote it to tourists who prefer to travel with public transport in Penang, starting with route 101. So while stopping at the Siamese Temple, I decided to try out the wheel of fortune machine, which according to Vincent, my leader for Project Penang, the prediction is "very very true".

Vincent said that before I put in the coin and let the machine spin for my prediction, I should pray first and let some questions or wishes flashed through my mine. To be honest, I don't know why I was set of knowing what lies for me this year. Perhaps just a little reassurance? So in short these are some of my wishes and prayers ..

I wish for PINKEST of HEALTH ...(got some good prediction on that).

Bonding time with my family. Perhaps more family trips like this ... (we went to Haadyai last year). To be honest that trip was great. In fact CNY trip this year was great too. Everyone seemed relax and cool. I also had time to chill out with my friends in Kuching.

 I wish for great team in my office (plus great boss). Lady boss also seems more understanding lately.

I wish for more great friends (and colleagues). To be honest, it getting lonely "up" here. Thanks to BBM and outings like this. We could seek each others opinion and had our "bitching" time. Oppsss kantoi pakai baju sama!
I wish for less work related stress .. I know everyone knows about the issue related to the above project.  It was a real challenge for me, dealing with my management, the NGOs, the stakeholders. (BTW view was taken from the new furnicular train ... coming soon hehehe)

Ashton Kutcher's character in No String Attached - not Ashton himself. Susah akak nak jaga nanti. BTW, it was a great movie (must watch).

My wishes may be common and the usual but I think many always take that for granted (myself included). We wish for the stars when it was the sun and the moon that provide us the light. OK, my prediction readings didn't answer a VERY important question, instead it says ... something about travelling. Plus great luck this year. So contrary to my fengshui reading.

Anyway, I am rekindling with my passion with photography ... However, since I am also writing for my food blog, I noticed that most of the photos taken are mostly with my mind set for the other blog rather than this blog hahaha ... okaylah trying to adjust.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Princess and The Froggie

Just my luck ... of all the days, Froggie chosed this day to "manja-manja" with me. And of all places, he chosed Shell station Datuk Keramat Road for our "romantic" rendezvous. Well to be honest, the guy who was pumping gas next door was kinda cute, but when I couldn't start my car ... dia buat tak tahu jer ... sialan! Menonong jer dia tinggalkan the damsel in distress.

Luckily abang Bangla was thoughtful enough asking Esso station owner next door if she sell any car batteries. The auntie even help to call Mr Ee, the 24 hours mechanic to the rescue (though I had to wait nearly an hour due to heavy rain).

Soon enough, Daddy also came to the petrol station just to see if everything was OK. Thank God he came.... else I terpaksa cari jalan yang "halal" untuk bayar service Mr Ee (tak dapek den nak bayangkan). I was short of RM 50.00 ... terpaksa borrow duit His Royal Highness The Emperor.

See, my Valentine's gift to Froggie. So romantic! With the date inscribed!

Mr Ee even paste his namecard on my windscreen in case of emergency. Here I share his contact information in case anyone got car problem in Penang. Sharing is caring! True Valentine spirit ...

Be My Valentine's ...

Despite the current hoo-haa in the country telling people not to celebrate St. Valentine's Day for religious reasons as well as statement from the Council of Churches saying that it's not a Christian celebration, to me I still embrace the spirit of St. Valentine's day.

Put aside the moral and sex education, let's face it ... the longer we are in a relationship ... the love tend to fade, couples found themselves drifted apart and eventually lead to divorce and break-ups. What's wrong of having one day in a year just to remind ourselves (mandatorily) about LOVE, PASSION and maybe some DESIRE hahahaha. Pheww ... it is a sexy day!

Ok ... I am not going to lecture about the issue but as the theme has something to do with LOVE, so I guess what other best day and time for me to introduce the new LOVE of my life, one that I pour my heart and soul with PASSION and burning DESIRE these past few weeks ...

My faithful readers ... please welcome Princess Di .... (my other blogger name) .... for my food blog known as Princess Di's Yummy Notes.

So far the blog have 7 entries .... about my food misadventures from Penang-Sarawak-Malacca. Well more entries are coming. So please feel free to visit my new Food Blog ... a journal of my food adventure in Malaysia and everywhere!

Last but not least, I would like to dedicate this video to all lovers and couples (old and new) out there. I have always love this song (original from Lady Antebelum) and soooo lucky that it was featured on Glee! Yeaaaaaa

Though this is a bit gayish but I don't mind being wooed by Darren Chriss like this. Anytime, anywhere hehehe

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