Thursday, January 6, 2011

Promosi "Back To Work" Telah Bermula ...

OMG ... these past few days were the most boring time of my life. Seriousssssly ... At first I thought maybe because it was Monday, my most not favourite day of the week (kalau ikutkan hari-hari pun tak favourite). Tapi kalau sampai hari ni masih liat nak buat kerja, something is wrong somewhere. Naturally, I will spend my time "connecting with people" on Facebook, wondering what they have been up to .. who knows I might find inspirations somewhere in the comments or the status.

To my dismay, most of my friends were discussing about their children first day at school ... how depressing (tik tok tik tok ... I could hear my biological clock ticking). But some posting I must say were quite interesting ... some posted photos of their kids's first day in class ... ada yang happy, ada yang meraung, ada yang muka kedak asam payak (so sour) ... hahaha

Then suddenly I remembered my own first day in school (hari2 mintak mummy iron baju) sampailah all the excitements of preparing for school. If you asked me what was the best part about going back to school .... well for me it would be buying toiletries (boarding school maaa) and stationery. I love being in a stationery shops and marveled at the mechanics of some stationery designs especially the ones which are from Japan, very practical.

So memandangkan akak cuma ada anak-anak ikan jer kat opis so semalam akak pun sibuk-sibuklah beli alat tulis untuk diri sendiri bagi memulakan tahun pekerjaan di 2011 at Popular Bookstore KOMTAR. To be honest, I don't like some of the stationery items supplied by my office. Although I have a say in the buying process but most of the time I let my admin staff do the ordering. I usually have special pens for signing and for writing. Hey, do you know that Lilian Too once said that good signing stroke can be very auspicious?

My signing pens.

Mesti suprise kan? Pen mahal tak semestinya memberi impak yang maksima dalam surat-surat anda. I love looking at people's signature sometime. Penting jugak signature tu nampak bold and bersesuaian dengan kedudukan dan pangkat si penandatangan.

My writing pens. Yang paling kanan pen Tourism Malaysia, latest addition.

When I was in school, friends always commented my handwriting as tulisan typewriter. If based on zodiac, Virgoans and Snake are supposed to be organised people. I don't see myself as the organise one (in terms of physical arrangement). Maybe more the organiser kot hahaha.

But to be honest, when I was in secondary school, my parents taught me to be thrifty but rewarded me once in a while. Though now I could afford to get myself an expensive Parker or Shaffer, I still reward myself with lots of Pilot pens (range between RM 3 to RM 15.00) instead. Sebabnya every time my dad came back to visit us or for holidays then, he always gave me a good Pilot pen and pesan, "This is a very good pen. Make sure you take care of it". Of course the continuous reminder that it cost him more than RM 10.00 sampai i takut betul lost the pen. Apatah lagi nak write with it.

Anyway, since I selalu kena ambik minit mesyuarat when I was in KPKT (at the same time training menulis dengan pantas for PTK) I grew fond of Stabilo Exam Grade Pen (harga RM 1.90 jer). Satu pagi yang hening, my favourite pen tiba-tiba hilang .... terusssssss akak buka kertas siasatan (IP) dan buat rakaman percakapan suspek-suspek utama tu sampai my EO that time Nasir said "Cik jaime ... cik Jaime ambiklah semua pen saya, saya tak rela jadi suspek utama". Hahahaha... (lama sebenarnya tak ketawa macam ni)

When I was little, there were 2 things that I disliked the most - my pencil sharpener and glue. Yelah, mummies would exercise their rights to "mummy knows best" when go shopping kan. .. Ingat tak dengan sharpener harga 20 sen yang ada cermin tu? That sharpener memang tak boleh pakai, kalau sharpen mesti pensil patah atau tak tajam. And then the 20 sen glue made of rice/starch. I really hate the stickiness and the mess that I made during Arts lesson using that glue ... u know masa cikgu ajar buat "collage". Even all those clear watery glue (mahal sikitlah around 80 sen). It makes the paper nampak lencun. But when I was in Form 4 and 5 ... wajib ada pencil sharpener yang ada cermin tu. Hahaha ... untuk tengok cute male classmates yang suka duduk belakang hahahaha (rear mirror) ... really miss my best buddy Sara.

Can you guess which one is for the thicker sheets of paper?

Taraaa .... Marvelous kan? Boleh masuk pencil case akak yang comel lagi hehehe

Aikkss ... high school icon lagi kah hehehe. Beli dulu pun nak simpan stationery for PTK exam. I remembered on first week in kindergarten I fought with my sister Joan (that time was 4) over my pink pencil case. My mum asked me to "mengalah to adik" and promised to buy me a new one. That weekend my mum bought me a new blue pencil case yang ada gambar gajah hahaha. Masa tu most kids maybe didn't know much about cartoon characters unlike now ... Ben 10 lah, Barbie lah

As I was going through my drawers and "courses bags" I found this memo pad calender that I bought in MPH bookstore. I almost forgotten about it.

Word of Wisdom for the month of January. Just what I need.

This one is for the month of February. Sindir aku ker?

