Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dirty Dancing - Time of My Life

FYI, Time of My Life has been one of my favourite songs. Song that will definitely bring smile to my face. Song that will brighten my day. Song that one day (...... and I seriously wish) will be my wedding dance number. Just the thought of it ... I am already on Cloud 9. Hahaha

I've been wanting to blog about this song when Glee Cast gave a new breathe to it in Season 2 Episode 9. It was truly mesmerizing listening to the beautiful voice of Quinn and Sam (sometimes it can be very boring listening to Finn and Rachel duet). However I was so busy and forgotten about it.

However, these passed few days, every time I switched on to (here in Penang I listen to most of the time) ... they always played the latest version and remix by Black Eye Peas. Aiyooo ... I can feel my heart bleeding mannnnnn..... How could somebody be so cold blooded and murdered this wonderful song!!!!! Really ... my heart cannot take it!

To be honest, when I first saw this movie yearssssss ago, how I wish, Bau or Pasar Batu 10 (the nearest township to my house) have all this ballroom dancing lesson. Few years back, my housemate, Nancy, did suggest that we took up ballroom dancing lessons in Sri Hartamas. But that time, my job (and till now) took up so much time.

Then as time goes by, I think I won't be able to find a dancing partner like the late Patrick Swayze that will be able to lift me up ... hahahaha (bestnyer dapat ketawa besar camni). I saw a video of Jennifer Gray and Derek Hough in Dancing with The Star ... but sorry Derek, I still feel Patrick Swayze was better (May God Bless His soul).

Therefore people, I am dedicating the original version of the song taken from the movie Dirty Dancing to all of you out there. I am still waiting for that Time of My Life! But hope I don't have to wait too long.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ushering The New Year of The Rabbit - Fengshui dan Dzi Beads

According to Lilian Too ...

"The Golden Rabbit Year of 2011" is a year of clashing discordant energy. It fuels the tendencey for many to take offence at the slightest provocation. Many will be quick to anger and impatience dominates the year. But it is also a year when many animal signs can make meaningful advances economically. Those who know how to tap into the veins of the good fortune will even rate 2011 a bonanza year.

These last 2 year I was not really into fengshui, as compared to when I first started in 2004. Having just moved into a new home, new office, being in strange land and had nothing to do during weekends, I decided I needed a hobby. I found out later that Uncle Tan studied geomancy and asked him to tutor me on some of the basic principles. I never fully master it ... for religious (and laziness) reasons ... however sometimes I did applied some of the "hard to understand logic" just for the fun of it.

Okay recently, the bad vibes of 2010 had been a HOT topic among a special group of friends and how it had affected their life. Well to be honest, the tiger year of 2010 too most was a challenging year with plenty of competitive pressures. But in general, for me a Fire Snake lady, it was ok and much better than the year before. So one of my friends told me that he was thinking of buying crystals for good luck charm for 2011. However I advised him to checkout the Dzi beads as I think it looks better on man as an accessory.

I noticed that lately these bead stones have gain popularity among private gem collectors (and feng shui practicioners) in Malaysia, usually for good fortune. The strongest energy comes from Tibetan precious white jadeite dzi, aged from 100 years above. These "old" beads price can fetch up to thousands of RM. New or young beads, aged between 2-3 years, are sold between RM 70.00 -150.00.

My first dzi bead was a 9-eye dzi bought in World of Fengshui MidValley in 2007. Cost me RM 388.00. That time, it was among the few places that sells genuine dzi beads. However, I found out later that mine was not a "young" bead. Hence, the price. Initially it came with a string of clear citrine crystal as a bangle. Later I replaced it with golden citrine for "more better " (hehehe ... apa punya English) wealth luck hehehe! FYI, contrary to some beliefs, crystal actually doesn't works for everyone if based on the person self-element.

