Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seramat Andu Gawai 2009

My all-time favourite Gawai song ... I love it when band boys kat kampung play LIVE.

To all my Dayak friends out there, Seramat Andu Gawai 2009 (in Bidayuh) .... Selamat Ari Gawai 2009 (in Iban) ... datanglah ke Kampung Semadang if u all happens to be in Kuching.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LV, Gucci, Bonia ...

Do you know that Bonia is a Malaysian brand?

I had my insurance agency meeting yesterday and yesterday's can be considered as an annual event when the non-producers will just listened to the top producers stories on their recent Great Eastern fully sponsored trip to Italy (Lay Har's group) and Scandinavia (Mdm Heng's group).

For the last 6 years, the story will centred on places of interest, memorable memories, the parties, the makan-makan. But of course year by year I could see that their buying power increased to match their income. To the point now I noticed Mdm Heng inclinations towards designers brand like Zang Toi, Prada and LV. Mr Wan don't say lah ... I could only tahan my sakai ness when he showed off his Chopard watch. Itu belum lagi his collections of cool gadgets and cars ... Lay Har ... being a typical Penang lady ... stick to buying LV but not more than RM 3K.

I sometimes think that God is very fair. That's why He made Mdm Heng and Lay Har super rich coz if I am the one (or Olpic) who is rich, I will definitely be Paris Hilton's or Kim Kardashian's new BFF . A socialite who loveeeeeeeeee to shop. Not to say that I am a shopaholic but I know somewhere inside of me there is a Paris Hilton waiting to be released. Shop like nobody!

Especially when Lay Har told us that she only bought LV bag in Italy (yikes I yang non-LV lover pun tau which one is the latest) and most of the other agents bought Gucci (OK I maafkan). Aiyo, if only she knew there are many designers and fashion houses based in Milan,Italy. BTW, Mr Wan told us that his group splurged on designer's brand close to RM 1 million. Hmm, tak sangka banyaknya agent kaya raya.

Honestly, I have met most of the agents who joined both trips. They are all humble people who understand the value of money. They are also hardworking people who deserved to be rewarded this way by the company taking into consideration the RM 1 billion sales they brought in last year.

Not like my department the other day, pergi Langkawi pun jadi isu.

Suddenly Mdm Heng said," Jaime, join us full-time lah. I know you can do it".

" Tak apa lah Madam, I stick to Bonia for the time being".... hai tak pasal-pasal aku jadi tumpuan peragut hehehe...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Langkawi Revisited ...

Today is the starting of my very long leave after weeks of facing endless paperworks, meetings, office politics, concerts, photoshooting, food trips and reunions ... Honestly, the past few months I faced life greatest pressures and greatest pleasures all at the same time. So it's time to strike a balance.

The Pain To Get There ...

My break started with last weekend retreat cum departmental course on the Island of Langkawi. Our Datin Z got herself in trouble trying to get us there but sometimes I think office politics in KPKT can be too much to digest. Myself and Syu was kind of dissapointed when Hatifah told us that we "might" not be able to go to Langkawi because it had become such a BIG issue.

Sorry lah whoever that officer is, i don't think it's professional to make so big an issue when u can at least ask or tegur nicely. I know u are doing ur work but I believe Datin Z and Dato' KP didn't just simply approved the course. You see, all the officers who joined the retreat are deserving officers who had been working our "a*#" the pass few weeks just to make some people look good. It broke my heart when I was told that Shah made an effort to identify the officer in order to explain his action, when he doesn't even need to justify his actions.

Mie Intoxicated by Langkawi Breeze

Aerial view of Island of Penang ... Can see oredi my dad on his kapcai ..

Apart from the forests, I have difficulties staying awake on seasides hahaha. According to Syu, it might be due to the negative ions of the sea neutralise the positive ions of our body (or is it the other way round). Maybe that's why lately I love to spend weekends either with Emel in Kulim (with all the greens) or my dad in Penang (with all the blues) and got sick whenever I returned to KL (with all the greys).

My room (Room 811) at the Bayview Hotel had the view of the sea and Kuah town, but I as you can see here, there was nothing much I could do with an 18-55 mm lens (sigh). So I took out my Ixus which has the wide angle function. Sometimes its always your ol' buddy that saves the day.