As Penang State Government is enforcing the "No Plastic Bags" rule everyday ... I repeat everyday... so terpaksalah akak mula pegi shopping dengan bag-bag akak yang sungguh "chic" dan self promo nie hahaha .... so 1Malaysia Green and Clean and Malaysia Truly Asia gitewww ...

Last but not least, today is the 23rd birthday of my youngest sister Jayne Yvonne Bejit Yeoh ... Bejit is her unofficial Bidayuh name hahaha, in honour of her very very "lotsa jits" childhood. Happy birthday sis!


norzah said...

Wow, what a trip down memory lane, J. Can't help smiling all the way while reading it, especially when the useless pencil sharpener with a mirror suddenly became a must in school. I am sure the boys sitting behind you always appear in their best attire knowing that you'd be watching them. A little secret of mine. I used the instrument box with a mirror to watch the girls. It gave a wider view than your pencil sharpener hehehe.
Your collection of ballpens made me smile, particularly when the expensive rm10 Pilot pen became more of a prized possession rather than a writing instrument? Did it ever write at all or get you high marks in composition. I had one pen that always scored an A in essay writing. I lost it and began to receive a B or even C. Superstition? Call it what you want but an A is an A and a C is a no-no.
The quarrel about the pencil box is a mostalgic scene to me, involving Norzam and Azlin. I thought a boy and a girl had a different choice and bought different ones. But they always quarrel over the same one. That started the habit of buying identical things.
Yes, mother knows best but the way she handles problems can make a father squirm. When the kids quarrelled it was she who cried. That was when I had to use the cane, on the kids of course.
Well, your comeback to the blog is most refreshing. Keep bloging away, J, and your boredom with work - not always i'm sure - will just dissipate. Don't laugh too much while writing though or someone will have a wrong impression of you.

rambomadonna said...

Norzah, I will always laugh everytime I remember the sesi rear mirror time sekolah. Masa form 1-form 3 ramai my male classmates yang masih tak reach puberty so we girls usually suka tgk senior schoolmates. But after SRP holidays ... ramai pulak yang tiba2 nampak segak hahaha. Semangat betul time tu nak pegi sekolah hahaha (bersemangat for the wrong reason)

Believe it or not, I pun ada pen yang khas for exam! It was a Papermate Kilometrico yang masa tu cost about 30 sen. Tapi kena pilih yang ballpoint dia halus. I notice kalau I pakai pen ni, I mesti dapat markah elok. Maybe it makes my handwriting nampak cantik dan kemas so cikgu mudah nak baca dan marking. Kalau i pakai pen lain, mesti markah teruk sebab tulisan tak cantik hehehe.

I never dare to use that RM 10.00 pilot pen to write sebab I takut kalau ink habis, my mum tak mampu nak beli hahaha ... that time I always think daddy kaya than mummy, now selalu tease mummy kaya than daddy (sebab daddy retired).

As I grow older, I also noticed that younger siblings tend to copy cat their older siblings. Regardless sama jantina or lain jantina. Especially kalau age gap dia quite close. My niece Gina doesn't like to be treated like a princess (she is a princess to my mum alright) ... because she has 3 brothers that unconsciously taught her to think like a boy. So instead of giving her Barbie, I gave her Barney (so its unisex).

I will try to make time to blog more. Talked to my blogger friend Vincent yesterday about my blog traffics and postings that get most views. So refreshing! U too jangan stop blogging. Ur blog and postings are my more serious reading source.

mohdsazali said...

Bos... i kat ofis ketawa mcm orang gila... syok baca entry nie...

saya memang tak suka menulis2 nie.. tapi suka baca blog2 orang lain... coz mcm blog bos... boleh hilang tension n menaikkan semangat kerja kadang2... at least saya rasa bos still dekat lagi.. w/pun dah lama sangat tak berjumpa n berborak face to face...

selain itu, blog2 yang link ngan bos pun suka baca jugak macam blog norzah, lebih serius dan membuatkan saya banyak berfikir. (it's good)

apa2pun just ingatla kalu kadang2 rasa jemu tulis bloq.. bos ingatkan dalam kepala, dengan tulis blog ini, bos dah membuat orang lain berasa gembira n release tension macam saya bila baca entry yang di postkan... he 4x

rambomadonna said...

Zali, terima kasih la kerana sudi meluangkan membaca blog cheq yang tak seberapa ni. I masa tulis ni pun dok tergelak sorang2. Hahah ... nasib lah i gelak manja, bukan mengilai, tgh malam pulak tu.

Perjuangan ini akan diteruskan Zali, selagi nyawa masih dikandung badan ... chewah! I akan cuba lah memuatkan kisah2 terhangat dan lucu untuk tatapan pembaca setia tengkiu (very the artis sgt)

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Yg pencil box gajah tu mungkin "jumbo the elephant" kot?. Best entri kali ni...Teringat jg jaman persekolahan...Alangkah bagusnya kalau jaman persekolahan 'sekolah menengah' itu boleh diulang semula...
Ko tau apa dan siapa yg aku nak recall kan?. Hehe

rambomadonna said...

YY: Siapa ya cikgu? Tak paham lah hehehe

Yeen said...

I have the tourism malaysia brown bag! :)

rambomadonna said...

Aduh Yeen, I mmg banyak stok. Kalau putus tali, ambik lagi satu hehehe

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