Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aku Yang Kepenatan

Sori lah kepada mummy (err daddy aku tak pandai guna komputer), adik beradik,kawan-kawan dan sanak sedara serta tak lupa musuh dalam selimut (nanti lepas pindah kita gaduh balik k) yang follow my blog. Sibuk bangat dong... mau pindah rumah. So everyone, I tetapkan pendirian to move to B-11-1 on 1-11-2008. Hehehe.... ong tak? Kesian career lady macam aku dan Ida terpaksa mengemas dan mengangkut barang sikit2 lepas opis... Sakit pinggang ku yang ramping nie angkut kotak...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Deepavali 2008

Note: Saja nak testing maxis broadband area seri kembangan nie...

This year's Deepavali was special as we were celebrating this joyous occasion in Uncle Perumal's (my foster dad) new home in Taman Puncak Utama, Kajang. Uncle Perumal is my dad's buddy in the Signal Corp back in the early 70's. I met him in 2005 when he came to complain about his house in Taman Puncak Jalil. So since that year, I had been celebrating Deepavali and other Indian celebrations with his family.


I was on my way back when I saw few stalls doing henna. It's RM 10.00 for one hand. I had to sit in my car for 20 minutes waiting for it to dry. Unfortunately I wrongly choosed the black henna. I honestly thought it might just be a type of henna (like green tea, red tea or black tea) which give redder colour. It turned out like it's really black, like the tatoo. Luckily i didn't do the whole hand. It looks good though if we do it on certain part of the body .... very tempting.

My left hand design

The right hand design.


Every Deepavali, Uncle Perumal will treat me to new Punjabi suit. However this year I decided to buy my own ( malu lah sebab dah kerja) in one of the boutiques along Jalan Tun Sambathan and Brickfield. Mogana my adik angkat said she prefered the choices at Jalan TAR but uncle and myself had been loyal customers of Jothika's, next to the Sentral Monorail Station.

I wore the pink one on Deepavali. The red one was given to me by sister Joan, this one have to reserve for Mogana's birthday as it is more Bollywood.


This was what I had for breakfast. Iddli and my foster mum's version of chicken rendang. In fact I think it taste more like the Eurasian Devil Curry.

My foster mum making the tose.

Taraa... taste so much better than Ali Maju Bistro's.

Deepavali Goodies... kuih gunting, kuih keras (this one is special as my foster mum added nuts), murukku... some of it I don't know how to pronounce.

The koalam (pronounce column)

Prayer room

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Loft@KL Sentral

All these pictures were taken during our technical visit to MRCB's proposed 54-storey sky condo site, which is situated behind KL Sentral facing Mahameru Highway. Recently, they applied to extend the handing over period from 36 months to 54 months due to the building superstructures. Unlike commercial or office buildings, residential buildings are govern by Act 118 that includes time for handing over vacant possession, standard format of Sales and Purchase Agreement and manner of opening and withdrawals from Housing Development Account for every housing project.

Currently under Act 118 only the Housing Controller has the power to grant for extension of time for handing over vacant possession. Since MRCB is a GLC, so myself and my boss were instructed by our KSU who is the Housing Controller to prepare a paper on granting of license to supercondos development pursuant to Housing Development Act 1966 [Act 118].

Alamak! Got sidetracked. Saja mukadimah panjang takut nanti ada mamarazi atau ada orang mengata aku pi cuci mata dan makan free jer. Dah lah masa jamuan raya Bahagian Korporat Mirza kata kat aku "hang ada masa update blog yer Jaime". Nasib baiklah Saharah tak dengar... hehehe. Btw, we asked to have a look at their newly handed over project - The Loft @ KL Sentral following the success of their Suasana Sentral 1 and 2. The smallest units which is 800 sqft studio are sold at RM 300,000 +++, the largest pulak at RM 4 million. However maintenance charge is reasonable at RM 0.20 psqft. U could say it is at the lower side considering it's in KL.

I was mesmerized by the Koi Pond surrounding the building's gymnasium.

View of KL as seen from the facilities area on 7th Floor, also visible from the gym.

