Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pisau Cukur

After "Setem", this was another Malay movie that I think worth my every "ringgit". Although some bloggers condemn the "kegedikan" two actresses - Maya Karin and Fazura in this movie as Bella and Intan (the Gold Diggers) but to me ... I likee ... Personally I terlalu ingin watch this movie because of Maya Karin ... because to me, dia pandai betul buat facial expression ikut scene or mood. Plus, my kind of humor, bukan lawak slapstick like Senario but witty punch lines, drama queens and segala yang "double meaning".

We (me and Guy Next Door) dragged along Mr Energy Saving, a pure Chinese by birth, who watched nothing but Chinese, Japanese and Korean dramas, just to see his reactions. Kalau dia tak ketawa means movie nie fail lah by One Malaysia standard.

After the show, tiba2 Mr Energy Saving pun dah pandai mimicked ... "Oh My Dior", "OH My Prada" or "Oh My Gucci" ... kira Bernard Chauly dah boleh penetrate lah Chinese market.

Anyway, I won't comment about the storyline .... to me sesuailah dengan tema movie. But I nak comment lah on cinematography and set dia. Bernard, tau lah tak naik kapal untuk filming movie nie tapi set kena gahlah sikit. Macam adegan ballroom dancing ... cover lah parquet floors tu dengan floor coverings yang grand sikit. Or stage tu buatlah grand-grand!

Satu lagi, I wonder whether you pakai high definition camera tak for this movie. Aaron Aziz (who's usually HOT) macam tak hensem pulak dalam movie nie. And baju2 actresses yang gempak (masa The Making Of) itew macam tak menyerlah ... mcm baju sewa pulak ...

Another one, kalau atas kapal, and kapal bergerak dek tu kena patutnya berangin and brighter, contohnya ... tgklah movie Titanic yer!

Overall ... I enjoy the movie ... and Bernard, I have an idea for the Part 2. Kalau nak ask Rafidah to call me. Bayaran consultation can be negotiable hehehe

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dream Dream Dream

A short conversation with one developer friend on my way to a meeting made me decided to spare some time today to day dream. Although I am comfortable with my current job, position and the pay ... my inner self kadang2 meronta-ronta nak join balik the private sector. Anyway, sometimes listening to my developer friends relating how soft or competitive the housing market today can be a pushing factor too.

But recalling an article on Datin Freida Pilus, the founder and Chairperson of the Sri Cempaka Schools, on the Edge last Monday, I was quite inspired, perhaps motivated that a former civil servant could be Woman Entrepeneur of the Year 2008. Sacrifice her 13 years of service to open a private school in 1983, just because her sons started schoolling and she was dissatisfied with the conditions in national schools plus realised that there was a potential in private education ... look at her now! Gaji sebulan pun dah boleh support pencen 20 tahun hehehe.

At least she shortlisted her dream to only ONE whereas me ... sekejap nak jadi chef, sekejap nak jadi photographer, sekejap nak jadi entertainer (yang nie confirm angan2 mat jenin). The truth is I really want to be a modern and professional ginger farmer. Original idea patented to my mum.

I bought this book 2 weeks ago at MPH mid valley. I remembered when my dad returned from a working trip to Australia many years back he bought me some cream and beauty products from lavender after visiting a lavender farm. So I was really amazed that we can create many by-products from a plant like essential oils, perfumes, creams, soaps etc etc.

Ginger root, is widely used in Asian and Western countries, either in its original form as a delicacy, medicine or spice OR as essential oils in cosmetics or aromatherapy (massage).

Hmmm .... should I make the sacrifice?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Unforgettable - Royal Charity Gala Night

Once again, I have to thank SP Setia for the invitation to their Unforgettable-Konsert Amal Diraja (whom they were the main sponsor) at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centere. The concert was to raise funds for the Alzheimers Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM), featured 66 world-class musicians from 10 different countries under the lead of New York-based conductor, Eugene Pook. Sesuai sangat dengan akak yang selalu lupa-lupa sejak dua-menjak nie.

Co-incidently, that night was the 64th birthday of His Royal Highness, The Sultan of Selangor, DYMM Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj. Another royal guests were His Royal Highness Dr. Raja Nazrin Shah and Tuanku Zara (santekkk sekali macam model). Hence, the Royal Charity Gala Night. Nasib lah I tak berhias cantik2 malam tu, kalau tak sure lah jadi birthday present to the most eligible bachelor for the night. Teringat kisah time terima watikah from the Sultan late father. Semua tak berani nak senyum kat the late Royal Highness masa ambik watikah takut - "Beta berkenan".

