Friday, June 26, 2009

Mid-Year Review

I tangguh dulu nak publish few entries yang in my drafts list (especially) the Part 2 of Balik Kampung ... to give way to mid-year review on my blog, life, business and career. Sue, jangan pulak ko terus nak pulaukan blog nie sebab takde "objek menarik".

In fact I am thankful that I created this blog as from June 2008 till June 2009 banyak aktiviti meronggeng yang I telah jalankan. Itupun some of it tidak di "blog" kan and some of it ... I lost track huhuhu. Nanti adalah surat layang ke Tan Sri KSN kater ada pegawai Jabatan Perumahan Negara selalu Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan atau kaki enjoy. Yelaa, sekarang nie kakitangan bukan nak bincang elok-elok dengan pegawai ... either nak cakap belakang atau hantar surat layang ke KSN.

If you notice, I dah susun balik semua entries based on All About Mie. On her being an artist, her being a fashionista, her being a chef ... semuanya bersebab. Lepas nie I akan trace back, which aspect of my life yang sangat prominent and mana yang love to do tapi terlupa. Live life to the fullest so mana-mana yang empty tu kena fill up cepat-cepat!

Having said that, so far, it has been a wonderful year for me. Except in the business and love department. So I nak dedicate a month in a year of 2009 to concentrate on business (July) and another month (antara September or October) on love hehehe ... kena buat LNPT jugak matter of the heart nie. Dah lama sangat jadi "lone ranger".

Blogger Norzah, I ada satu entry dedicated on "being smart, beautiful but single" and kebetulan I was watching Oprah yesterday on women movement I teringat balik ur entry on smart women dilemma.

OK ciao!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Syoknya Balik Kali Nie ... Part 1

Makan sedap, tido sedap ... dan ada yang sedap mata memandang :P

Pagi nie, I akan buat pemeriksaan premis di area Bukit Mertajam, Butterworth, Seberang Jaya sampai Sg. Bakap. Memerlukan banyak tenaga nie ... pekena dulu roti bakar ngan telor separuh masak 2 bijik kat warung tepi longkang ... ala dekat kedai roti benggali yang "peymes" itu. Jeles budak2 I tgk I makan dengan penuh kelazatan hehehe.

Nie lah kete penguatkuasa yang telah serve I for more than 6 years ... nama glamer WLA .. kete nie dah bawak I redah segala ceruk dah ... driver dia pun sayang giler kat dia.

Company developer first kitaorang peksa opis kat Jalan Chain Ferry. Tiba2 I teringin nak naik feri pulak. Lamanya tak naik feri.

Suppose to be gambar candid. Sekali dia toleh hehehe ... terkoma kejap photographer. Budak2 PTD baru kat unit aku.

BTW, perasan tak apa2 berbeza kat foto2 kali nie?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Froggie and Anak Dedi Pi Penang

I admit I love travelling North lately ... but the truth is I will only drive Froggie to Kulim, lepak with Emel, then later we will travel to Penang with Goldie. Leaving Froggie behind jaga rumah hehehe ...

The reason why I did that was my dad is a bit possessive of me. Everytime I spent weekends in Penang, we will ride on his old kapcai having breakfast together at Picadilly Street (senang jer belakang Chowrasta) then lepak at his gym until lunch, then went to Ayer Itam to visit grandma (before she passed away) and the Golden Girls (my aunties) ... itupun we stayed for 30 minutes ... then we went downtown to have dinner before my dad left me at home and he continued his work at the gym. He often insisted that I am "chaffeured" by him in his kapcai ... By the way, there was one time I had a meeting at SUK Penang. Hehehe, imagine my dad sent me there in his kapcai and I was wearing a skirt! Terus hilang I punya glamour hari tu!

When I said my dad still look at me like I am 10, I tak tipu. Even if I say I am still 17 to him ... it is also right. It's hard for me to have a night life here in Penang. Dahlah in KL my night life memang non-existence, in Penang ada curfew pulak hehehe ... So I always pity Thomas ... my childhood friend who always wanted to bring me jalan2 whenever I am in Penang but selalu kena "marah" my dad. Between us after kena marah, Thomas will said "haiya, sifu always forget that his daughter can legally drink and drive". Yea, as if I feel protected around you Tom. You even had to wake your dog to teman u to the toilet hahaha ...

Then I got reunited with Emel, a very good friend during my Collegian days, who is currently working in Kulim. Imagine I had been travelling KL-Penang for the last 6 years and not even once jejak kaki at Queensbay Mall. My mum and sisters also complained to me that they cannot do much shopping in Penang coz daddy couldn't take them there and they didn't know how to go there .. hmmm...

