Sunday, April 25, 2010

Third Culture Kids

Had my favourite breakfast of medium portion "kicapless" Wanton Mee with my dad along the street behind Chowrasta Market this morning and for the first time in many, many years I was able to debate with him about Penang politics. Of course since he supports the Opposition just like most Penangites, his view will be centred on being Chinese, Chinese rights and what Federal Government should do. To be honest, I don't know how he and my mum manage to keep their marriage strong all these years as they were totally opposite. Politically, socially and economically .. hahaha.

"Sorry dad. I for once do not share both you and mummy's sentiment when it comes to politics. I am a third culture kid and I believe many of us or our generation one way or another do not share your sentiment." And dad, it's both you and mummy's fault (ooo I would love to say that) ... Who ask them to fall in love and produce this cute and intelligent girl anyway! Hahahahaha

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Takes Two To Tango

Series of communication breakdowns and Penang's hottest season had made me grumpy. I was trying my level best to get adjusted to my new life FAST but some people's complacence and ignorance was really testing my patience. This morning my dad's single mindedness made me raised my voice during breakfast.

To cool off, I dashed to Prangin Mall. Honestly, I was really tired. Couldn't sleep well because of the weather and prior to that, I didn't have a proper rest since I arrived in Penang. Don't forget , just few days in Penang I already had my "assessment" by the BIG BOSS and MEM Besar. Yes, I need an air-conditioned space to chill out and cool off my head. And another Yes, I just need a MIE time.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Power of Madonna

Enough talks about works ... so boring and sooooo not MIE. Just when I need the "release", my "favouritest" (hahaha ... among some early English words I invented in Primary 1 other than good, gooder, goodest) TV show of the year, Glee, latest episode which aired in the States on 20th April was all about the Power of Madonna. Oh, I sooo love this episode as I soooo love that "Auntie" ... just like Sue Sylvester's entry line ...

"How I worship her ever since I was a little girl. Madonna is THE most powerful woman to ever walk the face of this earth"

Plus SHE was the woman responsible for my RAMBOMADONNA persona. And for the record Miss Sue Sylvester, I too used to date younger guy(s) just like Madonna. Wooohooo ... Panassss ... Unfortunately now that I join the civil service, hard for me to change and reinvent my image for a new concert. Hahahaha. Jim Hiew ... I hope u read this entry as I miss our mini concerts at YU KIEN's warehouse and Mie's solo to Madonna's Frozen during SKTM nite.

Ok ... the latest episode 15 featured the Glee casts singing to some of Madonna's hits such as Like A Virgin, Like a Prayer, Express Yourself and of course .... two of my personal "favouritests" ... Vogue and 4 Minutes. Though I prefer Madonna performing to Vogue than 4 Minutes with Justin Timberlake .... for GLEE my vote is for Kurt and Mercedes' 4 Minutes ... and sorry Aunt Madge, I think their version is better too. I searched high and low on the Net for the video clip and hope this embedded video works.

To be honest, it was Sue Sylvester singing to Vogue, that made me all restless since Monday to watch this episode. Sue definitely had her Sue Time in this clip, even substituting it with the line "Sue Sylvester dance on air" and "Will Schuester I hate you..." I hope the video works.

Another nice video worth watching is the girl casts of Glee singing to Express Yourself. Hey, I am signing off people ... enjoy!

NOTE: This entry has been updated with better YouTube videos.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Changing The Mindset - New Working Culture

I performed my first duty as a hostess to delegation from MOTOUR KL headed by Dato' KSU yesterday. To be honest, when I was in KPKT, since I was the enforcement unit head, I sort of like have this kind of mindset that I have to be firm, either in my decisions or actions so anything that got to do with entertaining or be entertained (work related) was a BIG no-no. Mostly it was because my previous department deal with "bad" developers.

So when I got the call from KL on Monday confirming KSU coming to Penang, I have to admit that I was a bit panic as I had mentioned in my last entry, I haven't got the change to familiarise myself with Penang, MOTOUR and working culture/job scope of the new Pejabat Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia Negeri Pulau Pinang. But I have to say, despite the political difference between the State and Federal Government, OR the differing working culture of the Federal (Ministry) and State Offices (Agencies/Local Authorities) my new office reminded me soooooooo much of my army life in MINDEF. It's all about Esprit de Corp and good networking! Everyone in the office use their networks to ensure KSU's working trip went on smoothly, starting from his arrival at the airport.

