Monday, December 29, 2008

Hark The Herald Angels Sing ... Noel 2008

I hope it's still not too late to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009. For me personally, Christmas this year was supposed to be a family occasion. However, just not to disappoint some friends my mum and myself prepare our family recipes for luncheon which I forgot to take pictures coz too exhausted. Thank you Niejah and Syariah for helping me out ...

This year our family X'mas was quite special not because we all celebrated it in my new home but for the first time in 6 years we had a full quorum for X'mas. My dad and myself seldom flew home for Christmas coz we are saving our money and leave for Chinese New Year. Last year I went back coz I wanted to celebrate Gina's 1st birthday which falls on 30th Dec.

Traditionally in Malaysian Christian households, I think the most lavish occasion would be the Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. In my family, ours are much influenced by the Chinese Makan Besar tradition. This year's Christmas Eve, I sort of blend a bit of Western -Eastern cuisine. Maybe because too exhausted from all the preparation plus I was also the Chief Cook, the driver and the host, I had no time to think about the Christmas spread... unlike one I had back in 2006.

We all wore blue like the theme for this year's Christmas and coincidently my mood was also BLUE. I suddenly felt lonelier amidst the laughter and excitement around me. Then when I was with my sibblings I felt like the Lone Ranger or the cub who doesn't belong in the pack. I don't understand the sudden mood swing. So I decided not to join my family to Penang. After sending them to Puduraya on the 27th, I had a long nap ... a 10 hours nap OK... swallow Vit B Complex, Omega 3, Primrose Oil, Selenium ACE ... drank lots of H2O ... then clean the house, did the laundry, reorganised my kitchen .... then I felt much better....

As I was typing this entry with a clearer mind, I thank God for a wonderful, colourful and eventful life. I thank Him for giving me a GREAT family, a CHALLENGING career path, PINKEST of health, financial stability, FANTASTIC people whom I met, got to know and befriended throughout this life journey. Most important of all for the ABUNDANCE of love, hope and faith that I received from my family and friends who are actually the angels send from above.

God Bless...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Wah seronok baca entry Meli and Semin on Meli's escapade to Durham. Bagus lah tuh Meli, sampai bila ko nak jadi the frog under the coconut shell for too long kat ulu Jerman.... Besides, tis the season to be JOLLY ... falalalalala ... and I believe kat sana mesti GRAND celebration dia. I pun dah lama tak update blog nie sebab banyak sangat actitivities that by the time I reached home, semua energy seaps out from my body. So bear with me la yer kalau this entry is a bit lengthy.


Actually I won't describe our rendezvous that Wednesday nite as fun lah but I guess its worth the trip though "the girls" are all under the same roof, we are still distant apart... And of course, we have lots of gossips and stories to catch up i.e Battle of the Mak Datins, Wedding Crashers, The Non-Performers, New KSU wannabes, ... dan banyak lagi. Dari siapa lagi kalau bukan Diva CNN Miss Noni Abigail. Sidetrack, I couldn't help but envy how tebal Oswald punyer flawless foundation ladden complexion.

Nasiblah kiter buat farewell party untuk Meli kat situ. Kalau tak, tak dapat lah jemputan macam nie. Having said that, miss lah our Mesyuarat Pagi at Cafe Mesra dengan ahli2 mesyurat Meli, Noni, Zali, Rambo and Azirul... And miss jugak lah our DIVA farewell party for Meli and Semin. Drink, sing and be Merry. Noorul, so looking forward to our bowling cum KTV plans... I dah feel suffocated lah dengan negative energy kat enforcement nie. Kena bagi balance YIN and YANG nie.


Finally the World's No. 1 and most anticipated show has arrived in Kuala Lumpur. It's a like a DREAM come true for me. I memang berangan-angan nak watch the show one day kalau berpeluang ke London. However if not because of Zam aka Aznul punya reminders I might miss this One in a Lifetime Opportunity. I think many thanks jugak to my boss En Mad Din for making it happen to me.