View of Kuah and the sea from my room. (with my DSLR)

Taken with my IXUS (wide angle)

The Course

I didn't do much shopping or sightseeing on this trip as most of my waking time I was listening to Protocol and Ettiqutte Lectures. The course I would say was superb and interesting. I always had problems about protocols now I had to deal with one of the PEMUDAH taskforce working group. You see, most of the time I did the air-asia approach of free seating. So that people can mingle - which the NGO loves, the private sector don't bother but the government look at it seriously.

But now that I am a grade 48 officer, my works should reflect that including protocols. We had a good time in the role play that the lecturer gave us 5-star. Of course la I jadi the tetamu kehormat maaa... Apart from protocols and ettiquttes, we also learned about a thing or two about some prominent international leaders, politicians or royalties and the dos and dont's when dealing with them.

Langkawi Geopark Photoshoot

The Canopy Walkway

The Gondola

The trip to the Geopark served as a great opportunity for me to experiment on landscape photography. Too bad I am not so much a landscape photographer though some commented that my photos are great. It was a bit cloudy during the photoshoot but I did take one sunset pics on Syu's Ixus (she borrowed my battery pack since I was using my DSLR). More reason to get a wide angle lens.

Think that they laughed in excitement? Don't ever looked down.

I always thought "diving" is an expensive hobby, I guess photography is no diferent. During Hafiz concert, I wish for a zoom lens. Now I wish for a wide angle lens .. Just a matter of time I will be wishing for a macro lens. Luckily I haven't taken up diving, but already I have been searching for underwater casing. I better hide all my "financial spending" cards.

The Shopping

I did mentioned earlier that I didn't do much shopping right? Well, not much by my standard lah. But it was one of the most expensive shopping for the year 2009. Hahaha, I bought a zoom lens for my camera (for less than RM 1K) and a new RED camera bag to compliment it at Kuah Town. All I need to to do was closed my eyes when the tauke swipe my card.

Then I stopped at Hj Ismail Group shops to buy some chocolates .. mostly dark, bittersweet variety and of course ... During the field trip to Langkawi Geopark we stopped to get some Gamat products at Nusantara and on our way back, I bought a Tefal Grill Pan, the one I had been eyeing for centuries hahaha ... for only RM 71.90 at Idaman Suri.

The Food

Sorry Langkawians ... foodwise, Langkawi (so far) has nothing much to shout about. Maybe some other time when I am with the right epicureans. I really wanted to explore the non-halal food of Langkawi. Especially seafood cooked with wine. We had steamboat at the Phoenix restaurant on our 2nd nite there, which was so-so despite the fresh ingredients.

Anyway, our lecturer did slip some valuable information though like there is one stall selling "goreng pisang" (banana fritters) which is the Sultan of Brunei favourite. HRH would always stopped by the stall everytime he comes to Langkawi for some goreng pisang and paid in $100 (Brunei Dollar) for it. So we asked the van driver to stop us there on our way to the airport.

The stall is not far from the airport. To get there, from the airport, if you are heading to Kuah, you will reached a roundabout. Turn at 12 o'clock, you will see a mosque on your left after 10 metres and the stall is just opposite. The banana fitters were crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside. The kuih especially the donuts are must try - very yummy. No wonder, even the Sultan loves it too.

Note: Other pics are on my FB

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Best Memory of AF7

Nope ... it's not the moment when Hafiz was announced the winner but the time we tried to get our picture taken jumping on the stage, showing our excitement. Everytime I look at the pics I will laugh my heart out!

It has been a while since I was "able" to jump that high, you know with the cellulites, 1 pack ab and stuff. Dunno how many jumps we did tat nite to get that "near perfect" shot as shortlisted here.

Take 1 : Opsss... we were just about to jump when the "amateur" photographer snapped this.

Take 2: Opsss ... Mie and Kazen Davidson jumped with all our might till our "mid section" exposed. Jet and Emel was not ready ...

Take 3: I had to say, Jet has best jumping pose here ... with an exception ... u know wat ... hahaha

Take 4: Hahahahahaha ... this was the best shot we were able to get. Mel, paksa kau megang Jet sak dapat berada satu paras ngan kamek urang ho .. Kazen, bersungguh kau melompat eh...

