Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 @ 10.10 a.m

Wish something great and memorable happen at this date and time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The 200th Entry - Sayang Kinabalu

Is written in Imperial International Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. Taking a short break from "merenung" the computer screen, finding ideas to write the paper.

As I was writing this entry, I feast my listening pleasure to the song of Kimin Mudin - Sayang Kinabalu. Best bah lagu tu ... very nostalgic. Very sad when Nel, PKPL Sabah told me that the singer passed away this year due to heart attack. May God bless his soul. Many do not know that the late singer is the brother to Asmin Mudin who composed the song Gemilang by Jacklyn Victor and Kau Ilhamku (Man Bai). After Proton Saga Kelabu or Jambatan Tamparuli, I think almost everyone in Sabah know how to sing this song.

This year I balik to my forth kampung on Government budget in conjunction with World Tourism Conference. Unfortunately I could not totally enjoy and join the whole conference as I need to complete my kertas renungan and at the same time judge some blogs for 2ndBlogFest.Asia in Penang. In between, I suffered period pain and stomach cramp ... aiyooo!

Nonetheless, I tried to enjoy my hotel in terms of location and facilities as much as possible as shown in the photos below. So travellers to KK, I highly recommended this hotel and of course Le Meridien as it is really in town centre and surroundings are shopping areas like the Centre Point, Warisan Square, Philippine Market or Sinsuran area. For 3-4 star hotel, I think the price is reasonable. I paid RM 200 for deluxe size room, of course after government discount maa...

Jangan macam seseorang itu, recommend satu hotel atas alasan very cheap and good ... sekali orang sebelah batuk or kentut pun boleh dengar.

Of course while here in KK, I must meet up with Suna. Anyway, the development in KK never fail to amaze me. KK is so happening now compared to 16 years ago when I first step my foot on the Land Beneath the Wind. I don't mind posting here next time ... best bah!

Anyway, got to go. Nanti-nantilah saya sambung balik ya!
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