Monday, October 27, 2008

Deepavali 2008

Note: Saja nak testing maxis broadband area seri kembangan nie...

This year's Deepavali was special as we were celebrating this joyous occasion in Uncle Perumal's (my foster dad) new home in Taman Puncak Utama, Kajang. Uncle Perumal is my dad's buddy in the Signal Corp back in the early 70's. I met him in 2005 when he came to complain about his house in Taman Puncak Jalil. So since that year, I had been celebrating Deepavali and other Indian celebrations with his family.


I was on my way back when I saw few stalls doing henna. It's RM 10.00 for one hand. I had to sit in my car for 20 minutes waiting for it to dry. Unfortunately I wrongly choosed the black henna. I honestly thought it might just be a type of henna (like green tea, red tea or black tea) which give redder colour. It turned out like it's really black, like the tatoo. Luckily i didn't do the whole hand. It looks good though if we do it on certain part of the body .... very tempting.

My left hand design

The right hand design.


Every Deepavali, Uncle Perumal will treat me to new Punjabi suit. However this year I decided to buy my own ( malu lah sebab dah kerja) in one of the boutiques along Jalan Tun Sambathan and Brickfield. Mogana my adik angkat said she prefered the choices at Jalan TAR but uncle and myself had been loyal customers of Jothika's, next to the Sentral Monorail Station.

I wore the pink one on Deepavali. The red one was given to me by sister Joan, this one have to reserve for Mogana's birthday as it is more Bollywood.


This was what I had for breakfast. Iddli and my foster mum's version of chicken rendang. In fact I think it taste more like the Eurasian Devil Curry.

My foster mum making the tose.

Taraa... taste so much better than Ali Maju Bistro's.

Deepavali Goodies... kuih gunting, kuih keras (this one is special as my foster mum added nuts), murukku... some of it I don't know how to pronounce.

The koalam (pronounce column)

Prayer room


SeMiN said...

hai pi umah uncle P jer ker.... umah Abang P tak pi ker...ahakkkssss!

mohdsazali said...

ha ah kan en rosmin abang P kesayangan dan dihargai tak pi ke umah dia... boleh la bos you pujuk dia yang kesedihan... coz berengang2 di kolam JPA.... he he he he...

P/s bos baju deepavali yang you g beli ngan i di jalan tar beberapa tahun dulu tue dah tak padan ka? (ala yang kaler putih campur pink tue)....

baju baru kali nie mesti saiz dah bertambah la.... he he he

kata pinggang ramping he he he he...

ming.... said...

makan tak ajak!! babe, at first i thought u into body arts... haha.. nak tattoo diri sendiri... haha...

btw, i lost all numbers la..including urs... tolong sms me... hehe

rambomadonna said...

Zali, baju yang kita beli tuh very the bollywood ala-ala kalau pakai sekarang nampak perut i yang seksi... So I kena bersopan sekarang, tutup aurat gitew.

BTW, kalau kita campak dr. P kat kolam INTAN tuh sure mati lah ikan2kat kolam tuh dek toxic waste kat badan dia.

Ming: nasib lah u tak jadi laki i. Jgn2 nama bini pun lupa. Hehehe... BTW, u know the henna colour is black, really like the tattoo.. nampak cool pulak.. hmm.. one day rasa nak buat dkt belakang,pakai seluar low cut hehehe

Olpicture said...

really loike your Pink outfit! definitly something that i would wear!...

aku ingatkan kau nak buat kat satu jari jer macam dalam iklan 018!

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