Was thinking of kickstarting an active lifestyle yesterday ... too bad it rained (excuses, excuses, excuses)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Exorcism of Hafizzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... (Final-The Moment of Truth)


To Hafiz, you know the best place to park your Honda Accord.
To Kazen Davidson and Jet, thanks for inviting me into your Hafizzzzzzzzz world.
To Emel, what's next in the list?
To Suna, I may pay your wage low but with benefits. Wat did our mum teach us about running away with "foreigners"?
To everyone, thanks for supporting this blog. I need a sleep!


By 7.00 pm, Stadium Bukit Jalil had turned to a battlefield of the fan clubs. Some came in blue, some in green, some in black and white, some in black and some in red. I began to worry when Kazen Davidson called out to some fellow Hafizians strange names ... like "eh you GI Joe1234 kah? or "you must be Cutegirl1977". Sounded so Illuminati to me. Anyway it marvelled me that ordinary people who were complete strangers as first later became "geng karas" due to an idol.

OK, the carnival didn't live up to my expectation, the ticket sales on the other hand was beyond my expectation. Never expected to see so many AF7 fans or recently converted to fans - most of whom lompat parti or just wanna join the fun. Jet and I saw Tomok on our way to the arena in Isma's FC green T-shirt. We waved our "Hafiz fans" at him and he waved back. I never thought that he is tall and cute in real life. Yummy!

We met more Hafizians in the Arena but from different "doctrines". There are PTPL Hafizians, KLang Valley Hafizians and Kuching Mali Hafizians. Another rare Hafizians is the Afro Hafizians. It tickled my heart when I read Jet's comment on his FB pics that the reason why he wore Hafiz cap that nite was to avoid kutu from the AFros.

The ritual started with the organiser's rep giving instruction on the do's and don't during the live telecast, prohibition on the camera and handphones during concerts and of course voice check ... "sapa peminat Hafizzz kat sini?" Waaa.. responses could be heard from all corners and Kazen Davidson and Jet were shouting, jumping and waving Hafiz banners in excitement.

Hafiz first performance that night was a bit shaky (sorry no pics) and I could understand the pressure of being the first one to perform. He did his best, but Fizzz ... you need certain kind of charisma and groove to sing that song. Your vocal and diction maybe OK for the song, but u need to inject some cheekiness. But come the 2nd song, that song was soooooo youuuu ... everytime you reached the high notes, or the flat notes during the bridge or chorus ... gosh I lost count of how many standing ovations and cheers I did for you. Kazen Davidson was speechless!

Anyway Kazen, I have to be true to myself. Admittedly Hafiz had been consistent in all in perfomances. But the reason why I voted Claudia before and admired Akim performances that nite was I valued good live performances. Anyway, Hafiz wins in his 2nd song for originality and "penghayatan". And Aflin was wrong about Akim's performance was original - Faizal Tahir did that before. Sorry to Akim's fans out there, even if Akim won that nite he will always be compared to Faizal Tahir.

The highlight of the "exorcism" was the seconds before AC Mizal announced the winner of AF7. I shuddered at thought of wat Kazen Davidson will do if Aril was announced the winner. For sure somebody will turned into an Incredible Hulk. Hehehe ... to mine and Jet's amazement, the minute Hafizz was announced the winner, Kazen Davidson was in tears! Goodness Zen...

I was so touched when all Hafizians, regardless whether we know each or not hugged and hi-five each other. The stadium was filled with echoes of Hafizians rejoice.

I quickly made a dash to the stage so that I could get best snapshots with my DSLR ... Then when I saw media people with their high-end SLRs with expensive zoon lenses, I felt sooooo small. Wat the heck, I climbed onto a chair and shouted to Hafiz and Datin Tiara to look at my direction (as usual). Geramnya when some photographers blocked my view and in the end this was my best shot. Sorry Fiz!

Was the exorcism successful? This is an excerpt from Kazen's latest entry ...

"As the MC announce the 3rd to the 5th place, everyone were shouting Hafiz’s name. I was the loudest to shout, I think so lah. Finally when he announced that Hafiz is the champion, people shouted, people screamed, jumped, clapped hands, run here and there while me, I cried at my place. I cried like a baby.. huk huk huk… hehehe.. Well, it was the moment I would never ever forget!!! I was satisfied with the result. No more votes needed. No more AFUNDI.. no more diary after this and no more Saturdays concerts. As what one of Hafiz cousin said No more AF after this. I Agree! I like Hafiz and his attitude." ...