Yea, now that Mie and Froggie aways "Fast and Furious" on the roads of KL, why not getting to know the roads of Penang pulak. So I made a plan with Emel to travel to Kulim and from there we will travel to Penang. BTW I never told my dad. I felt bad but that was the only way I could gain my "freedom" to explore Penang ... and later we included Tom in our "Fellowship". Anyway, at this "age" it is no longer "shiok" to go clubbing, get ourselves drunk and suffered hangover the next morning. BTW, I am not a drinker ... Emel had to hide her face when I ordered Coke at Slippery Senorita last few months hahaha I just love listening to live band. There is something about listening to loud, catchy music, and live performances to my soul.

I knew my dad was quite suprise when I told him I am driving to Penang that weekend. After picking him up at Majlis Sukan Negara Bukit Jalil, we started our journey to Penang at 2.30 pm. Waaa ... if I am travelling alone, dah tekan minyak dah but since ada "tester" duduk sebelah kena maintain at 100km/hr. Ada lah time tertekan juga minyak but after bila teringat balik back to 100km/hr. We discussed about so many things ... mostly about Jason's wedding next year. Then my dad mentioned about Joan's birthday and asked how old is she this year.

"She is 30, dad" I said with a straight face.

Then he looked at me. Hehehehe ... don't have to look at me like that lah daddy ... I tau I nampak muda :P

We stopped at Sg Buloh R&R to have lunch and then Tapah R&R for tea. Then my dad offered to drive Froggie. Waa... tiba2 I pulak possessive dgn Froggie. "It's OK dad.. let me drive her to Penang".

After I broke up with "Al-Bedebah" in 2006, only few people jer I bagi sentuh Froggie. Uncle Sam, Uncle Alex, Uncle Suhaimi, Uncle Ariff, Uncle Sazali and Auntie Niejah. Lepas tu bile dah terer bawak kete, I jer boleh sentuh. Even Auntie Emel never drive Froggie sedangkan Goldie dah aku bawak sampe Bandar Sunway. Hehehe

We passed Exit Bandar Baharu at 6.15 pm ... I smiled to myself hehehe. Teringat my journey with Niejah to Ipoh for Menjy's wedding. When I started driving Froggie, furthest to the North was Bukit Beruntung. So when we passed that Bukit Beruntung exit ... niejah and myself bersorak mcm kena loteri hehehe

So as of 20 June 2009, furthest to the North was Kulim via Exit Bandar Baharu ... so rasa nak menjerit jer when I passed that Exit. But becoz my dad sat right beside me ... I terpaksalah control ayu! Huhuhu ... BTW, thanks Tom for your Froggie gift! Both Froggie and me deserve an award bringing sifu home in one piece.

We reached Penang bridge at 6.54 pm ... tiba2 my dad call my mum .. proudly announcing that Froggie has reached Penang Bridge ... Haaa!!!! Froggie stole the limelight from me. It was quite a long jam at the bridge so I took the chance to look at the sea. Waaa... it is hazy everywhere lah ... Fuhh... some Penang drivers, noticing Froggie KL plate numbers semua taknak bagi chance untuk I menyelit2, eventhough I dgn berhemahnya bagi signal. I takut want to drive at the left most or right most lane, fearing some irresponsible people purposely throwing nails to puncture the tyres ... was on NST or Metro the other day.

My dad showed the way home using the coastal highway ... waaa... I felt like a Penang driver oredi ... except that I belum start cursing in Hokkien hehehe.

We reached home at 7.54 pm and got ready for Father's Day dinner. Emel joined us that night ... jadi anak yeoh for a day hehehe but sorry no pics coz we were too hungry ... sambil menghirup udara nyaman at Northam Beach Cafe ... nyum nyum nyum.

Anyway, Joan ... forgot to wish you Happy Birthday ... So Happy Belated 21st Birthday dear! Kesian her on her birthday have to deliver that H1F1 virus sample to KL Hospital.

p/s: My dad woke me up this morning offering to wash my car at his gym... Hehehe ... I knew he really want to drive Froggie. Takpe lah he can have Froggie to himself today.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mie and Daddy ... Making Up For The Lost Time

I am so "disorganised" and "disoriented" lah last 2-3 days. Something is very wrong with my brain ... I guess those who check their FB will know my status yesterday! I need to make up for the blunder! BTW, 30% of my mistake I nak put the blame on my top bosses boleh tak ... when the leaders no direction ... guess wat happen to their staffs and subordinates ...

