Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ultraman Menentang Kejahatan

"Apa jugak yang ko busy nie sampai selalu balik lambat nie ..." - komen A dari Puchong

"Government people where got work so hard one .." - komen E dari Damansara

"Ko selalu balik lewat apasal ko punya kementerian tak dapat 5 star hah ..." - komen S dari Seri Kembangan

"Hey, u don't how to use your phone ha? Why I call-call u don't pick up one? " Mr W dari Taman Desa

Nie lah antara ayat2 "berani mati' member2 aku 2-3 minggu nie ... well, well I bukan nak highlight lah yang I rajin bekerja tapi I semalam betul2 kecik hati dengan one of my seniors despite the time, effort and sacrifices that my team dah buat tolong dia, a little understanding pun takde in this person's heart ... dah OK big boss tak banyak komen paperwork last week, I don't know wat he told big boss semalam that pagi tadi my immediate boss kater big boss suruh buat extra work ... nak dekat cuti panjang pulak tuh ...

Kenyataan yang paling sukar untuk I terima sekarang nie ialah to admit that biasanya people yang "work smartest" are actually "assholes" ...

Tu semalam when Sam practically blackmailed me to watch X-men Original (Wolverine) after weeks of giving the excuse of busy, busy, busy ... I told him I sebenarnya Ultraman Ace tgh busy menentang raksasa durjana ...

yesss.... bukan hanya di Jepun jer banyak raksasa, kat opis I pun banyak raksasa ...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

AFUNDI .....

Hi ... lamanya tak update blog nie.2 minggu nie busy dengan working group yang tak MUDAH-MUDAH tu. Until demam-demam and flu ... I have many stories and pics to post in this blog but maybe later. Anyway, got a visit from my best friend Emel - the one I visited in Kulim, with Jethro and Davidson from Kuching ... semata-mata nak tgk Akademi Fantasia Musim Ke-7 secara LIVE at Stadium Bukit Jalil.

I sempat jugak lah update myself on AF masa kat Kulim. Guess wat, after AF3, itupun sebab Nelly and Nancy jadi Pengerusi and Setiausaha Kelab Peminat Felix Agus, I langsung lah tak follow AF nie. So masa pegi tu kenal lah mana satu Hafiz, Aril, Claudia, Aisyah, Isma ... nanti tak pasal2 salah sokong hehehe. I nak ketawa dengan Davidson, tak kira di mana tak habis2 training menjerit2 nama Hafiz. Even made me buy Hafiz merchandise sedangkan I nak sokong Claudia ...

Anyway people, I memang nak beri sokongan padu pada my 3 orang kampung - Hafiz, Claudia and Aisyah. Sampai jer kat Stadium Bukit Jalil rasa macam kat Kuching plak, rami nar orang kelakar Serawak eh ... Kami disambut mesra oleh ayah Hafiz who came to watch his son singing for the first time too and ditugaskan bawak satu banner.

Last week, the theme was rock and they were singing with LIVE bands - Estranged, Krystal, Coklat and Lefthanded. Memang worth my RM 20.00 lah datang minggu lepas ... performance everyone memang hebat and paling yang buat I meremang bulu roma adalah mendengar petikan gitar Man Kidal masa persembahan Ghaud. No wonder lah dia digelar legend ... rock steadyyyyyyyy!!! I apalagi lah menggunakan kepakaran I sepenuhnya dalam bidang "cheerleading" nie. I memang la pakai baju Hafiz tapi menyorak jugak untuk Claudia dan Aisyah ...

Then I realised, it has been a while since I went to a concert. Konsert terakhir pun konsert pop yeh-yeh kat Kampung Semadang last Gawai hahahaha ... jangan main2 penyanyi2 kampung kat Sarawak okay ... siap ada head banging lagi ... Nasib lah benda AF nie takde zaman aku sekolah dulu. Kalau tak ... JANGAN LUPA AFUNDI JAIME ke 32999 hahahaha ...

Nota: Walaupun I tak undi Aril tapi I rasa he is not suppose to terkeluar minggu nie ... he is good man! I suka juga dengan performance dia ... waaa wat happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mie Sis in La Isla Bonita (Live on Live Earth)

Thanks Semin and Olpic for your comments. Baru sampai nie dari Kulim with renewed energy seperti diterjemahkan oleh music video nie. Hebat kan my big sis ...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mie & Froggie Trip To Kulim (The Story of Why and How It Happened)

I took leave from Friday to Monday to observe Good Friday to mark the end of the fasting month of Lent and then Easter celebration. In Christianity, this is actually the most important occasion, not Christmas. But maybe due to its more religious significance, it is normally celebrated in simplicity compared to Christmas.