Notice the difference in colour between my 9-eye dzi and the rest? Over the years, I bought few more into my collection, for specific purposes. Now I own a 3-eye, 11-eye, garuda, kuan yin and tiger tooth dzi beads. Some I made into bracelet, some as a necklace and some, I haven't decide what to do with it yet. Dzi beads to me ... are trendier looking than crystals (which are closely associated to old Chinese Ah So) hehehe

My favourite dzi bead stone would definitely be the Kuan Yin Dzi - meant for relieve of suffering and loneliness, and bring forth mental tranquility, strong protection, love, righteouness, joy, kindness and ensure safety in travelling on all mode of transport. Can you see the Kuan Yin image on the bead stone? I bought it in a pair with the Garuda dzi, however last year, my Garuda bead broke after my bracelet fell on the floor. Some people believe that it was a sign that a "harmful" luck as been overcome. Gulp!!!! (Garuda dzi is for very strong protection, cure serious illness)

I usually buy my Dzi beads at the Dzi Kingdoms with outlets in Mid Valley Megamall, KL and Gurney Plaza, Penang. Another good outlet is Gem Max Crystal Sdn. Bhd in Prangin Mall (Level 4). This is because some people sell fake dzi which are made from porcelain, plastic or glass. Better be safe than sorry. Make sure you ask the staff to do some Ba Zi readings first so that they can recommend the right dzi beads for you.

One of the hassle of owning a dzi beads or crystal beads is that we need to clean it once in a while to energize the "power". All you have to do is go to any crystal shops and request for "cleansing".They will put it in a large crystal singing bowl, that will create a kind of humming sound. Last year, before my transfer to Penang, I went to have lunch at Brem Mall Kepong with Mr Energy Savings and Guy Next Door. We passed one Crystal shop selling authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl. I've never intended to buy these bowls but sometimes the sound of it wasvery enchanting. Plus the one on display were just brought from Tibet. Hehehe ... i ended up buying one!

Anyway, you don't have to believe that it has special powers or what not. But I love my beads and I believe one day ... it may fetch high price, just like some rare old beads usually found in certain native accessories of Sabah and Sarawak. It's a keeper!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ushering The New Year of The Rabbit - Part 1

Today, Penangites witnessed a very grand Thaipusam celebration ... second to the one in Batu Caves, Selangor. However, my story today is not about Thaipusam ... the truth is, I couldn't take a wink ... selagi cerita ni tak dipublish! ( hehehe ... I just need an introduction paragraph).

Among all the celebrations that I celebrated, special attention would be given to Chinese New Year .... partly due to culture and partly due to just for the fun of it. Usually my routine CNY preparation just involved buying new clothes (including undergarment), spring cleaning my house and office plus checking feng shui updates for the new year. These photos were taken last 2 weeks during my last trip to KL.

This is to ensure not a single dust or spider web was missed out!

Habis all my sofa kena turned upside down.

Hehehe ... finally found the solution how to blend this wayang kulit puppet into the ID.

However this year, the preparation is a bit special because now I am in Penang and be able to witness CNY preparation for the New Year here. These are some of the photos taken over the weekend at the Chowrasta Morning Market (enter from Campbell Street). Harusssss akak berlakon jadi tourist.

Actually, the Morning Market is very famous to the locals ... seafood and poultry are sold fresh every morning. Pricewise ... quite OK. Cleanliness, acceptable.

Last weekend, the market was more crowded than usual and we could see many cars with "W" plate numbers parked along Penang Street and Campbell Street.

Bright colour CNY decorative ornaments.

The traditionally made Kueh Bakul ... between RM 1.50 to RM 5.00.

Haaa ... actually, the main reason why I wanted to visit this market last weekend was to see this particular shop's wax meat (lap cheung), which is very very famous among the locals and KLites ... was featured in the Star paper, 2-3 years back ... I was very suprised then because I usually come to this shop to buy some rations but never knew they are famous for their lap cheung hehehe

These wax meat are usually made with duck meat or pork (sometimes into sausages). Grandma love to steam her lap cheong while cooking rice. Usually, these wax sausages are cut into small pieces and added in Chinese fried rice. Never tried the duck wax meat.

Many, many years ago ... Chinese invented wax meat as a method to preserve food, especially during the winter. It is a type of preserved food that has been salted and cured but nottttttt with wax ... it just that, it looked like wax.

Next entry ... renew craze for feng shui and dzi beads!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tiada Demokrasi Dalam Cinta

Baru-baru ni salah seorang kawan akak telah "menyelar" akak dengan jelasnya melalui blog beliau bahawa akak cuba merampas Abang R dari rangkulannya. Akak pun .... helllooooooo ... Abang R yang "nak" kat I and siap add I lagi dalam FB dier. Bukan salah akak kan ... don't hate me coz I am beautiful baby...