Neway, I am going back to Penang today ... with my dad! He is here in KL for a paralimpic tournament. So we are gonna have a daughter and dad (and Froggie) session travelling sambil jalan2 cari makan to Penang. For those who knew me, my dad and myself led separate life for more than 20 years. We only met once or twice a year. Except for the last few years since I started making the first move to get to know him ... again!!!

At least now, he already trust my driving, realised that I am 17 not 10 (hehehe) ... else tanya Emel ... susahnya akak nak keluar rumah in Penang. Hahahaha ... malar jak "grounded"! Will update you guys about my journey later...

OK to all daddies out there ... Happy Father's Day ...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The 101st Entry

I didn't realised that I had reached the 100th entry until I organised my blog entries the last few days ... All of the sudden I had been experiencing the writer's block ... Maybe becoz I want to make my 101 entry special ... the beginning of a new saga or journey. Ala2 pulak CSI LV reached 200th episode and House 100th episode ...

When I first told Sam that I want to try out blogging, he said "Hey sapa lah yang ambik tau pasal your dirty laundry or your hormonal disfunction?" I had to say he was right coz maybe that time, I keep on entering blogs yang mengumpat, mengutuk or gossips almost every day as if there is nothing better to do. Having said that, I checked out a few referral blogs ... recommended by Cik Ida (yelah Parlimen time tu mana ada keje ... hehehe) and saw the benefits of blogging (mentally, educationally, businesswise).

She asked me to check out on Daphne Iking's, Vernon Kedit's ... then Syu mentioned about a guy from Sarawak who blogs about his travels whom I found out was Kenny Sia. Then I read on an old Times mag issue about a guy who blogs about investment and becomes a millionaire from it ... of course lah my interest intensify.

Anyway, I started blogging actively last year August 2008 from a hotel room in the small town of Muar, curi WIFI KFC Muar. Hehehehe ... I was in Muar investigating an unlicensed housing development OK. The initial theme for All About Mie was about housing matters from the perspective of the "cute" and "dedicated" enforcement officer. Huhuhu ... wat a dry and ambitious theme!

So how All About Mie becomes wat it is now?

Believe it or not, it was a line from House when a patient said, "I don't want to die before I am happy". It sort of like a splash of cold water on my sleepy face. Was I not happy then? Hmm, nope, just that I seemed unable to collect sequences of my life since 2003. Most of the time leaving it to the mercy of fate and circumstances.


Hmmm.... Busy making myself the asset of KPKT? Huhuhu

Then when Semin and Meli leaving for UK and German, I decided that my life need redefining ... new motivation, new direction .... new meaning. Then I see blogging as a mean of updating each other about one another. Apart from that, since they left the country during the first week of Syawal ... "evil" thought got the better of me hehehehe ... blog about my yummy food outings hahaha sorry lah ... Kesian kak meli asyik makan kebab jer time tu! I know u miss home dear. Semin, aku tak heran kalo u berenti PTD and jd tokey catering ...

I find many fascinating new facts about my friends from their blogs too. Olpic ...of his travels and treasure huntings other than "my nemesis in the singing arena". Maz ... our similarity in our crush over Eddie Cullen in Twilight. Zaireen, the motherly side of her ... Kazen Abet ... I never met someone who love his idol so much ... Norzah ... Dato', ur sempoi appearance concealed a very articulate mind ... Bradley, sometimes it's better to come out from the closet and set yourself free ... Sweet & Sour B ... sapa juak the mysterious love of your life yaa ... Cheeky wife ... short, nice and sweet. Kak Maria ... suka sangat dgr Kak Maria dengan Olpic menyindir2, terinspired jugak bila kak Maria komen semua orang blog pasal anak, famili ... kita blog pasal food.

Emmm ... kena mentioned jugak Cikgu Suhaila ... nanti marah pulak akak sorang nie. Sue, glad that you have finally found ur calling in paragliding. Buat masa nie I separa-gliding on my bed jer lah.. White ... apa kenak ON OFF jak blog kau ... Sumuk, since when did ur English much better and ur blog much cuter than mine hehehe ... Ming, I think u must be diving somewhere now ...

Tak lupa juga, my kaki komen ... Ida, Suna, Emel, Jett, Princess Mulan, Jim, Sazali ... I love ur comments yang lucu2 dan mencuit hati. BTW, taken from Cheeky Pah's blog ... now everyone can blog so bila nak start blog sendiri.