Why u don't vote for Hafiz? Don't mess with a Hafizian ...

With Hafiz cute and adorable sisters.

For more pics, check out my FB...

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Exorcism of Hafizzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... (Chapter 3)


To Mummy, Jason and Suhaila, Happy Teachers' Day
To Suna, for your support in completing this chapter 3. Anyway you still need to wait for the next chapter.


Hafiz T-shirt - check, Hafiz fan -check, Hafiz camera - check, Hafiz backup battery - check, AFUNDI10 HAFIZ - check and then we set to go. Now all that left was the "pengeras money" for the tickets. Suddenly my body got all chilly ... what if the exorcism didn't work? OMG ... we will lost Kazen's soul to Hafizsm forever.

Our journey to Bukit Jalil Stadium took about 10 minutes despite heavier traffic than usual. Didn't expect crowd at the stadium coz the weekly concerts were never a full house (as compared to Mawi's time). We got stares from fans of Aril (I guess judging from the mixture of K-pop and Gothic style) as we proudly strutted our stuff in Hafiz T-shirt. But then I would love to quote Agnes tagline " Kenak, ada ku kesah?"

The AF7 Final Carnival held outside the stadium was so-so, not many interesting booths - most were AF7 main sponsors like Hotlink, Modenas, Brands, Maybelline ... heard ASTRO charged RM 1000.00 per booth. Not many stalls selling food and drinks to my dismay. Some fans of Hafiz even stopped us asking we got our T-shirts. I had to agree with Kak Sal, better used the money for many AFUNDI10 Hafiz to 32999. We didn't dare to explore all the stalls fearing other finalists fans felt "threaten" with our cute presence.

Then from a distant we could see a sea of black and white ... so eye-catching. Nice concept lah this black and white ... I would like to applaud Kak Sal and team for the design concept and fans management. So well-organised and lots of team bonding. Hafiz is so lucky to have such great cousins and close family members to manage his fans.

Flashback to the days when I had to search high and low for nice orange T-shirt to support Felix AF3 fan club (my ex-housemate Nancy was the Secretary). But then, I would say Hafiz came from a well-off and close-knit family... a vast contrast to Felix's who rely fully on die hard fans support.

I noticed few of Aisyah fans whom we met during during AF7 week 6 concert had "lompat party". Nevermind, like our Prime Minister said, "One AF7, One Hafiz". Kazen Davidson condition remained unchanged but stable. Maybe because he was surrounded by his fellow Hafizians. However, me, Jet and Emel had to be careful not to mention Aril, Akim, Isma or Yazid in front of him ... else he "don't want to friend" us anymore. But then if he dare to say "ada ku kesah?" in front of me ... he better do coz I am the one driving.


That was our dinner. Can you believe that?

Profesionals at work.

Hafiz fans.

With Hafiz's mama.

Hafizians ... Smile for the camera.

Let's do this again guys!

Note: I promise the next chapter would be the last.

The Exorcism of Hafizzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... (chapter 2)


To White, don't stop blogging. You have been silent for quite some time and all your friends want to know your latest rendezvous in Melbourne. Have your met Curtis Stone by the way? Salam ngan nya.


After picking up Kazen Davidson at KL Sentral, we made a dash to to do some "office" works for Emel. Yea ... is not an ordinary "rumah tumpangan" oK... we provide entertainment, unlimited supply of food and beverages, little limo and office facilities (fax,print,scan and internet connection)*. Then we went to The Mines Shopping Centre to do little shopping. Emel need to meet her financier, Jet and myself need to checkout camera lenses and Kazen Davidson need to get new HP (plus a place to shout Hafizzzzzzzzzzzzz).

*Terms and conditions apply.

As we were passing row of camera shops at Level LG of the Mines, I felt sadness filled my heart as my eyes caught sights of 8GB memory cards on display. Earlier that morning, I realised that pictures of AF7 Week 6 concert were in that memory card. Now the only evidence that "I've been there savouring each moment" is in this blog. Need to download that later.