I was seated among SP Setia's loyal customers at row X. For me I suka lah lokasi tuh sebab kita boleh tgk dia punya lightings and whole stage assemble. Paling penting that nite I bolehlah pakai gaun Zara I. Nasib baik lah I dress up jugak lah malam tuh. I jumpa CEO Great Eastern - Mr Khor (dia nie Sarawakian and close to my upline Mdm Heng), I was a few seats away from a lawyer Chinese-Indian couple whom I knew few years ago on a case, YB Dato' Fu Ah Kow, KP JKT Datin Arpah and my TKP Dato' Bakar, chat dengan Chief Executive Officer for Bandar Eco-Setia - Mr Koo. Rasa macam VIP lah pulak. Oh yea, there were many VVIPs and VIPs that nite coz the Guest of Honour was His Royal Highness The King and Queen. Plus the 2nd nite performance memang reserved for SP Setia Corporate Nite.

Before the performance started myself dengan Sam had a chat dengan purchasers yang duduk sebelah kitaorang. Of course, we tak dapat lah nak cerita pengalaman tengok this show at West End London sebab London pun tak pernah jejak ... hehehee... Tapi masa diaorang tanya "Are you buying a house with SP Setia....????" I rasa nak nyanyi jer .... "I do, I do, I do, I do, I do...." But diaorang memang humble, masa part akhir time semua orang bangun ambik gambar and put their hair down, we dance and sing sama-sama to Dancing Queens, Mamma Mia and Waterloo.

Though I was excited about Mamma Mia The Musicals tapi sayang I watched the movie dulu. So a few of the lines tu I dah anticipate like "DOT... DOT... DOT" and "EJACULATION" huhuhu... Banyak jugak lah unsur 18SX dalam show tuh but who cares ... The singing, the dancing and the ENERGY ... huhuhu... bak kata Ramli Ibrahim of Sutra Dance - "Sex Sells".

All these singings, dancing and acting buat I ingat balik time kat UNI masa I aktif dengan aktiviti Sekolah Kesenian UMS and Uni Toastmasters.... ingat lagi masa Mr Siva (lecturer Chemical Engineering) and Dr. Annabel (Marine Biologist) performed Grease Lightning. Celina (sekarang pengacara 3R) and Jimmy ... you guys will always be the best MCs. After the show, I was waiting for Syuhana and Zam sampai tak perasan the whole cast berbaris kat lobby entrance untuk keberangkatan pulang DYAM Yang Dipertuan Agung. By the time I sampai, sorang auntie tua jer dapat peluk cast Mamma Mia. Takpe, I think entry Zam ada gambar2 tuh.

Anyway, I tak sabar nak tgk PGL 3 plak. I dah dapat tiket dah to watch the final night show. Sam said PGL nie lebih happening, so I guess I better judge it for myself.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Countdown To Blue Christmas 2008

Its already 2 weeks into December and the Christmas mood in KL is how should I categorise it - "sombre"??? Maybe the recession has made people cautious about spending... anyway, my family is spending Christmas in KL this year and I had overworked my brain with Christmas plans till I got migraine.. Despite Sam's advice of financial planning, I decided to go against it and opt for Noorul's and Syuhana's financial spending instead ... huhuhu girls wanna have fun maaa ... we think about the debts later.

I decided on Blue Christmas theme after turning purple green with envy over Rosmin's Winter Rendezvous... Besided it gonna be raining season over in Malaysia so RAIN=WATER (the snow in malaysia melts) = BLUE. Anyway, I think it's about time I put on my creative cap and party planner self whom I have shelved somewhere over these years... Dunno lah why, it takes toooooo loooooooooooooooong to fix a broken heart. Oh yea, I also found halal whole turkey at GIANT yesterday and I am soooooo going to have stuffed roasted turkey for Christmas this year.

In Kuching, the the Bidayuh Christmas celebration is a bit like Hari Raya. Apart from manok pansuh or the non-halals, the rest is infusion of Malay influence like kari, masak merah, masak hitam, rendang, ketupat pulut. Of course like most Sarawakian household during festivies, the kek lapis (layer cake) is a MUST. However, eversince I moved to KL .. I have been having Western style Christmas. There will be friends sending Christmas puddings, champagnes, roast turkey - except last year coz I went back for Gina's 1st birthday. And like other celebrations in the Yeoh-Soweng household - Christmas is a time to compete, and comparing notes like who's cooking is the nicest, who make the best looking layer cake, or who put on the GLAMOUROUS bling-bling.

