Thursday, October 16, 2008

Froggie Flat Tyre

Last week, I so "kesian" my little Froggie. Few months back, she got her left-side front tyre pricked by a small nail but I managed to get her to the tyre shop and got her left tyre fixed. But I never thought her left tyre got pricked again until it almost flat. And I only realised it when I reached my office parking. Earlier I was puzzled why my Froggie lost its balance and why so many cars honked me. Gosh! We cute women are born to drive cute (and expensive ;P) cars not changed their flat tyres. But of course in moments like this I had no time to show off my macho self so why not pretend for a while to be the damsel in distress... hehehe.

Kesian Alex and Riduan. Had to be my "balachis" to put on the spare tyre. Never mind lah Lex... consider this as your physical training for DPA.


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