Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Know What I Did Last Raya

Guess what ... I got bitten by the cross stitch bug again! Another very expensive and time consuming hobby. Miskin lah aku lepas nie. But I am not going to complain ... better busy than sorry. Don't know how it started ... perhaps boring of looking at the empty walls of my home. Huhuhuhu ... Anyway, I started this hobby since I was 15 but because I couldn't afford to buy the "benang" with my student budget so my passion for cross stitch often ON OFF.

After moving to KL, I did try to rekindle with this hobby. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right shop selling the materials and floss. Imagine a city like KL, I couldn't find a decent shop specialising in needleworks. Banyaknya kedai pengantin or home deco. So I decided to forget about it ... yes, I forgot about it for 6 years until last year's August during a work trip to Muar, Johor. I was window shopping at the shops near my hotel and I found a nice shop selling artificial flowers and handicrafts.

I couldn't content my excitement when I saw wonderful cross stitch designs, complete with the materials and DMC floss. I memang fan of DMC products, because it has more range of colours. This one I learned from my cousin Wendy - the person responsible to introduce me to this craft. So akak pun borong lah one complete set, in case I couldn't find shops selling DMC products in KL.

But after that I had to stop stitching for another year coz moving house and couldn't remember packing my cross stitch materials in which box. Huhuhuhu

This was my effort between August - October 2008.

This was my effort during the Raya holidays.

This was as of 7.00pm today.

And this is how it suppose to look like when complete. How very ambitious of me! Bila lah nak siap macam nie hahaha!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life's Like That - Life Lessons (Part 2)

Haiya .... very sorry ha. This entry comes soooo late. You know lah sometimes my mind often occupied and overtaken by events. Nak cari makan katakan. Anyway, this is a sequel to my Life Lesson Part 1, so sape-sape yang belum baca ... kindly read the first part first.

So, I was touched by Yoyop latest entry on being Young, Gorgeous but Single and the loneliness she felt during Hari Raya. Anyway Yop, I hope after reading this entry, you will see things from different perspectives and continue living your life to the fullest, surrounding yourself on God's greatest pleasures.

My second lesson came few weeks before Christmas last year. My mum, dad and foster parents were in town painting the city RED hehehe. Dad received a call from Mrs Koh asking him to collect few valuable items belonging to her late husband that might be of good to him.

The late Mr Koh Eng Thong was a weightlifter like my dad. To my dad, he was more than a mentor to him. The late Mr Koh won Gold Medal for Malaya in the 4th British Empire Games held in Auckland in 1950 (currently known as Commonwealth Games). Before his death, Mr Koh never fail to grace my dad's gym anniversary as well as any events conducted by my dad. Wow, I was just trying my luck searching for articles on him via Google and never thought his info would be on Wikipedia. I met him a couple of times but regretted of not getting myself acquainted with photography sooner ... else he might be able to teach me a trick or two.

Anyway, the late Mr Koh being a good, loving and responsible man left behind quite a fortune to his wife and kids to ensure their living comfortably after his demise. I have never been to his house in PJ but not wanting to disappoint my dad ... we tried to locate the house although the only information my dad could offer was the house was near the LRT station ... hmmm. I was not going to lecture my dad about PJ is so huge and there are thousand of houses near LRT stations plus which LRT, STAR or PUTRA?

Being a true KL lite (murtad!!!!!) ... huhuhu I suspected it must be somewhere between Kelana Jaya or Taman Bahagia LRT station. Nevertheless, nasib baik I pernah tolong YB Chew Mei Fun at her MCA service centre so when Mrs Koh told me her house is in SS2 ... the search was easier. Nevertheless, after that my family ingat KL nie macam Kuching to me. Just throw me an address ... I will know. Sometimes tak larat nak explain Shah Alam arah mana, Klang arah mana, KL arah mana, Sunway arah mana ... Cheras nak cross kat mana. To them, all those places macam from Batu 9 Jalan Kuching-Serian to Pasar Batu 7 hehehe. Tapi I pun suprised with myself. Everytime my friends and family members threw me an address ... I know the location or at least know how to get there. Huhuhu ... nampak sangat kaki jalan atau puas sesat!