This one really caught my interest, the Spice Garden. They planted serai, pandan, daun pegaga, daun kari... instead of those expensive fancy shrubs. Imagine if were running out of serai can just go and pluck from the condo garden.

This is their most expensive unit also known as the Loft.

Hensem tak my new direct boss? Baru semangat nak kerja ... unlike that one particular X-boss. Ni master bedroom.

The living area. U know I checked the price of the sofa set in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. RM 15K ok.

U wanna know what they were discussing? They said kalau bini dah out of shape takleh mandi open-open kat sini. I had to roll my eyes...

Takziah To Ida

Semalam aku banyak kerja (sumpah nie) so tak dapat nak masukkan entry khas buat Ida. Untuk makluman semua, nenek Ida (paternal) telah meninggal dunia semalam jam 3.30 pagi waktu Malaysia. Sekarang dia kat Kelantan bagi moral support kat abah dia. So on behalf of my family and myself takziah diucapkan.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Breakin' It Down - YKLS Jazz

Presenter : Young KL Singers
Director : Michael Xavier Voon
Musical Director : Susanna Saw assisted by Tracy Wong, with Tay Cher Siang (Jazz music advisor)
Choreographer : Michael Xavier Voon
Producer : Annette Christie & Fam Li Sun
Featuring: The Young KL Singers

Venue : Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac), Pentas 2
Duration : 30 October - 2 November
Category : Concert
Price : RM45 / RM35 (12 years and below & YKLS members)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jamuan Rumah Terbuka Aildilfitri - Bahagian Korporat KPKT

Aikks... Bahagian Korporat? Wooowwww, nak kena buat kenduri doa selamat 30 hari 30 malam tuh kalau boleh keluar dari Enforcement. Untuk makluman kawan-kawan kita yang jauh di perantauan, my entry kali nie kira mewakili lah rakan-rakan kita yang takde blog, yang tak reti nak upload gambar kat blog (perhaps PC as well ... opssss), yang hanya tau membaca blog dan satu lagi kategori - "blog? what block? block K?". Neway, thank you lah Kak Noni sebab sudi menjemput hamba ke majlis yang "biasa-biasa" tuh. Hehehe... anang manas-manas wai, lagik munyi scanner (..utk yang tak paham tuh anggaplah ini mcm iklan Maybank nyak meh rimau).

Juadah-juadah yang disediakan dari pandangan kiri.

Juadah-juadah yang disediakan dari pandangan sudut kanan.

Yang nie Mashita punya pinggan. Habis licin. Masa gambar nie diambik Saharah cepat-cepat clear pinggan-pinggan dia.

The hand that rock the cradle is the hand that sapu licin the sate. Kenal tak saper punya tangan nie? Cincin permata "grand" gitu. Ori ke spicy yang?

Kek "Secret Recipe" tuh Ida yang belasah habis...

Nie Mirza punya mee kari...

Nie Mirza punya roti jala in chicken curry gravy. Susah nak ambik gambar yang menarik sebab kebanyakan subjek habis dibelasah sebelum gambar sempat diambik.

Door gift untuk special guests... Saharah kata baguslah boleh pakai masak malam nie..

Kami pelajar-pelajar University Damansara Town Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin kepada rakan-rakan serta sedara mara kami yang berada di Bonn,Jerman dan Durham,UK. God's willing kami akan balik kalau gaji naik tahun depan.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sori Yer Tok Wan a.k.a Zam2U

Jam telah menunjukkan pukul 7.50 pm, tapi aku masih di sini menjadi mandur mengawasi rumahku kena cat. Takut salah cat nanti ONG tak mau mali. Sori yer Nul, tak dapek den nak merasai keenakkan masakan Minang di rumah terbukamu. Uwaaaa....

Mie Casa - Deko Bersama Jaime Ep. 2

Today is my second day painting my new home. Was a bit dizzy from burning the midnight oil reading my friends' (and foes) blogs updates. To fellow bloggers, do keep the creative juice flowing. Bloggin is not just about learning how to upload gambar into your personal cyber space yer...