OK ... keep on blogging and commenting everyone. Let's make each other day and enrich each others life.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hotdog Combo @ Ikea

Update: BTW everyone ... This is my 100th post!

I always saw the long queue at the hotdog counter in Ikea but dunno wat the rave was about until 2 months ago ... with Jett, Emel and Kazen Davidson. Sometimes good things dont have to be expensive right?

My first taste of the hotdog gave a lasting impression though. Must be the pickles. Had been thinking about it all morning ... the taste of the frankfurter, sweet and sour pickles, a little bit of mustard, ketchup and chilli sauce in a hotdog bun. Made my mouth watered. Itu pun sebab tiba2 teringat nak beli lampu kat ikea.

So lunch time I quickly made a dash to Ikea and had the most satisfying lunch as of 15 June 2009 at ONLY RM 5.00 (Combo RM 3.00 and additional hotdog RM 2.00).

As I was enjoying my hotdog alone sitting on a tall chair at a corner ... I began to miss the day we (Emel, Jet and Kazen) had it for the first time during the AF7 mania months ago.... wonder when we can do it all over again.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My "Hazy" Day

I was having a course in Great Eastern Building, Jalan Ampang yesterday where these pics were taken. Luckily it was raining today and yesterday, else the haze might becomes worst.

This was towards Menara KL. Forgot my digital camera so had to make do with my camera phone.

This was towards Setiawangsa, Datuk Keramat or AU area.

Aiyooo ... for sure my house filled with "hazardous" materials now. Eversince balik kampung I had been procrastinating cleaning up my home. Yalah ... malar ajak berpoya-poya ngan Emel cari makan. Yang makin chubby, akak jugak. Unlike when I first move in, entah berapa banyak kali I mop the floor till it shine. Pantang "secalit" kotoran ... I dengan pantas bertindak menentang kotoran.

So today, I decided to do a General Cleaning for the whole house. That includes doing my laundry, ran down to 5th Floor to collect and sent my dry-cleanings and cleaning up my laptop hard disk. But of course, to avoid running into AT14 in my most AUNTIE look, I put on some lip gloss and brush my hair a bit, wear a tight fit "pink karer" T-shirt with a "BRA KAJANG" (huhuhu asset tu) ... "wink" "wink" (sebenarnya tgh ketawa nie mengingatkan insiden membabitkan BRA KAJANG di kalangan the Palapes girls)...

Fuhh... memang letih lah mengemas rumah hari nie. Punya lah banyak sekali "debu-debu cinta" di rumah nie. Dah lah rumah kat tkt 11, menghadap lebuh raya and its a hazy day in KL. I was all drenched in my sweat ... sampai t-shirt melekap ke body ...

Anyway, the moral of the story is ... buat lah kerja rumah selalu if you want to look sexy like Paris Hilton, you know that Carl's Junior burger ad where she was all wet and sweaty washing cars ...

AT14 ... you will eat your heart out if u see me again in two months ...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abang Tingkat 14

Sebenarnya dah lama I nak citer pasal Abang Tingkat 14 (AT14) nie, dunno WHERE and HOW to start but I know WHEN it started coz i did mentioned it in one of my entries. So Jett, it all happened on that fateful Friday, 13 March 2009 ... ehhhh, Friday the 13 lah.

We met for the first time inside lift paling kanan (hehehe) di tingkat 4 Blok B Fortune Park Apartment. That time I just came back from work, still "boroi" from all the cheesy and fatty lunch I had at Bubba Gump. Apart from that I was carrying my laptop pack, handbag, file, my hair in a bun and wearing my mum's sandal (I used it at the office). In short I looked like a MAKCIK!

When the door lift opened I was stunned when I saw a tall, very goooooood-looking foreign guy, in leather sling bag, brown shoes, red striped long sleeve shirt, and matching dark brown denim standing ala GQ model inside lift. He smiled at me and for a while I was mesmerized by his light brown eyes and sexy lip. I could feel that I was blushing.

That time you know berapa kali I menyumpah diri I for not starting a diet plan, at the same time tried to hold my breath to cover the "keboroian". I glanced at the lift buttons and I saw that button 14 was lighted. Ahaa ... level 14. My heart was pounding hard throughout the journey to level 11 and I could feel his eyes on my back. Hehehehe ... I turned back and OMG, he was smiling at me again and I most "exhale".