I did a number of entertaining duties during my brief stint in the Intelligence Corp. (RISIK) Especially as the liason officer to foreign delegations as my communication English is good. Plus, as RISIK has the most female officers and very active in BAKAT (military equivalent to PUSPANITA) the senior lady officers would task us with the itineraries. Almost every month we will have BAKAT activities. Paling I tak boleh lupa was being ask to organise SEMINAR ON HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY. Hahaha ... I didn't know what was it all about ... so naive pulak masa tu. Rupa-rupanya it has something do with MENOPAUSE hehehehe. Paham-paham jer lah, we had quite a number of "senior" officers and other ranks that time.

But of course, being in the military organisation. RANK does matter. We must give our seniors the upmost respect. Till now I a bit takut when I saw a person wearing a MOON crest and Stars on the apolet. Protocol and discipline must be observed at the highest level. Despite that, when dealing with inter-corp or inter-regimental, I noticed all red tapes and protocols were put aside. Like that day masa Nijah kahwin, it was officers from Kem Lok Kawi who did the sword barrel. None of them we ever met.

Anyway, after talking to KSU yesterday, I guess whatever dilemma that we face here are also face and felt there in HQ, even at his level. Nonetheless, I may just treat this "recession" as an opportunity to be creative. Like during my Marketing days in FTMS Kuching. Try to build miracles from a penny ... Focus on product development and rebranding. No point spending millions marketing a products that don't work. Next, looking at the World Wide Web as marketing tools. We are leaving in a borderless world after all.

Third, I may consider improving my academic knowledge on certain issues. Too many people claimed to be an expert in something lately. Though to some extend I tried to be diplomatic or exert certain level of trust about it, my heart sense opportunists. Thought that trend only limited to KL. Apparently, the same trend is penetrating Penang.

Sorry for my rambling ... can't help though! Syu is not here in Penang for our usual "b*tching" sessions at San Francisco Coffee.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Come, I See ... err Can I Conquer???

Best morning view from my office.

Today is officially my second day at my new workplace and I am proud to announce a few personal achievements.

My new office, void of all files.

1. I drove Froggie for the first time to work, and managed not to get confused by Macallister Road and Burma Road. There was a hiccup though at Prangin Mall car park when I accidentally drove to the Season Parking gate. Luckily plate number W, and the car behind me was also a W plate. So we sama-sama S**AI lah today.

2. I signed a total of 7 official letters as Pengarah, Pejabat Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia Negeri Pulau Pinang (in BOLD) complete with a BOLD new stroke based on Feng Shui principles. However as usual, "few trees were chopped down" as the drafted letters did not meet my Bahasa Penulisan standard. Hellooo ... I must make Cikgu Bhaluddin and Cikgu Monet proud of me.

3. I overcome about 30% of my flying phobia. Got stuck in the lift for 30 minutes when the lift went to an abrupt stop at Level 31. It was quite a scary moment for 8 of us who were stuck in the lift. All I could think off that time was ... what if the lift suddenly fell all the way down. Gulp! Suddenly I remembered Norzah words of wisdom in Langkawi when he was told by Hatifah of my panic attack when our plane hit air pocket. "There is nothing to fear as our Fate is already being determined and written. Accident can happen everywhere" ... (well sort of like that lah). Anyway, I also made new friends in the lift especially that Indian guy who has that very classical Indian ring tone that made everyone giggled. Blue lift H8 is now officially BLACKLISTED!

I left my Feng Shui compass in KL. Wonder if facing the seaview is my best direction?

4. I organised my first KSU site visit and meeting in Penang. So depressing at first as the info was only confirmed by HQ this morning at 10.00 am and the event is tomorrow plus I am still not very familiar with some places in Penang. Furthermore, my KSU also want to see the proposed building for our new office. Luckily I have a very capable COS 41 and she did the survey few days ago..

5. I read the STAR paper today and I saw a press statement by my former TOP boss about amendment to be made to the Uniform Building By-Laws. Exactly just like our team 's proposed initiative in the Property Development Lab report - word by word. I know because I was the one writing it! GO Team Building ...

However, the other report about Federal Government budget last year to promote Penang was only RM 500K made me quite uneasy ... seems that there is a MOLE in my organisation. Hmm ... I wish I could share what had happened last Saturday and the panic call from HQ just 30 minutes later. Made me want to contact my friends in 2 Batallion and rejoin WATANIAH regiment here.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Madu dan Racun

Banyak sebenarnya happenings 1 minggu nie. The final day of the Property Development Lab on 9th April 2010, Water Fest in Langkawi 9-11 April, my last punch card in Ministry of Housing and Local Government on 15th April, my first day working at the all new Pejabat Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia Negeri Pulau Pinang at exactly 7.53 pagi 16th April 2010. Tapi tak mampu lah I nak cerita semua based on happenings 2 hari nie huhuhu. Ponat eh kepala, kaki, tangan dan usus gue.