Maybe I have been a very good girl that God make sure there are lots of wonderful blue Christmas decorative ornaments in Midvalley and Ikea this year. The last Christmas Party I had back in 2006, everything was in the traditional colours of gold and red. Halleluyah... I had been seeing things BLUE since Saturday. That Sunday, I did the pre-decoration of my Christmas Tree and I think Blue ROCKs! Now I just need to wait for my 3 amah Indon - Joan, Jason and Jayne, 1 Filipino cook - Mdm Nelly Paya and 1 Hong Kong bouncer cum supervisor - Mr Yeoh coming over on the 23rd to do the rest of the work.

Wonder what Santa has in store for me this Christmas ... what will he give me if I am EXtra good this year...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Yeoh

"May your Special Day
Be a celebration
Of where you've been,
Where you are, and
How you are growing
Together in the Lord"

by Joyce C. Lock

Mie's Note : I purposely BOLD the world Together. Hope both of U get the message. Happy 34th anniversary Mummy and Daddy, from your ever loving and forever 17 daughter.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Garam Massala Day ...


Aku dah mulakan pagi yang hening dengan Mamak's Breakfast sambil membantu memajukan si Ali punya restaurant chains kat Pusat Bandar Damansara nie. Menu mcm biasa, teh tarik, nasi lemak bungkus and telor mata. Aku fobia nak makan makanan2 yang ada direct contact dengan tukang masak Ali Maju nie khususnya roti canai selepas menyaksikan pekerja2 dia buang air tak basuh tangan kat parking lot Blok B Aras 2A lot 39 ... tapi tuh yang buat people can't have enough of Ali Maju.


Aku menerima kunjungan Rajbeer Singh, legal executive for a former giant developer company. Dulu dia musuh ketat aku and Madam Yong. Tapi ada lah satu incident tu yang buat kami berbaik and aku pun ubah pandangan aku pada dia. Lagi lah when I told him my uncle is a Singh - married to my mum elder sister and love Northern Indian food lagilah dia seronok. Setiap kali jumpa aku mesti nak introduce dengan a very good Punjabi guy. So aku mesti letak syarat punya - min requirement Shah Rukh Khan, but preference Arjun Rampal. He just came back from Punjab, India and bought me some Bollywood souvenirs plus Massala Tea (my favourite) .. nak kena sorok from Joan and Mummy nie.


Masa nak dekat2 lunch semalam aku bukalah Facebook aku and tup... tiba2 keluarlah satu feed nie ajak Facebook members jadi fans of Surya ... pelakon Tamil yang tgh "ngetop" sekarang nie. Mcm tau-tau pulak aku tgh crazy over this guy and tgh tak puas hati dia kawin dengan Jothika ... kalau dia kawin dengan Asin ker boleh jugak aku terima. Aku pun layan ler kejap tgk gambar dia yang hot-hot. Aku kalau filem-filem Surya nie takleh miss lah setiap Deepavali sebab time tuh jer la aku tgk filem Tamil hehehe...

Delicious tak .. ni yang bahaya nak pandang lama2 nie. To Noorul and Syu, I know what u guys are thinking ...


Alamak, dok layan tengok Surya nie lupa pulak nak lunch. Keluar dari ofis macam ada suatu bau yang sangat menyelerakan. "Bau kari lah. Siapa yang makan kari nie? "cepat jer ayat tuh keluar dari mulut aku. Kuat pulak tuh. Tiba2 aku terdengar bunyi orang giggling ... Patut lah pun . The Enforcement Minahchis - Danamalar, Rathisri and budak Indian baru tengah makan lunch kat tempat Dana ... aku sendiri pun ketawa ... Aku turun lah ke bawah nak beli makanan, lapar beb. Mula2 tuh masuk KFC, sekali tgk line panjang sangat aku pun detour ler ke Dinar Maju, bagi Pak Dinar pulak maju. Mahal sikit, takde "perasa" tambahan dan nama dia kurang Malaysian tu yang dia kurang maju sikit dari Pak Ali.


Terima panggilan kecemasan dari Perumal pasal turkey for X'mas. Dia tanya aku nak masak turkey tu macam and masak kat mana. Aku tanya lah turkey tuh besar camana, boleh muat tak oven aku yang comel kat rumah tu and kenapa nak tanya masak macamana. Yang aku nak ketawa, ada lah suara-suara kat belakang uncle - sama ada Kitana atau Shantini. "Akaa, come and save the turkey. Nanti jadi kari ..."


Out of the blue aku terima panggilan dari buddy aku, Kapt Krishnan. Dia bagitau yang dia and sorang lagi member kitaorang, Sugan akan jumpa di KL. So dia nak jumpa aku, Nijah and zamala sekali. Huhuhu ... mesti gempak lah citer kisah2 lama Sabtu nie ...