I have always wanted to watch a concerto or live orchestra playing classical pieces from Bach /Pachebel (my personal fav) or scores from famous movies like Beauty and The Beast, Titanic or Phantom of the Opera. Been planning to watch a few shows by the Malaysia Philhalmonic Orchestra, but haven't met the right companion for that. Anyway as I was savouring the symphonic magic of the night how I wish that my parents could afford to sent me for a musical lesson so at least I could play one musical instrument. So far the only musical instrument that I learned to play formally was the recorder (a type of flute).

Then suddenly I heard a familiar sound that usually add some drama or liven up or act as a climax to a score. "Ting Ting Ting". Laaa ... kerincing. Nampaknya ada jugak musical instrument lain yang I tau main. Kalau main kerincing pun boleh jadi world-class performer so I pun dengan bangga boleh lah anggap diri i world class musician hehehe

The orchestra played to scores from Phantom of the Opera, Star Wars and some pieces that I am not familiar with. There was also a solo performance from award winning violinist Jessica Lee and Estee Pook who sang to New York, New York and a Mandarin song. Anyway, throughout the night I was waiting for Sean Ghazi. And his vocal performance to Bridge Over Troubled Water, Semalam, Hujan Di Tengah Hari, Unforgettable and Sway memang tak mengecewakan. Tapi if I had a say to the selection of vocalists ... I think the organiser in the future should consider Farhan AF4.

When Sean told the audience that "tonight was magical" because for it will be the first time that his own song Semalam be played by 66 world-class musicians assemble ... I could understand his feelings. I think it is every singer or vocallist dream to sing to an orchaestra and LIVE in front of say 3000 audience. I remembered singing "How Do I Live" accompanied by a 3-piece band (piano, bass guitar and lead guitar) to a live audience at Hyatt KK.

My feelings that time? Excerpt from Sean Ghazi's speech ... "barulah terasa Malaysia Bolehness and some Syok Sendiriness"...

However the highlight of the night belongs to Datuk Razman Hashim, Deputy Chairman of Sunway Group. He really wowed the crowd with his down to earth performance and rendition to "Piece of My Heart". Kalah Sean Ghazi (seriously) ... sampai tak sedar I cheered so loud for him. Sorry Sean, kadang2 lelaki lebih tua lebih berpengalaman ... auwww

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Heart Must Go On

This year some people that I truly love and care about had gone to be with The Lord, but none of these passings had such traumatic effects on me like Well's sudden and unexpected demise. As I was in my mourning state, I recalled this words of wisdom on Datin Tiara's blog ... "DANCE as though no one is watching you. LOVE as though you've never been hurt before. SING as though no one can hear you. And though Heaven is on Earth."

Live ... as though Heaven is on Earth ... hmmm ... cantiknya ayat nie. I remember as I was talking to Well's friends and families in the hospital, they all said good things about him. Even my last known living memory of Well I could conclude him as a great man and friend. Hmmm ... as for me ... belum tentu lepas the 7 Deadly Sins (yang first- glutonny pun dah tak lepas). A clear direct access to Hell! OMG.

But if we really think about it... that is if you are not sure that you got yourself a place in Heaven, why not live as though Heaven is on Earth. Start counting our blessings, not our problems, set aside some time to Day Dream and believe that you are born for GREATNESS ... hahaha. Nonetheless I am thankful that I still live to enjoy this life, make it more meaningful or live to tell you my stories.

Trip to KK (23 Oct - 27 Oct 2009)
"Embrace Each Moment With Enthusiasm"

I have always regarded Kota Kinabalu as my fourth home (after Kuching, Penang and Kuala Lumpur). I should be as I spent 5 years exploring and discovering my "womanhood" there huhuhu. There were time, especially when I was so stressed out, that I felt like boarding a flight and go hiking at the foot of Mount Kinabalu or snorkelling at Manukan Island in that "itsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini".