If I was Suna, I am sure I could conjure the yummiest and wildest imagination on wat will happened next but since I mostly read Lilian Too's Feng Shui nowadays all I could think of was ... was I standing towards my "love" direction in the lift? Huhuhuhu ... Anyway, I sempatlah said "bye" to him when I reached level 11.

OK ... I thought that our encounter will end on that fateful Friday coz after that I never saw him again. You know, after that I tak berani balik rumah look like a Makcik. And setiap kali lif dibuka, I was hoping that I would "like wat I saw" in the lift. Ok lah I curang a bit ... I pun terminat dengan sorang abang kat tingkat 7.

Then few weeks later, on a Saturday. I decided to overhaul my house. So I donned my shorts and old t-shirt. I was on my way throwing my garbage when I accidently bumped onto him coming out from the lift. OMG, he looks yummy too in shorts and dark T-shirt. I didn't dare to look at him coz that time I looked every bit like an AUNTIE. I really, reallly cursed FATE that day. Apa kejadahnya pertemukan kami dalam keadaan penampilan I yang kurang menghairahkan.

That's why Jett, time we bumped onto him with his friends that night with him looking ready to paint the city RED ... I "keciwa" gila coz ... again he saw me in plain clothing. Huhuhuhu.. So harap je lah lain kali if we met each other again ... he will noticed my inner radiance. Hahahaha

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Steamed Tapah Fish

Although I am the eldest in the family and suppose to be the most "taiko" among my siblings, I sebenarnya selalu kena buli jadi chief cook at home (termasuklah by my extended families). And my dad, mum, Joan, Jason and Jayne taste in food kadang2 menggerunkan. Sometimes it's very challenging to cook "some food items" which I categorised as Unidentified Frying Objects (UFO) ...

Eversince Joan got transfered to Sibu and followed later by Jason to Kanowit, they normally brought home local produce like wild vegetables (i never saw most of it) or freshwater fishes or shrimps. Last Gawai, they brought home a big ikan tapah and few kilos of freshwater prawns.

I thought I could get away from the task by telling them that I might "keluar ngabang" (visiting) with Emel, Agnes and Jethro.

Then Jason put on his most pitiful face and said " U know sis, I have been waiting all this while for you to come back so that I could taste your cooking."

Then Joan added, " Ya lah, memang we purposely don't want to cook this fish sebab there is no one layak untuk masak this fish other than you ... kan jason kan".

My mum pun didn't want to be left out," Old people like us need to rest and leave the cooking to the children".

Of course hati kakak mana yang tidak akan tersentuh mendengar ayat2 itu. But it is not that I didn't know that they were playing psychological warfare with me. Aiyo, I know them since birth lah and their "solid waste" when they were little pun I yang basuh.

With a heavy heart, I started to disect and clean the scary looking fish as shown below.

This is how the fish look like after steaming it with soy sauce and Chinese wine. Ambik mana-mana angle pun it is hard to make this fish look appetising. Suprisingly the flesh is tender and sweet.

Note: I was told that this fish can fetch high price in restaurants. Betul ke?

Monday, June 8, 2009

17 Again ...

Contrary to the title of this entry, I have always felt 17 - my outlook in life that is! And lately I do felt 17 with my best friends (and a new BFF) during secondary school came for a visit, turning my humble abode and life upside down. Biasa lah hooo ... belum agik sidak nangga perangai kita time kolej dolok!

However, never in my wildest imagination that I would bumped unto one of my gang karas in Kolej Abdillah, Kevin Matthew, whom had been MIA for the last 15 years at the Kuching International Airport. Luckily we were still "recognisable" to each other. And it made my day when he said apart from my chubbier cheek and simplified image, I don't change much. He didn't change much too ... other than enlarge facial pores and slightly taller.

Bukan apa, meeting Kevin reminded me of the good laugh and shock that I had more than a year ago when I started my Facebook. I saw how some of the hunkiest, cutest or hottest guys in my school before looked like now. Ada yang boroi, ada yang botak, ada yang hilang gigi hahaha ... Kevin used to be among the cutest ( and shortest hehehe) and two of my closest friends had a huge crush on him. Plus we were roommates so pagi petang siang malam they talked nothing but him.

I still remember that time when these two girls used the 20 sen pencil sharpener with mirror to "curi-curi intai" him who was seated at the back row in class and lab. Anyway, Kevin was not my type but his friend was hehehe ... I admit, I pun ada curi2 intai "his friend" time lab hehehe

Looking back, we girls never gave our male classmates a glance when we were in Form 1. Yelah, rupa pun masih budak, suara pun mcm Upin and Ipin hahaha. When I was in Form 1, there was this one guy in Form 3 whom we all had a crush on ... his good look (masa tu lah) a mix of Bollywood and Orang Putih ... when he kirim salam to me one evening via a messenger, aduhhhhh rasa mauk guguk (jatuh) jantung ...