Lepas tu kan .... kawan akak ni terusssssss taknak kalah dengan akak. Siap buat rawatan "kesantekan" seluruh badan ... Akak pun wah wah wah ... lawan tokey nampak. Anyway akak pun agak tak puas hati sikit dengan seorang Puan A ni ... aihh ... dia pun ada hati rupanya dengan Abang R and siap pesan ... "jangan bagi tau laki aku"... amboi-amboi Puan A, perkara ke-4 tu nak kena jaga jugak ... taknak masuk syurga ker?

Tapi akak nak crita kat sini, akak sebenarnya gerammm dengan kawan akak nie. Sebenarnya beberapa bulan yang lalu, kami "akak-akak" yang single lagi suci murni ni mintaklah kawan akak ni untuk mendoakan kami di Jabbal Rahmah semoga dipertemukan dengan jodoh yang dari kalangan golongan yang beriman (hehehe ... sebenarnya ada juga mohon dapat jodoh yang ganteng) hahahah

Within hours selepas beliau mendoakan kami dan dirinya maka bertemu lah beliau dengan sang arjuna yang mempunyai potensi yang besar untuk memberikan title Puan kat beliau. Duit ada, rupa pun ada, bisnes ada dan paling penting veryyyyy gentleman ... i likeeee. Tapi ye lah, kawan akak ni despite telah dibukakan jalan yang lurus untuk mengakhiri penantiannya selama ini ... nak jugak terus diuji. Jangan tak tahu ... akak siap buat simulasi lagi apa yang dibualkan semasa kenduri kawin.

(Kenduri kawen di sebuah kampung di utara tanah air)
Orang kampung: Seman (bukan nama sebenar) ... mana hang jumpa bini hang tu?
Seman: Di Mekah Pak Mat ...

Orang kampung: oooooooo .... tu dia!

And of course lah .... pengantin perempuan tu akan dipuji-puji oleh satu kampung ye tak dan akan menjadi kisah cinta yang lebih hebat dari filem Ayat-Ayat Cinta. Walaupun akak AFUNDI lah Abang R ni untuk kawan akak, tapi bak kata Norzah ... janganlah ... nanti tiada demokrasi dalam cinta. Hehehe

Tapi jauh di lubuk hati, akak masih mengharapkan kawan akak ni jangan lah menolak "salam cinta" dari Abang R. Or else ... kita akan mendengar perbualan ini di satu kenduri kawen di sebuah negeri di utara tanah air.

Orang kampung: Seman, mana hang jumpa bini hang tu? Lawa pulak tu. (Hehehehe)
Seman: Oh ... masa kat Mekah, kawan bini saya doakan untuk bini saya agar dipertemukan jodoh. Sekali, lepas tu jumpa dengan saya and dia pun introduce lah.

Orang kampung: oooooooo .... tu dia.

Kepada orang tu ... sanggup ke?

Coming Soon In March 2011

There will be a lot of "coming soons" in March 2011. Not that March is an auspicious month or what not but it seems that most of my personal and work-related projects will expect to be completed in March 2011. So hopefully we could see more interesting entries by then ... replacing my long hiatus last year.

However, there is this one particular "coming soon" that I am very excited about and been working on it since yesterday. Some of the materials here might be moved or futher elaborated there (opsss ... hint hint).

FYI, I was quite "sakit hati" with few certain individuals these past few days ... so I need to channel my energy to a better use. Plus recent news that was not pleasing to the ear and heart. So I reckon, I better documented some of my works through my blog. I have few other materials as well which I have yet to blog about.

Stay tune for more updates.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

PTD Story Year 8

Helooooooo Malaysiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...

When I woke up this morning I knew something was special about today. Usually I dreaded to get out from my bed but today, pukul 4 pagi rasa semangat nak turun kerja (hehehe actually I went to bed early and slept for 10 hours). Still, I didn't continue my slumber but instead check my messages on my Blackberry Messenger.

Then on my way to work, the road was less jammed than yesterday. But best of all, was doing K-pop .... Thanks Ian and JJ .... akak sukeeeeeee sangat! (malay version of I likeeeee). Even they taught some basic Korean like Anyeong Haseo and Kamsa Hamidaaaaa. Ohhh... I felt uplifted ... especially listening to Beast and Wondergirls.