I did that when I was a student in UMS. There was a cheap room and boarding about few kilometres from Kinabalu National Park (RM 10.00 a night for room without heater). I remember going there with Geh Wyn, Kar Yew and Arthur during exam week. That very night Geh Wyn had stomach upset and went to the loo to do his business. By the time he got back, he told us that his rear end was all numb from coldness ... (but that time my mind was wondering on something else that might went numb too). So kesian hooo.. we were too "poor" to get ourselves room with heater.

Oh yea, back on the trip. After the wedding, I extended my stay until the 27th Oct (Tuesday) for photo taking sessions, a makeover (body, mind and soul) and of course, jalan-jalan cari makan (cheap and fresh seafood).

The photographer in action...

The models ... the one on the most right still admiring self taken pictures of her eyes. Sudahlah Suna ... memang ndak nampak bah matamu tu.

Iklan Tahun Melawat Sabah ...

Datanglah ke Sutera Harbour Resort ... anda akan dilayan dengan "baik" oleh life guard ini.

Years ago ... nobody appreciate the view here except for me and Suna over a brunch at Wisma Merdeka. Nah got waterfront somemore.

I still don't get the meaning of the fish statues.

That night we had dinner at Kampung Air ... look at all these fresh seafood!

I tried Mantis Prawn in Penang few months back and was told that it's hard to get the "big" ones in Peninsular Malaysia. So when I saw this in the aquarium ... ooo la laa...

I never miss Oyster Omellete whenever I am in Penang. But nothing can compare with this Kampung Air Oyster Omellette ... heaven!

If I craved for soft shell crabs, I normally go to Japanese restaurant. But here ... the crabs are freshly catch and fried for you!

The flesh of the steam garoupa ... ooo heaven. In KK, jangan lah beli sea bass ... keluarkan lah duit makan garoupa, red snapper or kalau nak lagi kelass... big white promfret!

More stories on my trip to KK I will feature in my next entry ... KK Jalan Terus! Hmm harus cerita pasal Auntie Lisa.

Cuci The Musical@Istana Budaya (31 Oct 2009)
"Appreciate And Support More Art"

At first I was not really enthusiastic about this musical as most of the casts are not penggiat teater. I guess that's what most people think too when Datin Seri Tiara decided to staged Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical. Unlike Cuci The Musical, at least I had good feelings about Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical and even sort of like imagining and visualising the score, the plot and the magical moments months before watching it live on stage. Nonetheless, for its maiden debut, Cuci the Musical is entertaining, exceeding my expectation and worth my every Ringgit.

I might be quite "bias" in my judgement by comparing Cuci the Musical with international production like Mamma Mia and the sold-out Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical. Quite honestly for I had the chance to watch all three musicals ... I think Cuci The Musical can be better than Mamma Mia without that some "dragging" ad libs .. more witty and humorous punch lines like ... "Jojo 1-4-3" , "Pisang Jojo jugak yang sedap" or "it's a joke, it's a joke" and of course ... that fantastic solo performance by Adibah Nor ... (OMG!) ... I so love the chemistry between Awie and Adibah Noor. Seriously, Mamma Mia's props assemble and storyline was not as grand and magical like Puteri Gunung Ledang but sometimes what a good musical needs are creative storyline, witty punchlines, catchy numbers, practical stage props and some DOT DOT DOT lines(geddit?)

Me and Jett had a very "intellectual" conversation that night. With the growing number of good local musical productions plus a good venue to hold it, perhaps big companies should consider sponsoring or investing in our local talents and support our performing arts scenes. If Indonesia can be proud of their local bands, Thailand with their internationally acclaimed movies, and the Philipines with their vocallists ... perhaps Malaysians should rival in the form of performing arts - musicals, theaters, dance performances?

It will not only create hope and opportunities for our local talents but also for future generations. You see, not many people are born with excellent academic ability. Some are visual learners, some are listening learners, some are emotional/touch learner. Unfortunately in Malaysia, most parents see performing arts or any form arts as not a suitable platform or basis for a bright future. So like the HSBC ad, the child had to suffer in silence pleasing their parents who support their education. Oh yes ... there was a point in my life I wanted to be like my idol Sudirman or Anita Sarawak (excuse me, we have the same full lips) ... singing to a LIVE band on "Tragedi Buah Epal". But my mum said,"Mun sik mauk sekolah tinggi jadi doktor, kawin jak kau". Hehehe ... my mum didn't say that. Else lama sudah I elope to Lombok.

