Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Loft@KL Sentral

All these pictures were taken during our technical visit to MRCB's proposed 54-storey sky condo site, which is situated behind KL Sentral facing Mahameru Highway. Recently, they applied to extend the handing over period from 36 months to 54 months due to the building superstructures. Unlike commercial or office buildings, residential buildings are govern by Act 118 that includes time for handing over vacant possession, standard format of Sales and Purchase Agreement and manner of opening and withdrawals from Housing Development Account for every housing project.

Currently under Act 118 only the Housing Controller has the power to grant for extension of time for handing over vacant possession. Since MRCB is a GLC, so myself and my boss were instructed by our KSU who is the Housing Controller to prepare a paper on granting of license to supercondos development pursuant to Housing Development Act 1966 [Act 118].

Alamak! Got sidetracked. Saja mukadimah panjang takut nanti ada mamarazi atau ada orang mengata aku pi cuci mata dan makan free jer. Dah lah masa jamuan raya Bahagian Korporat Mirza kata kat aku "hang ada masa update blog yer Jaime". Nasib baiklah Saharah tak dengar... hehehe. Btw, we asked to have a look at their newly handed over project - The Loft @ KL Sentral following the success of their Suasana Sentral 1 and 2. The smallest units which is 800 sqft studio are sold at RM 300,000 +++, the largest pulak at RM 4 million. However maintenance charge is reasonable at RM 0.20 psqft. U could say it is at the lower side considering it's in KL.

I was mesmerized by the Koi Pond surrounding the building's gymnasium.

View of KL as seen from the facilities area on 7th Floor, also visible from the gym.

This one really caught my interest, the Spice Garden. They planted serai, pandan, daun pegaga, daun kari... instead of those expensive fancy shrubs. Imagine if were running out of serai can just go and pluck from the condo garden.

This is their most expensive unit also known as the Loft.

Hensem tak my new direct boss? Baru semangat nak kerja ... unlike that one particular X-boss. Ni master bedroom.

The living area. U know I checked the price of the sofa set in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. RM 15K ok.

U wanna know what they were discussing? They said kalau bini dah out of shape takleh mandi open-open kat sini. I had to roll my eyes...


SeMiN said...

Kellezzzzz ko! the loft... hmm ko nie mmg pandai baca peikiran org ekkk jaime... ko bg jawapan sblm org tanya...hehehehe

rambomadonna said...

min, sebagai artis I dah lali dgn asam garam hidup sering jadi perhatian mammarazi dan dihentam melalui blog...wahahaha...

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