Oppsss .... back to the story. So we managed to find the house and it was very well maintained by Mrs Koh. It has a very nice lawn and the house was soooooo warm and homely., with all the basic fengshui principles in place. No wonder Uncle Koh did so well in business. When Mrs Koh told me that she wanted to sell the house and moved to smaller home, easier for her to maintain ... my calculative mind estimated that she might be able to sell this house close to RM 2 million - based on the build-up, land area, condition of property and location!

As I was listening to her chatting away with my dad on her life without Uncle, about her relationship with Uncle's children from previous marriage (they don't have children together), about her future plans, about her dilemma looking for new place to stay and finding houses near LRT stations it dawned to me that even if we managed to find life partner and settle down one day, we might ended up living alone also one day ... if our spouse leave us first and have no children or children to busy with their own life.

From her stories, I knew Uncle pampered her so much. To a point that, she was not allowed to drive a car. Everything been taken care of by Uncle and she focussed all her energy as a homemaker. So I knew it was quite tough for her initially when she need to start all over again ... alone and at 70! I listened carefully to her stories, taking note about what to do and not to do in order to retire comfortably without menyusahkan orang lain. However I am sure, the wonderful memories and more than 40 years blissful marriage that she had with Uncle made her loneliness less painful and life more meaningful.

Nevertheless, the moral of the story was ... no matter what path that God has chosen for us, one day we still have to meet our Creator alone with no one to guide us or hold our hands. Though people often say that humans are created as a pair, which I doubt, must we dedicate our entire life looking for the "lost" other half?

To yoyop ... Memek pun mesti lonely Raya nie walaupun ada cucu-cucu and anak-anak sebagai penghibur. Cuba ko bayangkan ... when Raya is over, semua dengan life masing-masing. So ada hikmahnya tu you are single now ... besar pahalanya tu Yop sebab dapat jaga your mum. Syurga tu di tapak kaki ibu!

To Norzah, sometimes men should not be intimidated by women who can take care of themselves. They often forget, men mortality are shorter than women and we women not only have to take care of ourselves when we are older but katakan lah kena tinggal, atau suami meninggal ... we need to care for the children too. Takkan nak mintak dengan keluarga mertua kot. So tak rugi dapat kami yang PAKEJ nie hehehe

The end.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Countdown to Aidilfitri

One thing I noticed about myself after returning from Kuching was I became more focus in getting things done and developed liking for anything domestic ... perhaps from all the doting and caring for my little nieces and nephews plus I am enjoying my trip so much this time.

So, I started calling my friends who since the starting of the fasting month been asking me if I by any chance still selling hamper Raya or my Sarawak cakes this year. Luckily most of the offers were still ON so there I was forgetting my blog for a while and started battling my way through the crowded streets of Jalan Masjid India and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman getting my supply of baskets, nettings, ribbons, corsage and organza material for the hampers. By the way, minta maaf lah ya ... it was not me who menggubah hamper nie. Gubah menggubah ni is sooooooo NOT my thing.

My job, sale and marketing. Packaging and delivery ... Kak Julia and team. Since it was quite last minute plus with current economic senario so our sales value reduce by 30% this year huhuhu. Last year, it was Kak Julia and Fauzi who did all the purchasing, selection of products, and packaging. This year it was my turn and BOY I learned a lotttttttttttt from my mistakes! Yikes... Like matching the colours of the material and the corsage huhuhuhu ... I better stick to baking and cooking.

So when Ida smsed me about making my "famous" Holiday Inn Cake for Raya .. how could I resist? And so there I was last Wednesday getting myself busy in the kitchen beating butter and sugar and egg and later had only 4 hours sleep from waiting for my cake to steam on the steamer until perfectly done! Little do I know that I got bitten by "cake making" bug that nite. Suddenly I wanted to explore caking making more ... you know maybe the more classy cupcakes, mousse cake or cheese cakes next time. Barulah SEXLESS in the City ala-ala tajuk blog Kak Maria.

By the way, I was so tired that I forgot to take pictures of the cake. Yelah, sejak berusia lebih daripada 21 tahun nie, tenaga pun dah berkurangan you! But stay tune, rasa-rasanya this blog will feature something different la in the future.

Last but not least, to Yoyop, Suna, Norzah, Ida, Kak Meli, Olpic, Semin, Kak Maria, Zam , Zaireen, Anis, Cheeky Wife, Maz+Rin and all Muslim friends .... Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin ...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crash! Boom! Bang!