Looking at Adibah Nor, perhaps I might have a chance. Boleh jugak berkenalan dengan Hans Issacc hehhe.

Thanks Jett, luckily in the end we all went to see juak that musical. Yalah, never judge a day by its weather right?

Trip To Kuching (6 Nov -8 Nov 2009)
"Make At Least One Person Happy"

I knew I made one person the happiest! Kazen sanggup picked me from the airport in these bare essentials. Just for the Burger King's Mushroom Swiss Burgers.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Well, Ends Well...

At about 3.30 pm today, Bro. Wellington Edward (Well) ... my senior in Kolej DPAH Abdillah Kuching and PTD batch 2/2004 had left us to meet the Lord after battling Tubercolosis Meningitis for 2 weeks. Words can't describe the heart wrenching final moments when the life support machine was switched off and his beat getting slower and slower until the monitor showed a straight line.

I couldn't hold myself that time as I had refrained myself from crying since Monday, the day I got that Facebook message from White, call from Sara, and sms from Kazen Davidson about his condition. I had not met him for more than 17 years but we caught up about each other from Cousin Jimoh and White. When Cousin Jim asked me to update about him, followed by a l'ong distant" call from White and later found out that fellow Collegians whom had been smsing with him before Saturday were kept in the dark of his status, I decided to visit him at the hospital.

I was so happy to meet Sis Carol Billy, bro Well's first cousin at the Sungai Buloh Hospital. I also met fellow PTD friend Barbara and created new friendship with Handrian, Paul and Mizi(Well's PTD friends). The two nights I spent waiting and praying in the hospital, suddenly I found myself conversing in Iban to all Well's family members. Even during the prayers sessions with fellowships from the St Mary's Church.

I am never a religious person, but yesternight ... I prayed real hard. That was all that I could offer .. prayers. Barbara and Handrian had been helping the family on administering everything in KL. So at the very least, I offered prayers. And for a while, there were glimmer of hope when his heatbeat improved.

Well's mum was trying to be strong, but somehow occasionally she broke down. His dad seemed has accepted his fate. Sis Carol looked exhausted thus, I tried not disturbed them much with questions ... they needed space to breathe and said their prayers too.

Collin came, Sara was there. I had to hold Colin hard for strength. Even to that final moment, I still hope for a miracle ... Why did he have a special place in my heart? We had not spoke for years!!!

It was in 1990 and I was a freshie in Kolej Abdillah. So during the orientation, all freshies were asked to get signatures of all prefects or else we will get punished. As I was "disoriented" on where or who to start with ... a friendly face approached me and said ..." nun that girl is Carol Billy, go and approach her". Sis Carol's signature proved hard to get though she was the first person I knew. If I am not mistaken, she had me, Sara and Agnes sang as a band. Sara holding the broom pretending to be a guitar, Agnes on the pail mimicking the drum and me, the lead singer holding the water heater.

I often came back to him again later, asking who's who. Believe it or not, he was the last person to signed my prefect list. (Sigh!) Unfortunately, when the orientation over ... we never spoke, though we occasionally bumped unto each other 3 years later.

When I spoke to his colleagues and PTD friends ... they all related to him as a jovial and joker.

Funny, as over our many accidental meetings in Kolej Abdillah ... I couldn't remember he ever smiled at me again nor he ever joked around. I wonder what went wrong.

I was so sad to finally meet him again but with his life hanging on life support. However, the memory of our first meeting kept playing on my mind as I whispered to him last night "brother Well, everyone send their love and please come back to meet them".


Dear Well, if I could replay our first meeting again ... then this time I want to tell you ... "nun Jesus Christ there, go and approach Him". And don't worry, He won't make you sing to get His signature. Just show you love Him.

Rest In Peace and May The Glory of The Lord Be With You. Amen

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

Sorry lah yer for the late update. Banyak halangan dan rintangan yang perlu I tempuhi semata-mata nak update blog nie. First balik dari KK, body ache all over selepas diurut oleh Auntie Lisa masa buat rawatan resdung. Tido pulak selalu lambat (pillow talks kan) but bangun pagi awal sebab the sun rise earlier in KK ... Pukul 7 dah rasa macam pukul 8 ... ala-ala daylight saving pulak hehehe.