Sampai office terus buka PC and check FB. Wah rupa-rupanya today is the 8th anniversary of PTD batch 1/2003! 8 tahun rupanya akak menghambakan diri akak kepada "perentah" (bak kata orang Sarawak referring to the Government") sebagai Pegawai Tarak Duit (PTD)! Rasa bangga pulak (sedangkan minggu lepas dah berangan nak pencen).

Anyway, Princess Di (aka Princess Director) menyambut ulangtahun ke-8 perkhidmatannya dengan me"rating" 2 hotels yang bak kata pepatah "birds of a feather flock together". Pada masa yang sama, testing kehebatan Camera Digital Canon Powershot G12 yang akak order khas for the office. Mula-mula tu ramai heran why beli kamera baru .... nah, start semalam my staffs ada yang siap ambik gambar diri sendiri lagi kerana takjub "a compact with a DSLR quality." Itu lah, bila Princess Di suruh beli jangan banyak soal. Nanti ada yang kena sumpahan 7 keturunan.

The camera (ini bukan iklan promosi for Canon ya) memang deliver what it says. This top of the line point and shoot camera was introduced to me by Thomas last year, but his was G11. For years, professional photographers around the world must have one Canon G series ni as a backup lah. Well actually this digicam is the closest you can get to a basic DSLR - with all the functions and manual settings. So sekarang kalau nak buat inspections or product updates .... my office dah ada good camera to capture the pics.

Ni akak demonstrate a few photos yang telah diambil menggunakan camera ni bagi kegunaan pejabat (dan maybe peribadi hehehe). Tema gambar-gambar ini adalah "My Job is My Paid Hobby".

For identifying potential tourism sites.

For food tasting (yang ni i likeeeee).

For enforcement (mengumpul bahan bukti and eksibit).

But on a more serious note, 2010 was the year where I learned and experimented with my new working environment, colleagues, subordinates as well as stakeholders. Building trust, identifying allies and foes and planning strategies. It was also a year where I had to make myself my new best friend forever (who wants to be seen with boss right).

So this year, I hope I could share with you the outcomes through my blog postings ... Ciao!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Promosi "Back To Work" Telah Bermula ...

OMG ... these past few days were the most boring time of my life. Seriousssssly ... At first I thought maybe because it was Monday, my most not favourite day of the week (kalau ikutkan hari-hari pun tak favourite). Tapi kalau sampai hari ni masih liat nak buat kerja, something is wrong somewhere. Naturally, I will spend my time "connecting with people" on Facebook, wondering what they have been up to .. who knows I might find inspirations somewhere in the comments or the status.

To my dismay, most of my friends were discussing about their children first day at school ... how depressing (tik tok tik tok ... I could hear my biological clock ticking). But some posting I must say were quite interesting ... some posted photos of their kids's first day in class ... ada yang happy, ada yang meraung, ada yang muka kedak asam payak (so sour) ... hahaha

Then suddenly I remembered my own first day in school (hari2 mintak mummy iron baju) sampailah all the excitements of preparing for school. If you asked me what was the best part about going back to school .... well for me it would be buying toiletries (boarding school maaa) and stationery. I love being in a stationery shops and marveled at the mechanics of some stationery designs especially the ones which are from Japan, very practical.

So memandangkan akak cuma ada anak-anak ikan jer kat opis so semalam akak pun sibuk-sibuklah beli alat tulis untuk diri sendiri bagi memulakan tahun pekerjaan di 2011 at Popular Bookstore KOMTAR. To be honest, I don't like some of the stationery items supplied by my office. Although I have a say in the buying process but most of the time I let my admin staff do the ordering. I usually have special pens for signing and for writing. Hey, do you know that Lilian Too once said that good signing stroke can be very auspicious?

My signing pens.

Mesti suprise kan? Pen mahal tak semestinya memberi impak yang maksima dalam surat-surat anda. I love looking at people's signature sometime. Penting jugak signature tu nampak bold and bersesuaian dengan kedudukan dan pangkat si penandatangan.

My writing pens. Yang paling kanan pen Tourism Malaysia, latest addition.

When I was in school, friends always commented my handwriting as tulisan typewriter. If based on zodiac, Virgoans and Snake are supposed to be organised people. I don't see myself as the organise one (in terms of physical arrangement). Maybe more the organiser kot hahaha.