Then suddenly Jet and myself heard a familiar voice calling "Hafizzz, Hafizzz ... " Oh! No... the syndrome striked again ... in the middle of the shopping complex. After exchanging glances, Jet and myself decided to walk faster, distanced ourselves from Kazen Davidson ... However, the calling became more rampant and we find ourselves got curious glances from passers-by. We felt sorry for Emel for having to deal with Kazen Davidson "erratic behaviour" single handedly that afternoon hehehe ...

We managed to get ourselves new gadgets for the concert though that afternoon. I got myself a new 8GB SD card, Emel got herself a sexy red Sony Ericson W705i while Kazen davidson a Samsung flip phone (but he just called me just now saying that his HP model is the same as Hafiz's brand new Nokia). Not wanting to be left out, Jet got himself a stylish new cover for his HP. With that done, we headed towards my little limo (Froggie) when suddenly Kazen Davidson informed me that he left his HP cover at the HP booth.

We decided to wait him at the carpark and few minutes later he called Jet informing that he's lost. OMG, I knew that we shouldn't left him wandering alone. His eyes must be seeing Hafiz. Luckily he managed to find his way to the carpark. Then Jet said, "Mun aku, mesti aku dah panik and terus lost. Sik tauk udah aku apa di kiri and apa di kanan". So my answer to Jet," In your case Jet, if you asked me for direction ... I will say ... repeat after me .. Our father in Heaven ..." (the Lord's prayer).

By the time we reached, it was already 5.00pm and we were supposed to meet Kak Sal (Hafiz's cousin) to collect our ticket at 5.30pm. Gosh, everyone had the swiftest bath in the history of AF7 that afternoon. Yikes!!! I realised I haven't washed my Hafiz shirt. Oh what the heck ... perhaps it's the good luck charm.

Note: Next entry ... The Moment of Truth. BTW I forgot to mention that we were looking for Afro wig too that afternoon.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Exorcism of Hafizzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... (chapter 1)


First and foremost, thanks to all wellwishers for all your support during the demise of my 8GB memory card. Life must go on ... and I have move on. I got myself a new one yesterday and though nothing could bring back the wonderful memories, I will not stop capture more memories with my new 8GB class 6 Toshiba SD Card on my new EOS 500D.


Emel, Jet and myself had decided starting AF7 Concert 7 that Kazen Davidson needed divine intervention to "exorcise" him from Hafizsm. He was reported "literally" to be living in his Hafiz world and to make matter worse, he is due to be married in weeks (30th May). His condition had turned worst when he started to refer to himself Hafiz, calling everyone Hafiz and shout "Hafizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" whether in the car park, in shopping complexes .... till myself, Emel and Jet had to pretend not to know him.

So after consulting experts on Hafizsm syndrome, we decided to perform the exorcism on the final of Akademi Fantasia 7. To date, only Agnes is immune to HAFIZ virus whereas Jet, myself and Emel had shown signs of Hafizsm ...


I was really looking forward to be reunited with Emel, Jet and Kazen Davidson again after AF7 Concert 6 few weeks ago. Luckily Suna came few days earlier and got hired as my "Maid in Manhattan". By the time they arrived, the house was sparkling clean, Froggie got her first bath in weeks and her engine serviced. Too bad, that Friday morning Suna lari with mamat bangla to Putrajaya on the ground of ...."gajinya lebih lumayan buu" ... so Suhaila ... your theory that she ran away due to domestic violence is baseless.

Anyway, I need not loose my head as I was facing a much more serious problem than a "runaway amah". Today, a man who will be living his life in holy matrimony with the love of his life in sickness, in health, .... till death do them apart ... but breathing, eating, sleeping, chatting, blogging nothing but Hafiz, will be arriving anytime soon. His poor soul need to be saved.

However, a bus delay and a wrong turn got myself, Emel and Jet a Malaysian history lesson (we detoured from KL Sentral to the National Museum) and found our way to the Tugu Negara, Dataran Merdeka, Sultan Abdul Samad Building and St Mary's Cathedral. Hahaha ... so now no more excuses about not going to church next Sunday. BTW, Tugu Negara seems to be a nice photo-shoot location. Plus, eversince Emel got herself a CANON IXUS 100IS suddenly there are many photos of myself hehehe ... else I would always be the photographer!


Jet and Emel strike a Pose at the museum entrance.

This was how our ancestors lived million years ago.