Belum habis lagi frust aku dengan kenyataan PM bahawa Kumpulan Pengurusan dan Pengurusan tak dapat bonus tahun nie, tiba2 jer bulan nie banyak pula perbelanjaan mengurus peribadi yang di luar jangkaan.

First, time kat Kuching my Ix (nama timangan my Canon Ixus 850) LCD display tak berfungsi. Lens capture images tapi display dia macam blurry, in greens and blues. Huhu... so nak ke mana-mana terpaksa lah angkut EOS 500D yang besar gedabak itew. Nasib masa gi ke Serikin, dia takde buat hal. So sempatlah tangkap gambar2 menarik on Ix.

Anyway, Ix pun dah banyak berjasa kat aku. Aku rasa adalah more than 10,000 pics dah aku ambik. And semua gambar dia memang tak mengecewakan. After more than 2 years and beribu2 gambar baru nie lah dia buat hal. And tak heran if that model was voted Best Compact Digital Camera for year 2006 by Cnet Asia. I rasa ramai member2 yang pernah guna Ix understand what I mean.

Semalam, I came face to face with my worst nightmare ... "C" - my beloved Compaq Presario laptop tak boleh nak restart. So i tried to do some system repair since masa beli dulu I have no choice to but get original Windows Vista ... time tu baru launching and belum ramai yang dapat decode untuk buat "pirate". I kind of anticipate that sebab of all things I kedekut nak invest in a good antivirus. Rather download yang freeware version!

So freeware antivirus nie pun kalau protect pun setakat 20% jer lah ... then pastu nak jimat after one expire search antivirus baru lain yang free. Gosh! So I try lah nak nak repair dengan pengetahuan yang berkarat. Takleh jugak ... it keep on restart, shut down and restart again huhuhuh...

Anyway, si Ix and "C" macam janji pulak nak kena virus HINI sama-sama. Dulu I bought both of them almost the same time jugak. Maybe tak puas hati kot I splurge on Froggie (my car) kot ... new tyres, new fog lights, renew road tax and insurance. Nak buat mcm mana ... Froggie was a birthday present to myself in 2005.

Ingat masa Mr Liew, my car dealer made that call few years back. Time tu kan ker Myvi baru launching ... I yang tak pernah tgk mcm mana rupa kete tu tawakal jer lah letak deposit ... Even though according to Liew my name is the first 600 all of Malaysia (I booked in April, launching in end May) yang booking I could only get my car 6 months later.

Then on my birthday Liew called "Supriseeeeeeeeeeee .... your car dah sampai". Liew told me that his birthday was 2 days earlier and dia pun nak buat his MyVi delivery on his birthday week hehehe ... seronok sangat time tu. Rasa kekok sangat masa first time bawak balik ke rumah dengan bantuan Uncle Sam. And Ida my ex-housemate christened the car with the name Froggie.

Hmmmm .... nak buat macam mana kan. Mereka je lah harta yang I ada. Nak beli baru tak mampu... huhuhu. I tak kaya raya macam Yoyop, Norzah, Semin, Meli, Kak Maria, Olpic, Kazen Abet, Emel, Jett, White and bloggers lain. Nak update blog nie pun kena pegi Cyber Cafe huhuhu...

"C" still in the operation theater. Maybe another hour siap lah ... I pun nak check my Facebook.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Life's Like That - Life Lessons (Part 1)

Few years back, I woke up one morning with a voice ringing in my head that said "You will lead this life alone." At first I was taken aback, unsure whether my brain was playing tricks on me. However, dunno why it felt so real and true which later made me cried. Waaa ... who wants to live in this world alone.

That incident baffled me for quite sometimes, in fact I was in a state of depression for weeks. I really don't want to be like my aunties and cousins who happily embrace singlehood the rest of their life. But stupidly, I didn't have the willpower to expand my social circles - I turned down a lot of invitations for a drink, travelling, parties and paling lah I malas nak pergi ... kenduri kawin. So macam mana nak get myself hitch! Huhuhu ...

