Monday, January 17, 2011

Coming Soon In March 2011

There will be a lot of "coming soons" in March 2011. Not that March is an auspicious month or what not but it seems that most of my personal and work-related projects will expect to be completed in March 2011. So hopefully we could see more interesting entries by then ... replacing my long hiatus last year.

However, there is this one particular "coming soon" that I am very excited about and been working on it since yesterday. Some of the materials here might be moved or futher elaborated there (opsss ... hint hint).

FYI, I was quite "sakit hati" with few certain individuals these past few days ... so I need to channel my energy to a better use. Plus recent news that was not pleasing to the ear and heart. So I reckon, I better documented some of my works through my blog. I have few other materials as well which I have yet to blog about.

Stay tune for more updates.


Ramli Nordin said...

J...wah...I dh decide nk panggil U J for the new year...hehehehehehe...U can do it baby...

rambomadonna said...

Hehehe Meli .... it seems that, nama komersial tu dah melekat these days hehehe. Aku tak mampu nak sambung belajar sampai PHD so buat2 projek2 macam nie sajelah yang aku mampu.

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