Replica of Fort A-Famosa

Prisoner of War (POW) during the Japanese Occupation.

Writer's Note: More tomorrow ... sleepy lah. Gerenti lebih hebat...

Friday, May 15, 2009

In Loving Memory of my 8GB Memory Card ...

Emel just called and give me the saddest news for today ... she still couldn't find that 8GB memory card. And all I can do now is to bid goodbye to all the wonderful memories, potraits and sights which I encapsulated in all those still images and videos ... especially candid video of Gina dancing without realising her mummy curi2 taking the video.

Tetapi mengapa hati ini masih enggan beli SD card baru? Kenapa? Kenapa? Kenapa? Adakah harapan buat diriku? [Note: Ayat2 terakhir tu saja jer nak tunjuk the artistic side of me ...]

Rainbow and Suna Walking Down The Memory Lane

Oppss... gambar tak sempat diPhotoShop hehehe

Why I feature Suna in this entry? It is because her name always pop-up everytime I meet up with my UMS buddies. One thing I love about Suna and why we become so close is that sometimes she can be so passionate about things that matters to her the most. Like food, books, family, sleep (she can fake being awake coz u can't distinguish anyway whether she is sleeping or not - mata sepet maa) and "Montgomery men" (for those who read Jude Deveraux bestselling novels).

Take for example food - tak kiralah Japanese, Korean, Italian, Malay, Chinese, Greek, South Indian, North Indian, Western, Continental ... semua pun sudah masuk perut! Our food exploration came to a halt for a while coz she was too busy experimenting with different types of cheese at Carrefour Putrajaya and I was busy finding my way to and in Putrajaya hehehe ...

Talking about books ... the only book that we couldn't digest till now is our programming textbooks though we can be proud that we understand Bahasa JAVA . During our UMS days ... habis sudah bah buku di KK library tu kami2 saja yang pinjam.

And she must have been a very good girl these days coz Allah got her posted to KK Library ... which entitle her to borrow up to 10 books, return anytime ... I am so jealous! Bak kata pepatah si Samsir (or is it Fifie) ... "janganlah ko kacau si Suna kalau dia suda membaca, sudah masuk dalam buku bah tu" (too engross in her readings). But I do pray someday somehow ... a Montgomery man (the Chinese version of course) will walk into that isolated KK Library and sweep you off your feet ...

Hehehe ... one principle that I won't forget to this day is "ndak kisahlah Jaime kalau di luaran nie orang nampak aku pakai hand downs from my aunties ... tapi yang dalam2 nie you can play with your wildest imagination". Which is quite true ... you will seldom find matching female undergarments at the ampaian kan - be it your mum's, sister's, cousin's or ex-housemates (opppsss!)? Mesti mismatch!

So the last few days were like reviving our UMS days ... starting the ritual with filling our belly with good food. Only now our food selection has changed due to cholesterol, weight and hypertension issues (hahahaha). Yesterday I brought her to Ah Cheng Laksa at Cineleisure, next to the Curve. Staying true to our concept of fine dining - makan hawker food pun kena ada style.

I ordered my favourite Curry Laksa with cockles ... oh ya Ida, this is consider 2nd lah to that auntie who use to sell at our office area.

Suna ordered Assam Laksa with Sotong Rendam. Add a little otak udang and yummmmmmmmmm ...

But of course, tak sah kalau takde order tambahan bila makan dengan Suna. As seen here is Pan Mee. Wooo ... tasty!

To wash down all the tasty food, I ordered air mata kuching ... (dried longan drink) ... marvelous ...

We wanted to spent the rest of our evening shopping and looking for books at the Borders. However fearing that Suna might "lost" herself among the books, we agreed to watch the film adaptation of Dan Brown's -Angels and Demons instead. I have been looking forward to watch this movie for months. Though most of my Christians (in particular Catholic) friends find the movie offensive (including the DaVinci Code), my passion on everything historical supercede my religious belief.

Anyway, I am exploring the artistic side of me wat!!! Since I haven't read the book, I was very impressed with the casts who successfully make me wonder who was the "Mole" in this thriller - Ewan McGregor (Carmelengo Patrick McKenna) , Stellan Skarsgard (Komander Richter), Ayelet Zurer (Dr. Vittoria Vetra) and Armin Mueller-Stahl (Cardinal Strauss). Still prefer DaVinci Code storyline though. Anyway, after reading review on Washiton Post about this movie ... I might as well get myself a copy of the book ...