But to be honest, when I was in secondary school, my parents taught me to be thrifty but rewarded me once in a while. Though now I could afford to get myself an expensive Parker or Shaffer, I still reward myself with lots of Pilot pens (range between RM 3 to RM 15.00) instead. Sebabnya every time my dad came back to visit us or for holidays then, he always gave me a good Pilot pen and pesan, "This is a very good pen. Make sure you take care of it". Of course the continuous reminder that it cost him more than RM 10.00 sampai i takut betul lost the pen. Apatah lagi nak write with it.

Anyway, since I selalu kena ambik minit mesyuarat when I was in KPKT (at the same time training menulis dengan pantas for PTK) I grew fond of Stabilo Exam Grade Pen (harga RM 1.90 jer). Satu pagi yang hening, my favourite pen tiba-tiba hilang .... terusssssss akak buka kertas siasatan (IP) dan buat rakaman percakapan suspek-suspek utama tu sampai my EO that time Nasir said "Cik jaime ... cik Jaime ambiklah semua pen saya, saya tak rela jadi suspek utama". Hahahaha... (lama sebenarnya tak ketawa macam ni)

When I was little, there were 2 things that I disliked the most - my pencil sharpener and glue. Yelah, mummies would exercise their rights to "mummy knows best" when go shopping kan. .. Ingat tak dengan sharpener harga 20 sen yang ada cermin tu? That sharpener memang tak boleh pakai, kalau sharpen mesti pensil patah atau tak tajam. And then the 20 sen glue made of rice/starch. I really hate the stickiness and the mess that I made during Arts lesson using that glue ... u know masa cikgu ajar buat "collage". Even all those clear watery glue (mahal sikitlah around 80 sen). It makes the paper nampak lencun. But when I was in Form 4 and 5 ... wajib ada pencil sharpener yang ada cermin tu. Hahaha ... untuk tengok cute male classmates yang suka duduk belakang hahahaha (rear mirror) ... really miss my best buddy Sara.

Can you guess which one is for the thicker sheets of paper?

Taraaa .... Marvelous kan? Boleh masuk pencil case akak yang comel lagi hehehe

Aikkss ... high school icon lagi kah hehehe. Beli dulu pun nak simpan stationery for PTK exam. I remembered on first week in kindergarten I fought with my sister Joan (that time was 4) over my pink pencil case. My mum asked me to "mengalah to adik" and promised to buy me a new one. That weekend my mum bought me a new blue pencil case yang ada gambar gajah hahaha. Masa tu most kids maybe didn't know much about cartoon characters unlike now ... Ben 10 lah, Barbie lah

As I was going through my drawers and "courses bags" I found this memo pad calender that I bought in MPH bookstore. I almost forgotten about it.

Word of Wisdom for the month of January. Just what I need.

This one is for the month of February. Sindir aku ker?

As Penang State Government is enforcing the "No Plastic Bags" rule everyday ... I repeat everyday... so terpaksalah akak mula pegi shopping dengan bag-bag akak yang sungguh "chic" dan self promo nie hahaha .... so 1Malaysia Green and Clean and Malaysia Truly Asia gitewww ...

Last but not least, today is the 23rd birthday of my youngest sister Jayne Yvonne Bejit Yeoh ... Bejit is her unofficial Bidayuh name hahaha, in honour of her very very "lotsa jits" childhood. Happy birthday sis!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ops Pisau Cukur 2011

Nak ketawa bila baca komen Norzah on FB (I am not sure which wall post) that goes ..." happy hunting J". Auwww terasa diri ini predator sangat. Tapi bagus juga encouragement tu. Nak tunggu being the hunted, rasanya the next 10 year i will be "haunting" instead of "hunting" hahahaaha

However a long pillow talk (until 4 am ) with my friends on Blackberry Messenger group conference, I realised my hunting operation need more than just domestic goddess training, total makeover and kewl gadgets. I have suspected it few months back after reading Oprah Winfrey's article in a Health Magazine but after chatting with my friends, it sort of affirm that my thyroid problem datang balik. But instead of being hyperthyroidism, it became hypothyroidism. I read some health articles on the Internet that hyperthyroidism may eventually lead to hypothyroidism. In my case I was no longer under medication and treatment since year 1998 and my last health screening in 2002 showed my thyroxine hormone was OK.