Mie's Note: Balik kerja semalam baru perasan .... perkaitan insiden-insiden nie. Very the massala kan. Apa-apa pun I need to save the turkey malam nie, else ada orang kena makan Turkey Curry esok.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Indo-China Inspired Aidil Adha

Was suppose to go back to Penang for Dad's gym anniversary but the bus tickets were all sold out due to Aidil Adha and malas nak spend so much money on air tickets since X'mas is coming. So I ended up spending the weekend with Sam - signing him up as CNI member, then make him spend money in CNI (hehehe - I like this part right here), jalan-jalan to Jusco Taman Equine, shopping at Jusco Taman Equine (huhuhu- I hate this part right here), do marketing at Pasar Borong Selangor and memborong for seafoods and fresh vegetables.

Since he was not celebrating Aidil Adha with his family at his sister's house in Kapar, I suggested we had steamboat yesterday. Since he has been boasting about his very original Thai Tom Yum eversince the day he knew how to spell it so I suggested we have his Tom Yum as the soup base for the steamboat. Mula2 tuh macam-macam lah alasan. Tak biasa masak pakai kuali lain lah, sukatan kena pakai sudu tertentu lah, sukar nak agak sukatan air lah but of course lah I nak jugak rasa his Tom Yum.

Initially I thought that he might be using the Tom Yum paste like most of us and his story of using fish sauce and chili paste was just a myth. Then I pun macam impress when he REALLY bought the fish sauce, galangal, tomato, lemon grass, coconut milk, kaffir lime and leaves at the Pasar Borong. Dia siap suggest brand chilli bean oil yang dia pakai that is Mae Pra Nom. However, recently his Thai friend suggested another brand but he doesn't know how to pronounce it. But the truth is I pun tak pernah masak Tom Yum from the scratch. So I don't know what the heck to put in the pot to make Tom Yum soup.

Haa, lupa plak nak story. While waiting for him that Sunday, I singgah sekejap lah at this one Indian shop near his apartment area. I impress giler when I found out they sell rice wrappers (Banh Thrang) that the Vietnamese use to make their famous Spring Roll (Cha Goi). Murah pulak tu, just RM 3.40. The one I bought at Midvalley's Little Vietnam cost about RM 10.00.

Yesterday, I woke up at about 11.00 am to kemas-kemas rumah a bit before Sam arrive for our cooking session. Biasalah I mesti akan ambik gambar punyer so set penggambaran kena lawa lah sikit. Haa... the tikar tuh my mum import khas dari Sarawak tau. My mum nie terer lah pasal tikar kelesah nie. The one she bought bukan setakat better quality malahan lebih murah dan lebih halus buatannya berbanding the one I bought. Untuk memujuk hati, I letak tikar yang I beli kat dapur, as it blends with the deco. Ni side track a bit lah yer, sebenarnya saja nak show off macam mana I blend my Sarawak heritage into the modern contemporary theme. .. ahakss

So masa my Take Home Chef masak dia punya renowned Tom Yum. I buat lah I punya Vietnamese Steam Spring Roll. Since Sam nie "carnivourous" I buat yang takde sayur lah menggunakan minced chicken yang digoreng dengan bawang, halia, a bit of fish sauce and hoisin sauce. BTW, these spring roll nie better buat masa hari nak makan not the day before atau simpan dalam fridge sebab this will cause the wrapper to dry. Nanti not nice lah.

Anyway back to Sam's, the moment Sam add the fish sauce, galangal and lemon grass into the boiling water, I could feel I dah berada kat Thailand. Then whwn he put in the chilli oil paste, the tomatoes and the kaffir lime and leaves I dapat rasakan nie bukan calang-calang Tom Yum nie. Bau pun dah lain. Kalau yang kita makan kat kedai tuh penuh "sampah-sarap" jer. So malas nak cakap banyak so nie lah hasil tangan kami hari tuh.

Ramuan simple jer.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

In Loving Memory of Encik Tomadan Johari

Dear friends,

I've just got this news from Sazali. Our beloved Encik Tomadan Johari , former TKSU (O) - and my former enforcement director, passed away this morning in the Holy Land of Makkah. My deepest condolences to his family.