Anyway, my trip to KK this time was twofolds - to attend Niejah's wedding and to unwind after a stressful Taskforce Meeting after Deepavali. Furthermore, Niejah kira pembuka tirai untuk bekas gadis-gadis Litar Lumba "Karabau" Formula 1 Kem Paradise, Kota Belud yang semuanya (kecuali Helena) masih Young, Single & Searching. Percaturan dan spekulasi selama lebih 9 tahun oleh media tempatan dan antarabangsa on who's gonna be the first di kalangan gadis-gadis litar tersebut yang menamatkan zaman daranya telah terjawab pada Hari Tamu Kota Belud 2009.

Niejah's wedding was mix-match between modern Bajau/Malay tradition and military protocols. Ada acara nyanyi2 memuji "kesantekkan" pengantin perempuan, acara tutup-tutup muka dengan kipas sate, acara jelingan di sebalik tabir pelamin, acara jalan bawah pedang. Hebat-hebat ... selama nie I yang mendambakan "jalan bawah pedang" tapi akhirnya Niejah jugak yang dapat. Huhuhu.

Personally I pun sedih that my best friend dah jumpa "best friend" baru (and roommate lagi) though jauh di sudut hati I know it might take all her willpower untuk mencintai "best friend" baru sebelum ini. Bayangkan 6 bulan I elak jumpa dia so that masa-masa yang terluang dapat dimanfaatkan untuk mengenali dan mencintai bakal suami. Tambahan pulak time tu dia tgh kursus G3. Only 2 weeks sebelum wedding I culik Niejah for a day at the spa untuk memanjakan kulit supaya ia mulus dan bersinar-sinar supaya suami jadi geram hehehe.

Niejah to me bukan setakat best friend tapi macam first cousin rapat lah (nak kata makcik atau kakak adalah aku kena maki nanti). Kami sama-sama datang ke KL sebagai "perisik" in 2002. And as women dalam dunia yang didominasi oleh lelaki ditambah pulak dengan "askar-askar" nie pun tak kurang hebat dalam bermain dengan hati dan perasaan wanita, I dengan Niejah memang back to back lah cover each other dari anasir-anasir jahat. Kini tiba giliran Yahya Rizuan untuk melindungi gadis "genit" Kota Belud ini dan "mengisi malam-malamnya yang sunyi" selama ini. Auwwww ....

Sebagai "seorang first cousin yang rapat" I memang tak mengharapkan "grand wedding" mcm Datuk Siti Nurhaliza's . Cukuplah hendak dilaporkan di sini disebabkan kenduri kahwin Anijah anak bongsu Pak Miril, Tamu Kota Belud 2009 kurang mendapat sambutan kerana semua pengunjung berduyun-duyun nak tgk Niejah kawin. Julung-julung sekali nie hehehe

Sehingga mamarazi merangkap penyanyi kenduri kawin yang diimport khas dari KL terpaksa naik atas kerusi nak ambik gambar. "Bergagar" jugak kepala lutut masa nak tangkap gambar Niejah dengan lensa zoom itew ... hehehe. Kebanyakan gambar I dah upload dalam Facebook kalau nak tgk. Sebelum berangkat pulang, I sempat jugak mendedikasikan sebuah lagu untuk pengantin baru dari Kumpulan Spider- Relaku Pujuk (walaupun pada ketika itew ada seseorang tgh emosi terganggu nak ke Taman Sierra). Sebenarnya lagu itu ada maksud tersendiri antara aku, Nijah dan Wan ... betullah kata orang ... time bertunang memang banyak dugaan. Yang pastinya segalanya telah berakhir dengan "kebahagiaan" dan "kepuasan" (hehehe ... ni dah diconfirm malam tadi)

Sepanjang perjalanan pulang ke KK, I mengambil peluang merakamkan keindahan tempat-tempat menarik di Kota Belud dari kenderaan empat roda yang membawa rombongan Che Kiah ke KB. Leka mengambil gambar tiba-tiba kedengaran suara Farid berkata "alamak, ada kepala orang pulak". Sekali I tgk kamera I, I dah rakam keseluruhan "the culprit" motorist yang mungkin tidak menyedari telah mengganggu penggambaran kami hehehe. Tiap kali tgk gambar nie ... I mesti nak ketawa terkenang reaksi Farid.
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