We were discussing about my friend's struggle on coping with his gf silent temper due to hypothyroidism. So I pun tercerita lah about my family and friends struggles with my studden change in behaviour, the confusions and heartaches they had to go through. That time I was in boarding school, my teachers thought I had disciplinary problems pulak ... you know sebab trouble sleeping at night I couldn't wake up sometimes and had trouble concentrating. I knew then I was not well but I was also confused with the illness. Until my Auntie Rose (mum's elder sister) helped me out as she too had the same problem. It turned out my other Auntie Rose (dad's elder sister) also had thyroid problems. Aiya ... I inherited the Roses genes rupanya.

Back to the pillow talks, as my friend explained further about the hypothyroidism symptoms ... I think my heart stopped beating for a while. I felt like I was being diagnosed. I sort of like mistaken my sudden weight gain/lost or mood swings as effects of stress and aging. I felt depress for no reasons sometimes ... again I blamed it on stress. But some other signs like dry skin, sleepiness, keletihan and tak tahan sejuk ... haiya that's it. I am going to get medical checkup by end of this week.

So as I waited for my "mood problem" to be solved by end of this week, yesterday afternoon I decided that I should start my domestic goddess training by cooking special dish for dad for lunch. Barulah terhegeh-hegeh nak carik buku resipi yang beli jer tapi tak pernah buka. Btw, I inherited another of the Roses gene ... passion for cooking!

Auntie Rose Penang really spoil me rotten here. I am soooooo the Princess here. Oh my Gucci!!! Sampaikan pegang senduk dan periuk pun dah rasa sangat janggal. Bagaimanapun bagi memastikan operasi ini berjalan lancar, selongkarlah mana-mana periuk belanga and kuali at our town house kitchen. Then I went to Chowrasta Morning market beli asam jawa and fresh kunyit/cili giling. Don't play play u know ... here in Penang, curry, rempah giling is sold by Chinese, with recipes handed down from generation to generation.

I decided to cook Red Snapper Gulai Assam Tumis for my dad, based on Auntie Rose recipe, which was handed down from my grandma who learned it from my great-grandma. Yes .... I am from Cina Peranakan family. One day I'll post photos of my great grandma in her baju panjang. I have tasted many so-called peranakan dishes by some so-called peranakan sellers but I wish to state here that Auntie Rose cooking is authentic Peranakan. Cukup segala rempah, pedas and what not. Sometimes it is not the elaboration in the cooking preparation ... it's the flavours!

The verdict: Dad loved it sooooo much and minta me to cook again. Yeaaaaa .... Jom kita memancing!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bienvenidos 2011

Chakkkkkk .... suddenly it's already 2011.

It always feels like "it was just yesterday" we celebrated the arrival of the yesteryear on New Year. And as usual, most would just copy paste whatever resolutions they had the many last years. Me included. Easy ... as humans love planning but to get plans done, so many excuses. Just like my HOT PANT and BIKINI dreams hahaha

Anyway, I intended to get this entry done and published by the stroke of midnite. Satu kali YY and myself chatted about our 2011 strategies and 2010 painful memories, I heard countdown and fireworks from Georgetown (oh yaa... I stayed at the townhouse for New Year).

YY sent me a wish and popped up the "dangerous" question?

Hahaha, akak pun tak sangka ... so bold and spontaneous (and honest). But to tell you all the truth, yesterday morning when I woke up from my slumber and started to think of my achievements in 2010 and whether or not God has answered my prayers, I realised not only HE answered most, siap bagi extra lagi!

I tak tipu ... in 2009, hati I banyak meronta nak travelling daripada nak kawin. When I prayed to God, I can feel the yearning and desperation inside me when asking for blessings to see the world but when asking for finding the ONE, ada macam satu hesitation. Its like ... jalan2 dulu baru kawin. And another thing ... once married, not only your new family will pull u to the ground, your husband's family, your own family, your extended family ... and being a person making my own decisions throughout my life, listening to someone else making plans for you is a NIGHTmare hahaha

Why the change of heart? Kalau nak tau ... I suggested you all to watch this movie ... The Young Victoria. A story about the life of the young Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I love this movie, siap research lagi about the characters in the movies ... who they are, how they influenced Queen Victoria's thinking/life etc etc... In a certain way, it has similarities with my own personal life. Kat mana tu, I taknak cakap.

Of course, it may not be easy to find a person like Prince Albert. But if I prayed hard, maybe I get someone better. Right? If last year, I just planned to visit few places ... sekali sana sini pulak God make me travel. Hmmm ..... inviting thoughts jugak if many hunks fight over you kannnnn .... hahaha

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