View of the Sg. Besi Toll from the balcony at night. A place where money come flowing in.

I did quite a fair share of researching on the right colour, to the type of paint, the ambience I would like to create and customers' satisfaction on certain brand of paints over the Internet forums before embarking on this project. This project excites me too as my dad never allow other colours on our home walls other than white or shades of white. Initially I planned to put on wallpapers but its kinda pricey. Anyway, I might still carry on with the wallpaper plan for the master bedroom next year. Am still so in love with Goodrich Global wallpapers.

Amin is putting the undercoat to cover the original paint before painting the desired colour over it.

My developer friends, family members, buddies and painters advised me to use ICI Dulux Paints based on personal experience. I was a bit sceptical as I prefer Nippon Paint - they seem to have the colours that I wanted. But after watching Deko Bersama Eric and visit the website, I settled on ICI Dulux paint. Of course whatever paint u used, it must be painted by experience painters to get that desired effects. Furthermore, its worth it to invest in a quality and high performance paint no matter what the cost.

The living room after undercoating. Taken this morning. Came early as the next phase is time consuming...

I didn't really understand the difference between matte finish, soft sheen finish, or silky smooth finish. So yesterday, the unpainted walls became my canvas. I decided to try out the ICI new Paint - Light and Space which is claimed to be the revolutionary paint that makes a room reflect twice as much light compared to conventional emulsions and thus making your room feel more spacious. I tested it on the wall of my darkest room (with camera flash on) to see the effect as demonstrated here.

My adrenalin start pumping as the walls started to transform from a vision to a reality. The room colours a bit lari lah from the modern contemporary theme as it was based on feng shui orientation. Plus I wanted it to have its own character (sounds like Tara from WOW Factor plak).

By the way, the Light and Space paint really make my smallest and darkest room look spacious and glorious lah... Plus it is located at the Fame location of my home. Suppose to paint it red but too much fame also will make you go bonkers. I don't be mind to be glamour in moderation so I chosed the secondary colour from the wood element.... green after my dear Froggie.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lembu Punya Susu Sapi Dapat Nama

Entah apa lah mimpi aku hari nie tiba2 jer nak melawat satu blog yang pernah menjadi satu isu suatu ketika dulu. Walaupun si penulis taklah menapis2 cerita mahupun bahasa yang digunakan, personally kira menarik jugaklah citer dia. Boleh buat novel lagi.Wat a waste.

Tapi yang aku rasa tak puas hati lah, dalam few postings dia tuh macam dia merujuk pada aku lah pulak yang kepochi uar-uarkan kat satu Malaya kewujudan blog dia tu. Aduh... nak terkentut aku baca. Yang dia access blog guna LAN KPKT sebelum BTM block access to blogs buat apa. For sure lah Administrator terinterested nak ambik tau sedangkan sapa2 yang access web lucah pun Aministrator dah report kat Admin atau HR. Pastu yang suruh dia cabar Datin N on her claim dan tak declare status dia buat apa? For surelah segala pergerakan kau kena perhati.

Kalau kak Milah tak bagi tau aku langsung aku tak ambik tau pun. Kalau tak kena Mimi Loba baca dan ceritakan juicy stories tuh kat kiter2 org over lunch tak tergeraklah aku dan Cik Mya Mysara nak baca postings kat blog tuh. In short, sedangkan kami yang satu ofis ngan dia pun the last one to know.

Tapi aku perasan satu lah dengan budak nie. Dulu time dia punya status was a mystery, bdk2 office semua suruh aku tanya dia on the capacity aku senior PTD. Dr. P pun dok tanya aku apa masalah dia, sakit apa dia, kenapa body shape lain macam jak. Satu lagi kalau dia ada anak kat rumah kenapa balik lambat. U know situasi dia nie, macam tanya pun kena kutuk, tak tanya pun kena marah..