But nevertheless, I never forget to pray to God seeking for His help and begging for His forgiveness (aiyo ... panjangnya sin list akak). Of course, one of the main items on my wish list to God is to make me find my soul mate AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as my biological is ticking. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years ... hmmm nothing happened on the LOVE department. I began to have doubts ... what happen to that whole "seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall be given" thing?

So that's when I stop asking and hoping. Worst still ... I might have to face this harsh reality for the next 20-40 years ... or perhaps in another hour (oopsss Palis Palis)...

Then on a one fine day, I received a call from my dad informing me that my grandauntie had just passed away and asked whether I want to return to Penang for the funeral. Honestly, I was very busy that week but considering that my late grandauntie had no one else other than us (she 's never married) I took 3 days leave.

Few minutes later, I received a call from Cousin Wendy (another unmarried family member) asking me if I wanted to join her to Penang so I said why not! Wendy then suggested that we took the Super Luxurious Coach home.

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect because the only thing Chinese about me is my surname ... okay lah ... at least I know how to eat with chopstick and cook/eat Chinese food. So all these Chinese taboos or customs on funeral were pretty new to me. So imagine the looks and stares that I got upon reaching the funeral parlour at Mount Erskine where they conducted the ceremony.

Yikes! Rule number one ... never wear bright colour outfit in a Chinese funeral. I was wearing a shocking PINK T-shirt and Wendy didn't bother to ask me to change first when we were at Puduraya! All my unmarried aunties who were there managing and supervising the arrangement quickly asked me to wear black outfit before my grandauntie's spirit became displease and haunt me for the rest of my life (hehehe ... this one I tambah-tambah).

My grandauntie's funeral was not as grand as my grandmother's. But throughout my 2 days on duty on the funeral, I was amazed with the number of flower bouquets that we received and visitors from near and far who came to give their last respect. Then every night grandauntie's living friends will stayed vigil with us, relating to us all their fond memories of her. Even showing us wonderful pictures of their trips overseas.

I also found out a lot of interesting facts about my grandauntie like her among her most treasured item were family photos and a journal during her nursing course in England (in 1957) ... you see both my grandma and grandauntie were adopted since they were little because my great grandmother could not conceived. So after their mother passed away, she tried to locate all her real family members all over the world. She had a sister living in Bangkok married to a Thai. She also had a sister in Hong Kong, whom migrated there from China during the Emergency. She also had a brother whom sometimes commute between Singapore and Sarawak to live with his children. So that was what she did, travelling from one place to another place to spend her living years with her love ones

Nevertheless, my grandma and grandauntie remained close till death to them apart. She loved all her sister's children and grandchildren like her own. No wonder she never miss following up with latest updates on everyone (including myself) when she was still up and kicking. She was a devoted Buddhist (in real sense ... you know the one that chant the Hum Namo Pade) and was actively involved in a local Buddhist association activities. She also loved all her bitches (yes she took in a lot of female stray dogs and care for them).

Then came the shocking discovery that all her surviving family members inherited her fortune which valued at nearly RM 1 million. Quite honestly, no one dare to say anything about dividing the inheritance. In fact all of us didn't know what to do with it. So uncle Kei Jin, tried to find out if there was a will although in my humble opinion, he deserved it more than any of us. He was the one paying for grandauntie's nursing home bill ... yes, she was given the best caretaking service! Yet, some people whom were not in any way related to grandauntie dare to claim what were not theirs!

So that was the "fantastic" time when the Yeohs, the Lims and the Khoos fight back to honour her final wish. The best moment was when everyone uninamously agreed to donate all her wealth to the Buddhist Association For The Blind when the battle was over. I never felt so proud of my family, kalau nak dibandingkan dengan my dad's ex-boss 10 years fight over his dad's wealth with his siblings ...

Hmm ... during the day of her cremation, I realised all that happened was actually a message or God's way of telling me that even though my grandauntie lead her life alone but she was never lonely. She filled her life with purposes and meanings. Caring for the sick as a nurse. Working hard to earn the position as a Matron (careerwise she could be considered successful). A loving aunt and grandauntie to all her nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. The router (I can't find a better term) that link every computer to the World Wide Web.. metaphorically speaking ... no matter how near or far we were from her.

One of my Malay friends once told me, one of the reasons that Islam encourage its believers to marry other that pro-creation or ketenangan batin is to ensure that when we leave this world, akan ada waris untuk menguruskan jenazah and pray for our soul.

