Friday, October 17, 2008

Kampungku Sudah Berjaya - Jom Parik Kupua'

In Bidayuh particularly in the Bau Bijagoi or Bisingai dialect, "parik kupua' means balik kampung or return to the village. When I was in high school I loved to mimic the Bisingais because of their sing-song dialect, coupled with dramatic facial expressions or comical punchlines such as "tiborow" (u have to roll your tongue to pronounce it). As compared to my mum's very "urban" and cultured Bipuruh/Biatah. I spent most of childhood years in rural Bidayuh areas, following my mum who is a teacher, which is why I could speak and understand most of the different Bidayuh dialects - Bipuruh, Bisingai, Bijagoi, Biatah and Bibukar. FYI, the Bidayuh dialects differ from each other just like the Chinese (which I didn't master ... not even one except gibberish Mandarin). To my PTD friends, if you want to see how a Bisingai speak, ask Alim to say "Biuk, bakok" or "Ba Sama Mu".

I started thinking about my beloved kupua' while reading some of my friends' blogs. One wrote some lines in Bidayuh and about the Tiung Dayak with belacan and bilis (anyway Lim, meliur aku ingat pekasam sabik pahit ngan bubur kau). Some wrote about their interests like going places, photo-taking, scuba diving (which are very expensive hobbies). Some wrote about their life in foreign countries (which is a big NO at the moment). The bottom line is, I literally stop living since 2003. I do vacationing, socialising and indulged myself in new interests but I was not "living in the moment". Then I remembered about my best friend trip down to KL during the Raya holidays, in her quest to put some new meanings in her life. I did my very best to be the hospitable hostess and a friend to rely on but deep down I too need a new lease of life, irregardless of how many fish oils I take (some people said it might be just some hormonal thingy). Yesterday, I received an SMS from her saying that she might have a plan. That is to work on her parent's land. Coincidently, a few minutes later my colleague Rosliza came to my room to discuss over some working matters, which got sidetracked to her plans to rear goats.

Suddenly I feel excited to venture into agriculture. My KSU used to say, if you have a hobby... make it profitable. These pictures were taken during my trip home in August 2007. I love my uncle's lush green garden - filled with herbs, tapiocas, maizes, fruit trees and veges like tiung dayak, brinjals, chillies, long beans and etc. I used to help him and his families during the school holidays tending to his orchards and paddy field. Will update more after my trip home in November.


SeMiN said...

Great post!...ingat kmek masa petempatan daerah DPA2000 di Sematan.

rambomadonna said...

tHank you.. thank you... kamek pun sedar siapa diri ini. Sik dapat belajar tinggi ke Durham so sikda lah gambar ala-ala Autumn in My Heart...

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