Initially I wanted to join my mum, Joan, Jason and Jayne in Sibu for the occasion but after being kept busy by the Task Force working group, compiling reports on unlicensed development and an email from JPA on my application for Masters interview on the 20th ( for which I haven't done anything yet) so I decided to spent the holiday reorganising my thoughts and have a good rest. Furthermore next week my boss will be leaving for his PTK course so I have to take over some of his works...

Come that Good Friday morning, Sukumaran, the project manager for a nearly abandoned project which the Ministry and his company are currently co-rehabilitating, called me reminding me of my final visit before CFO application to DBKL. Gosh, I almost forgotten about that. Then Emel also called me about my plan to Kulim and our Akademi Fantasia Concert plan next week. Another gosh! Forgot about that too. Then Jagdish from Maybank called, confirming our talk plan on Monday. Gosh! Gosh! Gosh!

If you ask me ... I don't like this Task Force things coz though it's other departments works but these other departments officers with start interrupting me for inputs or opinions or favours or involvements. Then after last meeting with Tan Sri KSN now I have to urusetia pulak one of the working groups (extra works ma!). Earlier, I issued a total of 90 compounds to developers and from morning till petang I always received a visit from unwanted visitors though I already told them just write an appeal letter. Plus two of my co-rehab nearly abandoned projects also nearly completed which I need to visit before conducting meeting with all the authorities for fast-track CFO approval. Eeeeeeeeeeeee ........ I really want to cry in frustration now.

Since Sukumaran is also a Christian, and he also had to sacrifice his Good Friday for this project I decided to meet him at the site with Wani (my accountant) and Anisha (my QS). Yalah ... maybe this sacrifice was peanut compared to Jesus Christ death on the cross (ni lah sebab kitaorang sambut Good Friday). Unlike Suku who turn vegetarian on that day, I decided to fast. BTW Wani and Anisha (both have private practice before) awal2 I grabbed to work with me sebelum minda mereka corrupted by certain government mentality. Touchwood mudah-mudahan if everything OK we will hand over the houses to purchasers 2 weeks earlier than scheduled.

Reaching home after the site visit, I started to settle other works like making calls to En Nik, En Mad and giving instructions to my stuff for Monday Talk with Maybank and final arrangement for working group 2 and 3 meeting on Thursday.Which left my Masters proposal writing and AF Concert ticket reservation. Tiba2 I felt I wanted to get out from KL. Plus I promised Emel last week to visit her today ...

That's how I ended packing up my bags,reloaded my Touch and Go card and filled Froggie with fuel and checked her tyre pressures. Our destination ... Kulim. Lagipun, Froggie pun dah jadi malas macam her "mummy". Asyik2 Klang Valley jer... To be honest, I didn't know how to get to Kulim but I think that was the thrill. The weather was fine from KL to Tanjung Malim but after that, it was raining heavily in certain areas. I only called Emel once I reached Ipoh and asked for direction from Juru.

Then Emel asked "Why do you want to go to Kulim from Juru? Jalan jauh ya .. kena pusing balit" So I said, "Isn't Kulim after Butterworth ke?" Emel's response "No lah! Ko ikut exit Bandar Baharu lekak exit Bukit Merah. After Butterworth is jalan to Sungai Petani or Alor Star lah". Hahaha ... nampak sangat fail subjek Geografi.

Reaching Kulim, the first thing Emel said was ... " Sampe juak Froggie di Kulim". Hehehe ... most of my friends are fond of Froggie walaupun taklah sehebat Emel's Goldie Vios or Sara's Red Devil Gen-2 atau Olpic's Sparkiling Diamond. So that evening, to celebrate my kejayaan sampai di Kulim ... we eat our heart out at Pantai Bersih makan udang lipan .... yummmm ....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At Least I Have You - Super Junior M version

Note: Seems that not only Jaime Yeoh wants to do a remake of this great song ... These guys beat me to it. Please pause the playlist on the side menu to enjoy this video.