For that, I think my grandauntie was a very lucky woman. Family and friends prayed for her even during the month of the Hungry Ghosts or All Souls Day (the Khoos are Christians). Even to the day of her death, she performed charity and donated to the needy. Best of all, she still got her Buddhist funeral despite not everyone is a Buddhist ... Khoos are Catholics, Yeoh's are Taoists, and one Yeoh "was" an Anglican on vacation huhuhu. Wasn't it beautiful?

... so that was the start of a new journey for me since 2007 .. to fill my life with purposes and meanings. Setting new resolutions on every birthday. Spending quality time with my parents , siblings, extended families and close friends who already like saudara mara to me. And like grandauntie, finding and creating wealth not to show off but as a security, charity and wealth distributions when the time finally comes ...

Preview of Part 2 ... is marriage a solution to loneliness?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dendang Perantau .... (Part 2)

Yesssssssssssssss............. I am back home in Kuching and it is sooooo good to be home. I arrived in Kuching Airport at 4 pm last Saturday and immediately after that, my mum, sis and I hit our local Ramadhan Bazaar.

So if you all still remember, I shared about my Ramadhan experience in KK in one of my entries. Unfortunately, I didn't have photos to illustrate it. For this entry, lets look at some of our local delicacies that could only be found at our Ramadhan Bazaar.

Umai is a Melanau version of sashimi usually made with raw fish.

Prawn Umai

This is another version of umai made with jellyfish.

Kalau ada peluang datang ke Kuching, especially if you are around Satok Area, you must try the ayam panggang.

Ikan Terubuk Bakar - I always find the Terubuk Fish in Peninsular Malaysia less sweeter than the one we have here in Sarawak.

If in Peninsular Malaysia we have bubur lambuk, in Sarawak we have bubur pedas (spicy porridge) during the fasting month. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one in our local bazaar. So tak dapat lah nak tunjukkan how it looks like.

Unlike in KL, there are not many Ramadhan Bazaars in Kuching. For me, I think the grandest one is at the Satok Market. Nevertheless in our local bazaar, you will find a lot of local delicacies and some lauk pauk which are similar to the one in KL. It's also quite amusing listening to the vendors playing jokes at each other.

Like yesterday one of the vendors said to me, "Kak, mun mauk badan kacak minum kitak air soya kamek" (translation: Sis, if you want to have a beautiful figure, drink my soya bean milk.")

Suddenly the vendor at the opposite stall said "Marek aku minum air soya kau alu sikda shape body aku". (translation: Yesterday I drank your soya bean milk immediately my body got out of shape)

Last-last, to play safe akak beli air kelapa, takut terus takde shape hehehe

Friday, September 4, 2009

My 1Malaysia

Was thinking of updating this blog since Tuesday. Unfortunately on Tuesday morning I suddenly felt dizzy, then started sneezing and sore throat which cause quite a panic in the office. Takut jugak kena selsema khinzir (the polite way of referring to the "animal" according to Chan) as I passed by a lorry of it on my way back to KL from Penang. Funny ... when Chan pronounced "khinzir" it sounded so polite ... but if me or Emel pronounced it ... it is no different than "bab*".

Anyway, since our "pre-merdeka" celebration, we heard everyone talking about 1Malaysia. However, long before our PM introduced the concept of 1Malaysia ... I guess most of us will experienced it one way or another. Even during the reign of the other 5 former premiers , the essence or spirit of it might be known by other names like "perpaduan" or "masyarakat majmuk".

In fact the moment I reached Penang last Friday evening, I was greeted by 1Malaysia dinner prepared by 1Malaysia couple (dad-Penang, Buddhist, non-Bumi and mum-Sarawak, Christian, Bumi). Oh ... yummy!

Mum's Ooo La La Bidayuh Style

Dad's Peranakan Assam Fish

This one is mum's Chinese-Bidayuh green sprout fusion .. Wanna know why? Chinese don't put anchovies in their stir-fry, and Bidayuh dunno how to plant this sprout hehehe.