And macam biasalah myself and Suna will have in depth discussion on this movie, the religion, and the historical value .... quite the opposite seseorang yang tertidur time tgk Puteri Gunung Ledang -The Movie hehehe

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Raining Men ....

Kesian si Suna sebab tak mampu nak bayar sewa "kondo exclusive" aku, terpaksa lah dia jadi amah aku minggu nie hehehe ... Best jugak ada amah nie, balik rumah sudah ada orang lipat baju, kemas rumah, buat air, cuma semalam dia tak sempat nak sapu rumah sebab nak menghabiskan novel Jude Deveraux aku ... nasib baik aku tak "deport" balik sandakan ...

So balik kerja aku bawak dia menyumbang suara at JUST K Karaoke at The Mines. At the same time, to fix my "broken" heart. Entah macam mana Suna tergerak hati pilih lagu nie ... bukan tau pun the whole lyric except chorus jer ... sekali after singing few lines mcm catchy betul certain parts of the lyric (which I highlighted) ...

Now I know why Mother Nature moody 2-3 menjak nie ... hehehe

Humidity's rising
Barometer's getting low
According to our sources
The street's the place to go

Cause' tonight for the first time
Just about half past ten
For the first time in history
It's gonna start raining men

It's raining men
It's raining men
It's raining men
It's raining men

Humidity is rising
Barometer's getting low
According to our sources
The street's the place to go
Cause' tonight for the first time
Just about half past ten
For the first time in history
It's gonna start rainin men

It's raining men
It's raining men
I'm gonna go out
I'm gonna let myself get
Absolutley soaking wet

It's rainin men
It's raining men
Every special men

Tall blonde dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean

God bless Mother Nature
She's a single woman too
She took over heaven
And she did what she had to do

She fought every Angel
To rearranged the sky
So that each and every woman
Could find the perfect guy
It's raining men

Don't get yourself
Weather Girls I know you want to
I feel stormy wheather moving in
About to begin
Hear the thunder
Don't you loose your head
Rip off the roof and stay in bed
(Rip off the roof and stay)

It's raining men
It's raining men
It's raining men
It's raining men
It's raining men
It's raining men
It's raining men
It's raining men

It's raining men
It's raining men
It's raining men

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Geram !!!!

Geram 1 : Kat CIMB and Public Bank

Kadang2 dalam I nak settle projek terbengkalai dan bermasalah nie rasanya certain private sectors lebih lah redtapes nya berbanding dengan government. Nak tanya management opinion lah, nak verify dengan legal advisers lah ... I don't have any objections but must it take one month and paling2 yang sakit hati this morning, this CIMB officer alasannya dia baru terima minit mesyuarat pagi tadi and siap buat statement lagi tentang I punya minit mesyuarat baru keluar 7 May and meeting on 15 April.

I pun sound balik ... I admitted lah minutes tuh keluar lambat tapi as meeting tu banyak sentuh legal issues and minutes can be valid document tender in court I kena verify the wordings dengan my LA supaya tak timbul issue nanti. Dalam meeting tuh UOB, MBSB and PBB were there and dalam meeting I cakap proceed dulu sampai my letter keluar.

These banks tetap proceed dulu until minutes keluar. UOB officers pun email me kalau dia perlu certain things, can't CIMB do the same. I siap bagi H/P number lagi. I even told him I dah fax terus on 7hb to his office. Dia buat apa since then... I terus kata I am going to call his HQ. And mcm2 faham pulak, CIMB HQ call aku to verify some legal matters and apalagi aku complaint lah dengan officer nie. Yang lucunya, officer CIMB HQ pun ckp ... branches nie memang banyak masalah.

Public Bank pulak lain citernya ... mentang2 KPKT intervene and take over management of HDA account, dia pandai2 letak condition2 tambahan kat my white knight developer. Wajar ke kalau pembeli yang NPL you taknak release 20% of the end financing kat HDA account and you nak the white knight developer bayar interest on behalf of purchasers? NPL tu antara bank dengan pembeli. Whatever yang perlu dibayar kepada HDA account ikut progress kena bayar betul tak? Nanti pun bank still boleh foreclose rumah tuh kalau pembeli masih NPL ... aku sikit lagi nak call Bank Negara Malaysia tadi.

