Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dirty Dancing - Time of My Life

FYI, Time of My Life has been one of my favourite songs. Song that will definitely bring smile to my face. Song that will brighten my day. Song that one day (...... and I seriously wish) will be my wedding dance number. Just the thought of it ... I am already on Cloud 9. Hahaha

I've been wanting to blog about this song when Glee Cast gave a new breathe to it in Season 2 Episode 9. It was truly mesmerizing listening to the beautiful voice of Quinn and Sam (sometimes it can be very boring listening to Finn and Rachel duet). However I was so busy and forgotten about it.

However, these passed few days, every time I switched on to (here in Penang I listen to most of the time) ... they always played the latest version and remix by Black Eye Peas. Aiyooo ... I can feel my heart bleeding mannnnnn..... How could somebody be so cold blooded and murdered this wonderful song!!!!! Really ... my heart cannot take it!

To be honest, when I first saw this movie yearssssss ago, how I wish, Bau or Pasar Batu 10 (the nearest township to my house) have all this ballroom dancing lesson. Few years back, my housemate, Nancy, did suggest that we took up ballroom dancing lessons in Sri Hartamas. But that time, my job (and till now) took up so much time.

Then as time goes by, I think I won't be able to find a dancing partner like the late Patrick Swayze that will be able to lift me up ... hahahaha (bestnyer dapat ketawa besar camni). I saw a video of Jennifer Gray and Derek Hough in Dancing with The Star ... but sorry Derek, I still feel Patrick Swayze was better (May God Bless His soul).

Therefore people, I am dedicating the original version of the song taken from the movie Dirty Dancing to all of you out there. I am still waiting for that Time of My Life! But hope I don't have to wait too long.


Si Yoyop Bah... said... aku pun tergelak besar bila mengenangkan partner mu mengangkat ko ketika menari. Hahahaha

norzah said...

Why do they call it Dirty Dancing, I wonder. The dancing is wonderful as far as I'm concerned. So are the songs and the singing.
The brisk and energetic movements in modern dances are of course traumatizing. But I still love the slow and graceful movements in ballroom dancing. It's to me like poetry in motion, bodily movements translated into the language of love and emotions. I can"t dance but give me an old tune like the Blue Danube and every movement of the partner in your arms creates a sensation that takes you to cloud 9.
Spare a dance for old me when you do get hitched, J.

(Note: This comment was at first placed under the wrong entry, J.)

rambomadonna said...

YY: Tu lah, asyik delay delay niat nak buat dirty dancing that by time dah ready ... Takde partner yg larat nak angkat hehehe

rambomadonna said...

Norzah, if u watched the whole movie, it was set in the 60s in a very conservative Jewish community. Though the steps are ballroom dancing but a lot of it are very very suggestive so it was called dirty dancing.

Hey, u should spare me a joget lambak moment at your daughter's wedding!

norzah said...

Sayang org sekarang takde joget lambak lagi dlm atau sesudah majlis perkahwinan, J. Kalau tidak memang u dah kena book siang-siang lagi. Why not after sesudah
Norazlin's wedding is over and I dah takde tanggungjawab lagi, we all go for a night out and celebrate.Ini mesti sebelum u yourself get hitched.

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