Super Junior-M (Korean: 슈퍼주니어-엠), often referred to as SJ-M, is the third official sub-unit of Korean boy band Super Junior. They are the first international music group in the Chinese music industry to have members of both Chinese and Korean descent, and are also the first group produced by Korea's CT (Culture Technology) organization, created through a comprehensive localization strategy. Super Junior-M consists of Han Geng (the leader), Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and two non-Super Junior members Henry and Zhou Mi.
Source: Wikipedia

Monday, April 6, 2009

At Least I Have You ...

I decided to take a break from watching Starlit. Now I have reached episode 17 - with lots of soapy scenes. Quite frankly, the on-screen chemistry between Terri Kwan and Jerry Yan - just can't take it anymore. Besides need to work on my master proposal huhuhu ... for which I encountered so many stumbling "mental" blocks.

While listening to William So's mesmerizing and soulful Starlit's theme song - Wo Zhi Shi Xiang Yao Xing Gu I suddenly felt the urge to find this particular single which I love so much years ago while still working for FTMS. I couldn't remember the singer, so much so the title of the song. However I knew it started with an S. My ex-colleague Eileen love to sing this song during our company social gatherings, much to my envy ( I soooooooooooooo want to sing this song) and frustation of my limited Mandarin.

Voila... after 3 nights of googling, I found the song and the singer. Here is the music video on YouTube, the lyrics and the translation. Please turn off the playlist on the left side menu to enjoy the video. Can't waittttttttttttttttttt to sing this song with a LIVE band one day! Aiyaaa... again got sidetracked!

Zhi Shao Hai You Ni lyrics by Sandy Lam

wo pa lai bu ji
wo yao bao zhao ni
zhi dao gan jue ni de zhou wen
you le sui yue de hen ji
zhi dao ken ding ni shi zhen de
zhi dao shi qu li qi
wei le ni
wo yuan yi

dong ye bu neng dong
ye yao kan zhao ni
zhi dao gan jue ni de fa xian
you le bai xue de hen ji
zhi dao shi xian bian de mo hu
zhi dao bu neng hu xi
rang wo men
xing ying bu li

* ru guo
quan shi jie wo ye ke yi fang qi
zhi shao hai you ni zhi de wo qu zhen xi
er ni zai zhe li jiu shi sheng ming de qi ji
ye xu
quan shi jie wo ye ke yi wang ji
jiu shi bu yuan yi shi qu ni de xiao xi
ni zhang xin de zhi
wo zong ji de zai na li

wo pa lai bu ji
wo yao bao zhao ni
zhi dao gan jue ni de fa xian
you le bai xue de hen ji
zhi dao shi xian bian de mo hu
zhi dao bu neng hu xi
rang wo men xing ying bu li

Repeat *

wo men hao bu rong yi
wo men shen bu you ji
wo pa shi jian tai kuai
bu gou jiang ni kan zi xi
wo pa shi jian tai man
ri ye dan xin shi qu ni
hen bu de yi ye zhi jian bai tou
yong bu fen li

Repeat *

zai na li


At Least I Still Have You by Sandy Lam

I'm afraid that there's not enough time
I wanna hold you
Until I feel that your wrinkles show signs of aging
Until I'm sure that you're real,
Until I've lost all my energy
I'm willing to, because of you
Even if I can't move, I still wanna hold you
Until I can feel your hair turning white like snow
Until our visions become blurry ; until we can't breathe
Let us stay together

If I can give up on the whole world
At least there's still you who's worth it for me to cherish
Having you here is a miracle
Perhaps I can forget about the whole world
But I'm not willing to lose touch with you
I still remember the mark in your palm

This was not easy for us
I'm afraid that time is moving too fast and
it's not enough for me to take a good look at you
I'm afraid that time is moving too slow and
I'm always worried that
I will lose you
I want to become old in one night and
I want us to be together forever

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Orange Whale

Yesterday, I singgah kejap kat Mid Valley Megamall after my insurance agency training for a brunch. Masih "fenin-fenin" kena basuh dengan my GSM reminding me over and over again to work hard and earn more. Boleh travel round the world sponsored by Great Eastern, boleh tukar2 kete setiap tahun. Tapi kan, for the last 6 years in this line, I nie memang tak makan2 juga nasihat dia ... hehehehe.

Anyway, masa I turun dari Food Court on the 3rd floor, I happened to pass by a colouring contest conducted by National Geographic on The Blue Whale. So there were lots of children age 11 and below participating. At first, nothing seems to be interesting until I saw one kid coloured her whale orange while the others in multiple shades of blue.