Most of my male classmates sure grew up into good looking guys only when they were in Form 3 and by the time they were in Form 5 (and later some in Form 6), some of them ala-ala F4 of Boys Over Flowers with girls going ga-ga over them. To me, that was the motivating factor nak kelas.

Ok ok ... back to Kevin ... aiya I couldn't find our Form 5 picture. Anyway, I sent MMS of us at the airport to one oh his former admirers ... hmm with no feedback ... Aduh Bin, nampaknya u are officially OUT of her system. Tu lah, sapa ask you to control cute gilak! ( that's one thing about him that never changed)

Anyway Bin, it was so good to meet you again. Our outing that day was a blast! Anyway, u and Emel made a cute couple lah in this pic hehehehe ... (wink wink)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jaime Hafiz ????

Yes, I am afraid of flying. If not because that is the only mode of transportation to go to Kuching I will never take a flight home. Maybe I watched too much of Air Crash Investigation on Discovery Channel that everytime the plane hit an air pocket or turbulence, macam-macam lah gory images enter my mind.

Anyway, I made an exception this time. Overcoming my fear so that I could be reunited with my family and close friends (Emel, Agnes and latest BFF Jethro) for Gawai and Kazen Hafiz's wedding. BTW, err I sort of doze off most of the time in Kuching (too much oxygen and positive ions) so tak banyak gambar taken on Gawai. Even big baby Gina kena abandoned by me ... takpe lah mummy Joan and Bejit ada. She is in her Terrible Two stage now, don't want to listen to people, start to show her stubborness. Now her tagline is "alas ku" (malaslah) if you ask her anything ...

To Kazen Davidson ... Sorilah Kazen I updated this entry late but firstly congratulations on your new status as Laki Orang. Actually, its hard for me to envisage you as the "man" of a family ... you know after going through that "experience" with you just few weeks back ... mcm sik cayak aku that "innocent" boy (benar ndak kah innocent) may not be innocent anymore hahahaha ;P

Anyway, its good that you thought of doing your wedding reception at the Four Points By Sheraton. Boleh juak melaram and enjoy the wedding instead of tolong cuci pinggan. U know Zen, time aku "check in" at the ballroom I was looking for my name at the guest list. Little did I know that you enlisted me as Jaime Hafiz and you also invited Hafiz's sisters. Kecoh reception counter ya ingat aku adik Hafiz ... sampe waitress that serves our table that nite told me that she likes Hafiz.

Hehehe ... adik ke I nie ... suker sangat! Tak sia2 aku minum sup sarang burung Gua Niah!

Zen, u know we had a funny story while we were dressing up for the reception. Both Jethro and myself were dressing up for your wedding but Agnes u know lah her, semua pun sik suka. Last2 when we arrived at the hotel I whispered to Jet, "If the two of us walk ahead first holding hands, surely people will think that we are a couple and Agnes is our maid" ... hahaha ... iboh manas Ness.

Zen, I read your blog just now ... I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw your wedding suit macam contrast in kaler. Haiyaa.... how come u didn't get new pants for your wedding! Wat la you ... Anyway, I did what you had instructed while you were busy waltzing to your wedding song ... ambik gambar dengan adik2 Hafiz ... yalah hoo ... boleh jadi adik beradik Hafiz aku tok.

Then time presentation of your wedding pictures, nervous aku and Jet you might put gambar kita melompat sakan atas pentas AF7 hingga expose our belly-button. Never thought you were that slim masa kat USM though hehehe ... Yea those were the years 1995 BC (before cholesterol)

Anyway, Zen ... love the wedding reception, love new and old frens whom I met ... love Snah's ballroom gown and most of all love that look of love (or was it lust huhuhu ... sabar Zen, banyak masa gik) that you gave to Snah throughout the nite ... Last but not least, make love not war (kelazzz sik statement aku).


Monday, June 1, 2009

Gawai Eve in Kampung Semadang Love 2009

Jayne baking her cookies untuk bakal kakak ipar.

Baby Maegan seronok tgk her new gown and toys.

Kumang Gawai Kampung Semadang 2009 - told us that she is cantik like sumuk (Grandma).

Gawai Eve Kampung Semadang La La Hey ...

More pics coming .... Tungguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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