Silap aku, aku tanya dulu dgn member2 dia just nakkan kepastian. Alih2 aku pulak terperangkap dalam konflik/back stabbing dan psycho diaorang nie terutama sekali antara dia dan si Dayang Senandung. Tambah lagi dgn isu surat layang, gila pangkat dan office politics yang huru harare. Hey perempuan, kalau ko dengar cakap aku walaupun ko tak suka dengan aku, taklah HR saja-saja query ko punya maternity leave. U impose this upon yourself girl.

Aku rasa macam melepaskan anjing terperangkap aku pulak kena gigit anjing psycho tuh. Patutlah dia macam elak aku dan kalau tegur macam nak tak nak jawab. Kalau ajak berbual pun macam pedas sangat statement dia tuju kat aku. Takpa takpa, ko sorang jer kutuk aku tapi FYI satu KPKT kutuk kau..

Mie Casa - Deko Bersama Jaime Ep. 1

I am at my apartment in seri kembangan at the moment. Overseeing some painting works done by my colleagues. Got to know about their skills through word of mouth by some very satisfied "customers" including Anakku Sazali. Initially they didn't want to impose any fee. Up to me to "sedekah". But in principle I don't go on that basis when doing business. Just name me your price and justify me how much your work worth. In short, the whole deal must be on a win-win basis. Suffice to say, they charged me reasonably.

As I was sitting alone earlier on my dining table, enjoying my McDonald Breakfast, I recalled the first few months after receiving my keys from the developer. I know everything about buying a house but I know peanut about decorating a house. For that I really envy Samsir, Suhaimi and Sazali. They just seem to know "where" to put "what". Then it was during my PTK3 exam week. In between hearing to the boring lectures and reading confusing notes, I still managed to surf the Net for decorating ideas, at the same time pretending to be typing notes. Nasib la PICC ada Free WIFI.

I bought my apartment when it was completed so I had little time thinking about the concept. Furthermore as I shared in my earlier post I was not into apartment living. Decorating and renovating a 976 sqft apartment like mine post quite a challenge too. The lightings, the paints and choice of furnitures must be of the right combination to bring out the glam and spaciousness.

I seeked the help of my bosom friend Samsir throughout the process as the reno and deco plans really stressed me out. I couldn't decide on the theme, couldn't estimate the budget and everyone claim to know a good contractor when in fact they just want the commission. Then I remembered Dr. P's word of wisdom (uweeksss) - sometimes we need to seek the Divine intervention to clear obtacles in our life. So I prayed hard to the Lord that I may meet good and honest people to dress and grace my humble home.

A matter of fact, I get to know of my contractor quite by accident. I was walking to the maintenance office one day to pay the bills and Ah Kui (the koo-lee) was sitting by the swimming pool looking out for potential clients. He is a Vietnamese, just working for Mr. Lim (the towkay) for 6 months but know how to speak and write in Malay and English. He brought me to their office which was actually one of apartment units they renovated and converted into show unit. He showed me all the brochures and samples but I couldn't made up my mind. Not wanting to loose a sale from me, Ah Kui brought me to all the units that they were currently renovating so that I could judge for myself their workmanship.

Somehow I was not really convinced but nonetheless I asked for a quotation. Few days later I came back with Sam and Uncle Perumal to check out on another 2 contractors who were also doing renovations in my apartment building. Sam and Uncle did most the talkings as I prefered to observe the works as well as the personality of the contractor. One thing I learned about engaging or procuring a service in KL especially from smaller business is that we have to look out for hidden costs or charges. So precaution is a BIG must. After comparing all the quotations, we decided to settle on Mr Lim's company as the price was reasonable and came highly recommended by my fellow Sarawakian neighbour.

For me, the heart of a home is the kitchen. My mum's kitchen in Kuching has an open concept that doubled as our dining area. It was designed to be totally separated from the living area where our TV is so that we wouldn't be watching TV while eating. And whenever we need a bigger space to do our cookings for family functions or open houses (we did 3 open houses every year - CNY, Gawai and X'mas) we can move or use our dining table. Plus my dad bought a dining table that can be folded to make it round or pulled to make it oval to sit more people.