I don't know what to say here except I pray that he will be placed among the faithfuls. He was among the best bosses I've ever had. Ever trusting his subordinates and peers despites the pressure and stress coming from all corners. When he fell sick, everyone in the enforcement was so worried. And when he was selected to be the TKSU(O) everybody cheered. I think those who use to work under him will understand why...

Mie's Note:

Sorry ... still traumatise with the news so can't write much (am in tears now). Personally, I feel deeply sorry as to me .. the final years of his life are not happy ones. In my head now I still can hear his voice calling Puan Fatmah - "Timah, Timah" or his ever famous phrase - "Tom, Dick and Harry".

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Aku Yang Kepenatan Part 3

Waaa... it feels like eons since I last updated my blog. Got caught up in many family activities throughout the week. Feng shui wise, this is good coz u r encouraging the good chi to enter your home from all over the world hehehe... I am truly exhausted.

20 - 23 November 2008

My parent and my god parent came over for the blessing ceremony of my new H.O.M.E. I specially flew my godparent over as they were other very,very important people in my life other than my own parent. Especially my godfather lah who has been like a father to me. Ever since I bought my apartment I memang nak my godfather to do the honour of blessing it as he is also the layreader (macam tok imam lah) for St. Patrick Chapel. Kira kalau priest lain segala makhluk halus, kasar, portergeist tak nak lari lah dari rumah tuh kecuali hantu2 yang menunggu house warming ... ini banyak "teluk" punya hantu.

Errr... sekali kala insaf pulak mengenang kekurangan diri ini. Ahaksss...

Jangan jeles ... kari kepala ikan ala peranakan nie I masak tau...

Sayangnya my godparent flew with my mum to Penang first to visit my dad. Orang Sarawak nie bukan jenis yang makan pedas2 and my dad dok bantai bagi depa makan kari kepala ikan lah, nasi kandaq la, pasumboq lah that by the time they arrived in KL I berdepan dengan major casualties... semua kena cirit birit dan muntah-muntah. Kesian sangat sampai kena ambik emergency leave that Fateful Friday. Yang lucunya ubat2 kat klinik yang mahal2 semua tak berkesan, pil Chi Kit Teck Aun yang RM 0.99 jugak berkesan. And walaupun belum pulih sepenuhnya boleh tahan jugak dia orang nie jalan2.... hahaha. Bak kat my godmother, apalah sangat jalan kat KL nie berbanding panjat gunung nak gi kebun kat Beson Re'dien (a name of a place in my kampung).

My godparent had never been to KL before. So I pun excited lah tunjuk diaorang places of interest kat KL nie (including places yang kita memang tak terfikir pun nak pergi) dan macam mana I drift la kat KL nie (as if). From 22 Nov to 23 Nov, I bawak diaorang gi Midvalley, The Curve, tgk bangunan KLCC, Muzium Negara, Istana Negara. The following day, my nephew pulak bawak diaorang jalan2 ke Batu Caves, and Putrajaya.

My nephew ni when he is not flying dia volunteer kat Zoo Negara so at first dia plan nak show off harimau (which actually dia volunteer to help to clean the kandang) kat Zoo Negara. I was against the idea after that incident at the Singapore Zoo. Mana tau tiba2 harimau tuh tgk parents aku delicious sangat macam Tony Romas rib steak ... hehehehe. Dia pun ada cakap, first day dia volunteer kat Zoo Negara the tigers were restless with his presence. In my head I rasa the tigers were thinking of him as "dinner" barangkali ...

25-26 November 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday I brought my parents shopping baju untuk anak2 buah I. My mum said sekarang baju Gina semua dah sexy2 sebab dia dah besar. So kenalah laksanakan tanggungjawab beli baju yang menutup aurat. Tapi kalau ikut hati baby girl memang kena bagi pakai baju seksi ... bagi nampak betis yang tembam tu. I geram betul when my sis hantar mms gambar dia pakai legging hitam ... Gina pun baru gemuk balik lepas Hand Foot and Mouth Disease scare last 3 weeks. I love the look on their face when I told them kita try LRT today from Bukit Jalil to SOGO hehehehe. My godfather said, selama nie tgk LRT ni kat TV jer. Skg nie bukan setakat tgk. Siap boleh naik sekali. Plus tercapai jugak hasrat both my mothers nak beli handbag baru kat SOGO.