Looking at my parents, honestly there was once I thought that a marriage between different races is a BIG NO NO because of cultural or religious differences. Kira kalau a Malay and Chinese fell in love and want to get marry, their story will be like the movie "Sepet". Or better still, a Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster. The truth is even between same race couple conflicts did happened due to religious belief, caste, numerology or in the case of Chinese - same surname or birth dates tak ONG hehehe. Having said that a person of the same race and the same religion like in the case of a Christian couple will also sometimes faced the same problem due to doctrine like a Catholic and a Protestant huhuhu ...

Nevertheless, I think the best way to futher illustrate my understanding of 1Malaysia is looking at the Bidayuhs and Ibans of Sarawak. Historically the Ibans (Sea Dayaks) were enemies (tahap musuh ketat) of the Bidayuh (Land Dayaks). Culturally, both have similar customs, celebrate Harvest Festival or better known as Gawai, were head hunters, both live in longhouses and most important fact here is they are NATIVES of Sarawak.

Generally, the Ibans are more agressive, fiercer, outgoing and have sharp facial features whereas the Bidayuh are more reserve, creative, timid and usually have round facial features. Kira long time ago, if they happened to pass each others path sure "potong palak" one lah.

Then the feud between these two native groups are further intensified by the Bung Bratak massacre (the Bidayuhs living in Bung Bratak were attacked by the Ibans) in 1837 that to this day, every May 1, the descendants of the survivor will hold the Bung Bratak day.

And who says there was no divide and rule during Rajah Brooke's time. If you look closely in photos of some books on our White Rajahs, you will noticed most of his chamberlains and ladies-in-waiting in the photos were from the Bidayuh communities, perhaps because of their peace loving and reserve nature (this was what Rajah Charles said of the Bidayuh).

Whereas the administrators were the local Malays leaders-for political and diplomatic reasons with the Brunei Sultanate of course. The Chinese as usual involved in trade and business activities. However as for the Ibans, some history books depicted them as headhunters or pirates (when they retaliate against the White Rajahs) but do you ever wonder why the current Royal Ranger Regiment slogan is "Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"? It is in Iban language that means as long as we live, we will fight.

Sir Gerald Templer once wrote, "The Ibans are the world's best jungle trackers I have come across. They served the country admirably and I have much respect for them". Actually the Ibans provided the main military support to the White Rajahs especially during the formation of Sarawak Rangers in 1862. My dad once told me, during the Emergency, the British sent the Rangers to "Malaya" (as it was known that time) to fight the communists.

Anyway, during my secondary school time, I loved visiting longhouses during Gawai time. So they normally display skulls of their enemies at an offering dias known as "sanggar" to the Ibans or worshipping area known as panggah or baruk to the Bidayuhs. I will jokingly said "this skull must be an Iban" or "this skull must belongs to a Bidayuh" hehehe

But today, inter-marriage between Ibans and Bidayuhs are so common that it's hard to differentiate the by-products of the unions hehehe ... good example my dear Kazen Abet Hafiz hehehe. Quite honestly, during secondary school I always find Iban guys attractive. Unfortunately, before I could legally "flirt" with one, fate had it that I spent five years in Kota Kinabalu to "scan" laki-laki KK yang "pendek-pendek tagap" hehehe

See how fierce this Iban-Bidayuh warrior attack his burger.

Auntie Ming who was very fascinated about all this Dayak thingy asked my best friend Emel (who is an Iban) one day ... how to differentiate a Sea Dayak and a Land Dayak in Sarawak. I know it was a tough question ... but she answered it professionally, in modern context though.

"Auntie, the one who like to go scuba diving and outdoor activities - that one Sea Dayak, the one who like photography and writing blogs - that one Land Dayak" hehehe you know who she was referring to.

So, what for want to fight-fight and start politicing about Constituitional rights, priviledges,quotas or freedom of religion. Like in the Potong Saga - "You potong rambut sajalah, tak payah potong palak orang" (this one is a Sarawakian version) hehehe

I read somewhere in our local newspaper that quoted our Prime Minister as saying that Sarawak and Sabah potrayed the best example of 1Malaysia. Then again, the close bond between different ethnic and native groups in Sarawak and Sabah had also been tested through time and overtaken by events. But eventually, we finally found our common ground between us that is MALAYSIA and of course HAFIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ .... (yea so kenegerian hoh!).

Faces of 1Malaysia - Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Malay from all over Malaysia

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