Suddenly I was brought back to my kindy days, during Art and Colouring session, when my Lao Shi asked us take out our colouring book and colour the picture according to the picture guide. So happen that day the picture was also of a whale. According to the picture guide, we must coloured it pink. I think everyone in the class started to follow my Lao Shi instructions except for me. I think pink for a fish was soooooooo "tak cantik" so I coloured mine green instead. The funniest part was, Lao Shi would normally choose the nicest masterpieces and displayed it for us to see on a board. Disappointed that mine was not chosen, I posted mine on the board myself hehehe...

That's me. Love to do things differently. In my own way, at my own pace and on my own sweet time. Especially when there is no law that says we can't be different. So I guess that's answer my own question why I love my life as it is. Belajar pure science, ambik programming. Degree in IT kerja marketing (first job). Patut buat admin, berangan nak jadi lawyer. Suruh sambung belajar Masters, buat pulak professional studies.

However, I truly hope that girl who coloured her whale orange would one day would continue painting her whale orange coz the world need normal people to do normal things but extraordinary people to colour it. I didn' stay to know the result, but girl ... ur orange whale ROCKs!

Friday, April 3, 2009

What A Day ...

My head still throbbing. Luckily today is Friday ... I love Fridays, and how I wish everyday is a Friday. Macam dah jadi ritual pulak I dengan Syu sekarang nie, Friday lunch break is our Girls Day Out. So the whole morning we get all our work done so that by lunch time .... boleh unwind kat mana2 our heart desire. Mcm boleh baca pulak fikiran masing2, today kitaorng nak makan lagi kat Sushi Groove @ 1-Utama.

Today, Noorul joined me and Syu for our outing. Sebenarnya the original Sisterhood of Lunch Break members nie Syu and Noorul. Then Syu pindah Blok B and Noorul pun sibuk sebab menguruskan anak yang dah mula bersekolah and selalu travelling, the sisterhood tu jadi tak aktif. Then myself and Syu selalu jumpa after office hours for dinners (kalau keje lewat) and kalau terlalu stress (for our bitching sessions hehehe ... one of the best way to destress). So pastu the sisterhood tu kitaorang aktifkan semula.

Tengoklah muka Syu dan Noorul yang tengah menghirup "miso" soup dengan penuh kesedapan. Hehehe ... Ida, sori yer, aku dah sampai TTDI baru kitaorang teringat kan ko. Takpe, nanti masa kita nak melantak kat Shogun aku kontek ko.

Nie je lah gambar-gambar yang sempat ambik, sebab makanan sampai jer kitorang terus dig in.

Keistimewaan Sushi Groove nie is makanan dia tak pricey sangat especially in the Japanese Gourmet category. Hari nie kitaorng order 3 bento set - Groovy Beginning (items are either baked and fried & salad), Tempura & Beef Set (lupa nama dia) and Kungfu Fighting (selection of sashimi, sushi and nigiri). Suasana restoran dimalapkan dengan hanya berlatarkan lampu dan dekorasi hijau. Hmm, tak rasa groovy pulak compared tu Yo! Sushi. So pada sapa2 yang nak try Japanese food tapi taknak makan yang ala2 sushi and sashimi, Groovy Beginning is a must try and highly recommended. Keseluruhan dining experience I bagi 4****.

Highlight of the day, kira2 pukul 4, Rajbeer ajak I date minum petang kat Ali Maju Bistro dengan Tuan Preetam (Timbalan Presiden TTPR). Sebenarnya I takde mood nak join them sebab I pening betul dengan laporan pemajuan tanpa lesen and satu kes yang kitaorng nak dakwa. But my gut feeling kata, jumpa jer lah. Rupa2 masa Tuan Preetam jadi legal advisor kat KPKT dulu dia yang selalu buat litigation. Patutlah banyak I selalu jumpa nama dia dalam kes-kes lama yang dah charge. Ingatkan orang lain.

Satu persatu dia guide me through some of the housing cases that I am dealing now and keputusan-keputusan mahkamah berkaitan dengan perumahan. Eeee... aku rasa nak peluk jer tuan Preetam sebab bukan aku nak kata LA sekarang tak bagus tapi dia pun baru so byk kes lama dia takde masa nak go through the historical background. Terus I buat appointment nak ambik citation kes2 tuh.

Sebelum balik, dia mintak tgk tapak tangan aku. Eeee, seram lah pulak. So tiba2 dia kata hmm, the next person that comes into your life will be the right one and I know how many children you will have. Masalahnya ... yang mana satu ???? Oppsssssssssss.............