27-30 November 2008

Thursday, I flew back with my godparent to Kuching. Nasib lah I joined them if not sure mesti kalut mana nak check in dan pintu mana nak masuk. Imagine masa kat dalam flight my godmum tutup pintu tandas tak ketat and nsb baik aku perasan bila I tgk lampu lavitory. Orang tua kan, sepanjang jalan asyik nak ke tandas saja. Nak angkat beg dan jalan cepat pun tak larat.

Sampai Kuching, after sudah semestinya kita pekena isi perut dengan hidangan yang lazat2... for my first dinner in Kuching I had butter prawns, pucuk midin goreng belacan, baby kailan stir dry with garlic and sea cucumber soup ... yummm..

After dinner we went to see Gina at my cousin's house. Hehehe... mula2 tuh my little girl jeling2 malu "pusa" kat aku. Tak sampai setengah jam, terus taknak lepas minta aku peluk cium dia. Baju I habis kena tarik masa mummy dia nak ambik. Daddy dia nak ambik pun dia taknak. Yelah, lama jugak aku tak balik Kuching so sure la dia rindu dengan Mummy KL (panggilan oleh anak2 buah I) dia nie.

Nie gambar favourite I masa nak ambik dia jalan2 on Friday. Masa aku sampai dia baru bangun, then cepat-cepat konon nak sembunyi kat penjuru katil. I pelan2 standby kamera kat tepi dia and bila I kata nak tinggalkan dia pergi jalan2, cepat saja dia angkat muka ... and SNAP... sedih masa dia menangis masa aku nak balik ahad tuh... sekarang hanya tuala kecik dia yang tertinggal dalam beg aku jadi pengubat rindu ... huhuhu

Sabtu, I jadi pelancong kat Kuching. Sebenarnya kalau I balik Kuching I tak pernah keluar gi mana-mana pun sebab time balik biasanya festive season so terpaksalah jadi orang gaji berijazah kat rumah. I pun banyak nak catch up dengan best friend I, Agnes, mengenang kembali zaman sekolah dulu. Dia pun baru beli rumah kat Matang area so sekali gi site visit lah tengok area tuh. Kira masa Agnes bawak I jalan2 tuh I rasa macam rusa masuk kampung sangat. Terpegun dengan Bandaraya Kuching yang pesat membangun (chewwwahhh....) . Kira terbukti lah cerita2 orang dulu2 yang Orang Sarawak nie duduk atas pokok adalah satu mitos sama sekali.

Nie I nak share lah, selain mi kolok dan laksa Sarawak, sebenarnya u all pun kena try Teh C Peng Special kat Kuching nie. Kat Kuching, this is pesaing utama Coffee Bean and Starbuck. Teh C Peng special nie ada 2 layer, 3 layer, 4 layer dan yang paling hebat lah 5 layer. Haaa... nie I ambik gambar 5 layer - gula cair, susu sejat, gula apong, jus pandan dan akhir sekali cincau... haa.. tgk betapa hebatnya orang Kuching buat air teh.

Haa... masa I sekolah dulu I suka makan kat satu tempat nie, depan Electra House. Nama dia Open Air Market. It has section yang halal and non-halal. Of course bagi tujuan melepas geram I gi yang tak halal lah hehehe... Kat sini selain ABC, satu lagi minuman yang kira time tuh hebat lah dikenali sebagai Air Batu Special. Ramuan dia senang jer, susu cair, susu manis, ais kisar, laici atau longan, jeli, tembikai, nenas, nata de coco and buah kabung (or buah enau).

Yang herannya, auntie gerai no. 39 yang berjual kat situ sampai sekarang muka dia sama jer. Rambut pun masih hitam lagi. Suspect betul...

I went back to KL on 30th Nov on an Air Asia flight. Honestly, that was my scariest flight experience. U see, I think due to demand and maybe sebab mengejar volume, Air Asia punya flight biasanya macam very fast. Kita boleh dengar bunyi deruman pesawat tuh moving on high speed dari dalam pesawat.

About an hour on the flight, the plane collide with a clear air turbulence sampai pesawat tuh bergegar teruk, flights attendants lintang pukang cari tempat duduk. Then kita boleh rasa pesawat tuh tiba2 menurun ... Gegaran tuh went on for about 5 minutes and tiba2 suasana tenang macam malaikat lalu. Nobody in the flight say a word. Even the babies tak menangis sehinggalah we heard the flight captain made an announcement few minutes later.

Praise the Lord ... I still can celebrate X'mas this year.
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