Monday, February 9, 2009

Just K @ The Mines Seri Kembangan

I stumbled upon this karaoke centre while shopping at the Mines Shopping Centre yesterday. With Just K kira family entertainment centres at the Mines boleh dikatakan lengkap. Previously they only have bowling centre, cinema and video game arcade. Man, I begin to love this place... more new shops, which includes my favourites like G2000, Niiichi, Treats, Effu, Big Apple ... in short banyak kedai yang ada kat Midvalley and One-U dah bukak branch kat sini. More will be opening soon ... huhuhu got to watch my wallet.

Since hari nie cuti Thaipusam so I guess why not I devote my "beautiful" voice to please the Gods instead of bringing the kavaddi up the stairs of Batu Caves hehehe ... So I called Sam to check this place out ... Lamanya kami tak berkaraoke ... The centre is situated on Level 5 at the new wing which was opened recently to public. To get there, you need to go up to level 3 (at Spices of Malaysia Food Court) or level 4 (MGV cinema) and look at the opposite direction. You will see an escalator heading to the 5th level.

The rate is quite OK lah for me ... small room (RM 12++ per hour) medium room (RM 16++ per hour) and family room (RM 19++ per hour). We were given the medium room at RM 12 per hour coz the small rooms are not conducive for karaokeing . The smaller rooms are located facing an ongoing construction that will block all sunlights upon completion so the karaoke management decided not to tint the windows... or so we were told.

Memandangkan tempat nie masih baru, so the interior design and control panels dia very impressive lah. The downside was the sound system ... lots of buzzing sounds and interference, limited song choices especially latest hits songs ... both Malay and English artists... Luckily they have all my favourite karaoke songs like Terlalu Istimewa (Adibah Nor), Aku Bukan Untukmu (Rossa), Eternal Flame (Atomic Kitten), Kiss Me (Six Pence Non the Richer), Hanya Memuji (Shanty and Marcell) ... tapi yang paling-paling akak puas hati lah kan when I had the chance to sing The Winner Takes It All by ABBA and at the finale ... Gemilang (Jaclyn Victor). Rasa macam buat concert !

Overall evaluation ... I will still give this place another chance ... say another few weeks .. Right now no offence ... but I still love Red BOX KTV at SOGO ...

Note : I welcome this new improved Mines. Plus with the new road entering Serdang Perdana behind Mint Hotel had just opened, means people will not head to Balakong via Serdang Raya thus increase the potential of my apartment area.


Olpicture said...

harus checkitout!!!! boring la lama tak karaoke.... asyik2 plan cancel... cancel jer...huh!

rambomadonna said...

Amin ... jom kiter karaoke one time ... baru ada smack down..

SeMiN said...

Rambo: Mesti bergema satu Malaya dengor suaqe ko berdondang sayang kan? hahaha...

rambomadonna said...

Semin ... I Love Rock & Roll ...

mohdsazali said...

olpictures.... better ko g karaoke ngan rambomadona.... boleh bangkit kenangan lama... tengok sapa boleh kekalkan n maintain suara.... kan dulu kt DPA you kan juara nyanyian... kan dia kalah... he he he he he

Olpicture said...

tah... skarang rasa macam dah tak sedap dah sore nak menyanyi. At least dulu "rasa" macam sedap!

tapi tetap! set jer biler (err pas masuk gaji!) sure bringing down the house

Mi mi mi mi... mo mo mo mo...mi ma mo... mi ma mo... See! i dah prektis vokal nih!

rambomadonna said...

Olpicture! You are going down ... Bring it ON gurl!


SQuen said...

Hey, this K sound you hv the contact number of this Karaoke? I want to ask the room charges for weekdays. If saw my commnet, reply me asap ya! Thanks!

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