My apartment kitchen is very tiny so my contractor had to hack the wall separating the yard and kitchen area to form a wet and dry kitchen. Furthermore I need consider lots of storage for all my kitchen utensil ranging from baking utensils, steaming utensils, cutleries, serving dish etc. Plus a mini pantry for my pastas, herbs, spices, dry and canned food. Well, some habits are not easy to get rid of. Like my passion to entertain, wine and dine.

As for the living area and the bedrooms, I had little to complain about in terms of workmanship. So far I have yet to see any defective works or face problems with the fittings and finishings. I have yet to envision how exactly I want it to look like but sometimes u tend to gain inspirations from unlikely places. For example I drew the inspiration of putting plasterbox in the living area while looking up the ceilings of Parliment lobby.

As all my "interior designers" are urban-chic males so choice of colour schemes were more on the earthy and neutral tones - brown, black, white and silver. After reading hundreds of articles and downloading thousands of photos, I finally decided to go on the modern contemporary theme. However, as a half Chinese, I also did some research on feng shui to ensure better flow of chi, determine the best directions, identify poison arrows and energising the eight aspirational areas that governs wealth, fame, love (grrrr), career, networking, education, family and health, and descendant's luck. Kasi ong sikit maa...

The main renovation completed 3 months ago and now I am in the process of putting the finishing touch and hunting for furnitures to mi casa. I just can't wait to see how my Macy curtains fit in the overal do next week. Though it is just a humble abode, I do want it to have a personality.In many ways I am grateful to be single. I don't have to compromise with anyone on the theme, concept, and arrangements. But best of all, it's Mie Casa.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kampungku Sudah Berjaya - Jom Parik Kupua'

In Bidayuh particularly in the Bau Bijagoi or Bisingai dialect, "parik kupua' means balik kampung or return to the village. When I was in high school I loved to mimic the Bisingais because of their sing-song dialect, coupled with dramatic facial expressions or comical punchlines such as "tiborow" (u have to roll your tongue to pronounce it). As compared to my mum's very "urban" and cultured Bipuruh/Biatah. I spent most of childhood years in rural Bidayuh areas, following my mum who is a teacher, which is why I could speak and understand most of the different Bidayuh dialects - Bipuruh, Bisingai, Bijagoi, Biatah and Bibukar. FYI, the Bidayuh dialects differ from each other just like the Chinese (which I didn't master ... not even one except gibberish Mandarin). To my PTD friends, if you want to see how a Bisingai speak, ask Alim to say "Biuk, bakok" or "Ba Sama Mu".

I started thinking about my beloved kupua' while reading some of my friends' blogs. One wrote some lines in Bidayuh and about the Tiung Dayak with belacan and bilis (anyway Lim, meliur aku ingat pekasam sabik pahit ngan bubur kau). Some wrote about their interests like going places, photo-taking, scuba diving (which are very expensive hobbies). Some wrote about their life in foreign countries (which is a big NO at the moment). The bottom line is, I literally stop living since 2003. I do vacationing, socialising and indulged myself in new interests but I was not "living in the moment". Then I remembered about my best friend trip down to KL during the Raya holidays, in her quest to put some new meanings in her life. I did my very best to be the hospitable hostess and a friend to rely on but deep down I too need a new lease of life, irregardless of how many fish oils I take (some people said it might be just some hormonal thingy). Yesterday, I received an SMS from her saying that she might have a plan. That is to work on her parent's land. Coincidently, a few minutes later my colleague Rosliza came to my room to discuss over some working matters, which got sidetracked to her plans to rear goats.

Suddenly I feel excited to venture into agriculture. My KSU used to say, if you have a hobby... make it profitable. These pictures were taken during my trip home in August 2007. I love my uncle's lush green garden - filled with herbs, tapiocas, maizes, fruit trees and veges like tiung dayak, brinjals, chillies, long beans and etc. I used to help him and his families during the school holidays tending to his orchards and paddy field. Will update more after my trip home in November.

PGL The Musical Returns Feb 2009

Feel like trying for the audition. Have not been performing live on stage for quite some time (as if... hehehe). My last impromptu perfomance at Hotel Peninsular almost cost the band singer her job.

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