One thing for sure lah. My dad memang happy sangat having me around to make his life miserable hahaha ... though just now he has made it very clear ... "FIND YOUR WAY IN PENANG". Nak find macam mana ... first day nak pi report for duty kat opis baru dah sesat cari entrance lift kat KOMTAR hahaha. Rupa-rupanya my dad hantar ikut entrance tingkat 3 whereas masa time zaman I selalu meeting ngan SUK and Biro Pengaduan Awam dulu I masuk dari Tingkat 1 hehehe.

However, I nak state it very clear lah kat sini .. I am sure berkat doa from all the people who love and care about me, perjalanan kehidupan I sejak awal tahun ni memang mudah. Thank u so much. From my transfer to small petty things like claims, buku servis dan gaji. Just nak share, masa leaving from Langkawi to KL I baru sedar tiket yang I beli is for 9th May ... just imagine plane nak berlepas lagi 50 minutes. Dan-dan tu jugak I gi MAS ticketing and just my luck, ada available seat for the flight and the best thing of all ... all the good samaritans kat airport bagi I checked in dulu. I thanked everyone ... including tourists yang berbaris for their understanding. I am sure ada yang terpinga ... "what this girl is thanking us for?" ... takpelah ... Malaysian Hospitality (MH).

2-3 hari sebelum leaving for Penang, tembok yang I bina to conceal my insecurities adalah keretakan sikit. Mulalah banyak fikiran negatif like ... betul ke keputusan aku nie, plus I am absolutely clueless about what to expect in Penang. I love Penang ... I don't deny that ... working in Penang? Plus I have built a strong foundation in KL - my career, my little apartment, social network. Lagipun I kan a lone ranger for more than 20 years which value privacy.

To be honest, I melalui fasa kesedihan dan kegembiraan melampau jugak 1 minggu nie. Bayangkan 6 weeks dikurung dan bekerja dalam bilik yang sama dengan 10 orang and then lepas tu berpisah. Then jumpa dengan best friends and enjoy life like nobody's business in Langkawi only then berpisah dengan tuntutan kerja, then jumpa balik dgn colleagues and have great round of mamaking and IGB site visit (Mid Valley belongs to IGB Group hehehe ... code rahsia kitaorang kalau nak ke MidValley) .... my heart really couldn't take it and air mata I berlinangan jugak masa last day. Will I ever find such happiness in this new adventure?

First day kerja ... I memang terpaku sangat dengan kecantikan ofis baru I. Dari interior design to facilities to the view of Straits of Penang ... Selayaknya ofis ni diduduki oleh KSU atau Minister. But once I realised the challenge that I have to face in Penang ... which is made known to me openly by a snobbish research officer in a "so called" think tank ... I am determine to earn my keep ... Ingat aku nie kerja gomen I cannot think like a corporate, environmentalist, pemimpin berjiwa rakyat kah. You just don't know who you are dealing with!

XOXO ( hehehe)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mie Packing!

Have to put all blogging activities on hold for another few days as I am busy packing, cleaning and distributing all my "assets" to my staff and colleagues. Didn't notice that "hoarderness" in me. Imagine I've spent 8 years of my life amidst "sampah sarap" ... Thought that "gene" stops at Yeoh Keat Chye (my dad) ... hahaha. Handing over document pun tak siap lagi...

Anyway, bagus juga sekali sekala transfer nie. Baru I perasan my buku service tak diupdate since 2008 and paling "seronok" ... rupa-rupanya I dibayar gaji P1T1 in 2009 although this year I am suppose to get P1T3 ... mak ai terkejut gue bila "arrears" dikira oleh my "consultants". Lebih kurang 25% tercapai jugak hasrat nak jelajah Jepun tahun depan. Transfer nie jugak membuat I menyahut seruan JPA untuk menggunakan HRMIS walaupun berkali-kali diingatkan oleh Cik Tipah untuk update maklumat peribadi hehehehe ...

I was really touched by some well meaning gestures and helps that I get from my staff. Ada offer KIA Carens lagi untuk angkut barang-barang I. Ya lah Froggie mana muat huhuhuhu ... Ok lah nanti sembang lagi ... chow chin cao.

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