You know what makes me sooooo marah ... projek nie kita berjaya avoid jadi terbengkalai, now siap pending CFO. Even PBT pun beri kerjasama baik ... gerammm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ingat masa I first join mesyuarat PEMUDAH last year, duduk belakang my TKP ... Dato' Normah, KP MAMPU tarik muka bila the private sectors mula complaint about problems, problems and government kena bantu. Projek bermasalah nie ingat government ke puncanya? Wat does the private sectors do the to help among themselves?

Geram 2: Kat diri sendiri.

Emel called me to inform that she couldn't find my memory card - huhuhu memang dah in loving memory lah memory card I tuh.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Susah hati!!!!

Tengah susah hati sekarang nie. I tak tahu mana I letak my 8GB memory card. Dalam tuh banyak betul gambar2 menarik yang I belum tranfer to my external HD. Mostly gambar about my recent travel to Kulim and Penang.

I nak share sebenarnya dalam this entry ... ada satu pic yang I ambik masa tgh driving at 120 km/per hr on a distance sunset view. Then gambar2 yang I ambik guna my new Canon EOS 500D DSLR camera. Sedey ... sedey ...

Hope I misplace it at Emel's house.

Having said that .. I would like to congratulate Sue on her success as Sabah first female paraglider ... eee ... kurang sudah aku benda2 lasak mcm nie ... now I am more to arts and culture. Mau explore the softer and artistic side of Mie ... Hmmm, rasa mau tukar nama ke rainbowmadonna. BTW, Suna ada sekarang di sini with me ... biasalah rumah aku sudah jadi

This week ... my home welcome many visitors. Semalam Suna and this Friday ...looking forward to see Emel, Jethro and Davidson for AF Finale. Again, business "rumah tumpangan" makin rancak hehehe ... cousin david ... anang lupak baik mee kolok auk ...

Now barulah aku berdiri sama tinggi ngan kau and Jet coz aku dah ada DSLR camera ... tapi lawak nar kitak orang ... mbak kamera high end sik juak ambik gambar hehehe. EmeL sik mauk kalah juak .. she bought Canon IXUS 100IS last Saturday ...

To my mom and Po ... Happy Mothers Day ... geram nar aku nangga muka si Maegan. Tembam! Bought booties and soft toys for her last week. Later I buy gown for her ... sekali with Gina's. Nanti jeles pulak dia with Maegan, as she is no longer the baby of the family.

To Jason ... Congrats on your Convo ...

Hmmm .... I still susah hati nie!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Non-Extreme Makeover

Monday tiba-tiba dapat memo from Khidmat Pengurusan JPN pasal dinner kat One World Hotel untuk farewell Dato' Seri Ong Ka Chuan and welcome Dato' Seri Kong Cho Ha. Eee... rasa macam malas nak pegi tapi Syuhana dah janji dengan Shah untuk meramaikan majlis and takde member so kesian la pulak ...

Masalahnya I kena work "lebih masa" sikit coz banyak IP, kompaun and surat rayuan developer atas meja yang tertunggak akibat fokus sangat kat taskforce yang tak MUDAH-MUDAH tuh. Jadi memang tak heranlah kalau i ala-ala PTD 48 yang rupa kerani 2-3 menjak nie. Nak balik rumah tukar baju takut jem pulak kat area One-Utama tuh. Then Syuhana suggest kitaorang buat makeover kat Bobbi Brown O-U. The idea is to divert perhatian orang daripada baju kitaorang yang ala-ala kerani cabuk kepada wajah kitaorang yang disolek secara profesional.. hehehe menarik ... menarik.

I memang dah lama nak mencuba kosmetik Bobbi Brown nie. I suka packaging dia yang simple tapi menarik. Tak tahulah mata orang tapi to me mcm Bobbi Brown range of colour pallete nie sesuai untuk Asian skin, solekan simple, focussing on menimbulkan glowing radiance lah ... But I jarang pakai mekap so I boleh project my inner radiance (malas sebenarnya) ... hehehe

Ni rupa before makeover

Ni masa tgh di makeover

Ni rupa selepas dimakeover

Gaya Pengerusi PUSPANITA ... sayang baju takde labuci ...
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