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thai Fried Rice For The Soul

I had series of headaches today after mobilising and giving orders at everyone in Meli style yang ala2 kuku besi tuh. Dijamin berkesan untuk buat keje jalan especially saat kritikal begini. I had no choice but to apply Meli's management style sebab my boss and my Dato' LA rely on me now after kena heret ke hulu dan ke hilir oleh Dato' KSU after PEMUDAH meeting. Semua gara2 satu email dari Tan Sri KSN himself semalam.

Well I have nothing to complain coz personally I knew deep down they had no choice. Plus kalau I jadi boss pun I want an officer that can assist and accommodate me, or make good and wise decisions in my absence. Anyway, I have sensed long ago that this tsunami is coming so awal2 lagi I dah task force kan semua kertas siasatan so that by the time PEMUDAH people start nak cari our kesalahan, all the IPs dah ada kat Unit Perundangan or dengan AG Chambers people. Kesian pulak I tgk Timbalan Pendakwaraya yang muda2 nie mencacai mendaftar kes semalam.

Ingat dulu bila some officers mengutuk I menyibuk tolong budak2 teknikal and pemantauan kewangan sebab honestly, I had no choice. If they don't or don't know how to do their work my team can't start issuing compound atau start prosecution on errant developers sebab siapa nak jadi saksi atau nak mengesahkan bukti. Sistem dan prosedur dah ada, cuma I kena expand and perbaiki sahaja.

Fuh... penat betul otak I by lunch. Hmm, nasib tak jadi Ketua Pengarah lagi (berangan!!!) Nasib baik Syu called sebab dia pun tgh sedih and stress. She need to get her problems out from her system ... so I ajak dia makan kat Food Garden @ Midvalley ... best2 jugak selection kat situ ... so today kitaorang pilih Lanna Thai - Thai Fried Rice. As displayed on the gerai board, this month, Thai Fried Rice nie ranking no. 2 kat gerai tu dengan jualan mencecah lebih 1200 pinggan.

Memang sedaplah Thai Fried Rice dia nie . Dari segi star rating untuk Thai Fried Rice I bagi 4 ****. Tgklah next time I makan kat situ lagi nanti I ambik gambar Pineapple Fried Rice dier, yang menduduki tangga teratas dengan jualan mencecah 2400 pinggan.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Farewell F4, Welcome F1

Never in my life, bangun awal pagi semata-mata nak tgk ending drama Korea online. Hehehehe ... bestnyer time2 kritikal nie broadband maxis coverage in my area pun dah marvelous. Memang berbaloi lah pengorbanan itu walaupun lambat gi ofis sebab terlena kejap lepas habis menonton. Eeee, masuk je lah mana2 forum tentang Asian Drama nie semua sedang hangat bercerita pasal Boys Before Flowers nie termasuklah my sunbae kat Durham, Re Soo Min (nama Korea dia) hahaha.

Re Soo Min sunbae, one of my friends once told me , orang-orang yang buat PHD nie most of them time live in their own world and deep in their own thoughts ... so sekali sekala tak salah layan drama Korea nie to expand your imagination hehehe

To my amazement bukan setakat Asian region jer tapi sampai Europe, Australasia and Latin America. Tgk mcm mana besar peranan fan sub group mengangkat martabat industri drama Korea, sebagaimana they did to Japanese anime. Hmmm ... out of curiosity ada ke tak orang fan sub kan drama Spa Q dan Natasha ke bahasa lain ...

Anyway, akak pun dok sibuk promote drama Starlit kat depa2 nie jugak, bagi up sikit drama Taiwan pulak. Anyway, F4 and BBF Korea nie pun bukan famous dalam acuannya sendiri. Nie pun sebab kejayaan Meteor Garden. I kureng sikit la drama Taiwan nie after Meteor Garden, except tahun lepas drama Bull Fighting lakonan Mike He and Hebe (S.H.E). Lagu2 dia best.

Rasa nak promote lah Starlit nie kat Miss Kang, asyik2 tgk drama Hokkien lakonan Taiwanese Ah Cheng jer.Mcm mana nak improve Mandarin gitu, aku takpe lah boleh cover sebab hybrid. Dia dah cop kat IC Kang Bee Leng hehehe ..

BTW, anyone tgk F1 kat Sepang International Circuit on 3 April - 5 April ? Aiyaaa... akak tahun nie tak dapat jadi gadis litar lah sebab kena korbankan weekend nie .. eeee

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