Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ops Pisau Cukur 2011

Nak ketawa bila baca komen Norzah on FB (I am not sure which wall post) that goes ..." happy hunting J". Auwww terasa diri ini predator sangat. Tapi bagus juga encouragement tu. Nak tunggu being the hunted, rasanya the next 10 year i will be "haunting" instead of "hunting" hahahaaha

However a long pillow talk (until 4 am ) with my friends on Blackberry Messenger group conference, I realised my hunting operation need more than just domestic goddess training, total makeover and kewl gadgets. I have suspected it few months back after reading Oprah Winfrey's article in a Health Magazine but after chatting with my friends, it sort of affirm that my thyroid problem datang balik. But instead of being hyperthyroidism, it became hypothyroidism. I read some health articles on the Internet that hyperthyroidism may eventually lead to hypothyroidism. In my case I was no longer under medication and treatment since year 1998 and my last health screening in 2002 showed my thyroxine hormone was OK.

We were discussing about my friend's struggle on coping with his gf silent temper due to hypothyroidism. So I pun tercerita lah about my family and friends struggles with my studden change in behaviour, the confusions and heartaches they had to go through. That time I was in boarding school, my teachers thought I had disciplinary problems pulak ... you know sebab trouble sleeping at night I couldn't wake up sometimes and had trouble concentrating. I knew then I was not well but I was also confused with the illness. Until my Auntie Rose (mum's elder sister) helped me out as she too had the same problem. It turned out my other Auntie Rose (dad's elder sister) also had thyroid problems. Aiya ... I inherited the Roses genes rupanya.

Back to the pillow talks, as my friend explained further about the hypothyroidism symptoms ... I think my heart stopped beating for a while. I felt like I was being diagnosed. I sort of like mistaken my sudden weight gain/lost or mood swings as effects of stress and aging. I felt depress for no reasons sometimes ... again I blamed it on stress. But some other signs like dry skin, sleepiness, keletihan and tak tahan sejuk ... haiya that's it. I am going to get medical checkup by end of this week.

So as I waited for my "mood problem" to be solved by end of this week, yesterday afternoon I decided that I should start my domestic goddess training by cooking special dish for dad for lunch. Barulah terhegeh-hegeh nak carik buku resipi yang beli jer tapi tak pernah buka. Btw, I inherited another of the Roses gene ... passion for cooking!

Auntie Rose Penang really spoil me rotten here. I am soooooo the Princess here. Oh my Gucci!!! Sampaikan pegang senduk dan periuk pun dah rasa sangat janggal. Bagaimanapun bagi memastikan operasi ini berjalan lancar, selongkarlah mana-mana periuk belanga and kuali at our town house kitchen. Then I went to Chowrasta Morning market beli asam jawa and fresh kunyit/cili giling. Don't play play u know ... here in Penang, curry, rempah giling is sold by Chinese, with recipes handed down from generation to generation.

I decided to cook Red Snapper Gulai Assam Tumis for my dad, based on Auntie Rose recipe, which was handed down from my grandma who learned it from my great-grandma. Yes .... I am from Cina Peranakan family. One day I'll post photos of my great grandma in her baju panjang. I have tasted many so-called peranakan dishes by some so-called peranakan sellers but I wish to state here that Auntie Rose cooking is authentic Peranakan. Cukup segala rempah, pedas and what not. Sometimes it is not the elaboration in the cooking preparation ... it's the flavours!

The verdict: Dad loved it sooooo much and minta me to cook again. Yeaaaaa .... Jom kita memancing!


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

1. Mana yg pisau cukurnya?.
2. Kalau dah pass masak tu, dah boleh benar kahwin tu. Huhu. Bak kata pepatah, to win a man's heart is through his stomach.

rambomadonna said...

YY: Operasi tu yang dinamakan pisau cukur, u know sempena filem Pisau Cukur (memancing BIG fish). Mmg operasi ni perlu dilaksanakan dengan teliti kerana BIG fish usually has BIG stomach hahaha

mohdsazali said...

bos... lamanya tak dengaq citer... malas update blog. ka... apa2 pun happy new year la.. semoga tahun ini lebih baik dari tahun2 yang terdahulu....

rambomadonna said...

Zali: waaaa rindu nya kat U. Bukan malas update. Selalu masa terluang diluangkan untuk benda lain jadi bersawanglah blog ni. Happy New Year to you too ... yes i wish that too. And I wish u all success, wealth and health.

Penat wooo 2010 tau.

norzah said...

Hahaha, Jaiame. I think you're finally hitting the right note on the precursors to matrimony. Ops pisau cukur is too down- to- earth and degrading, as implied in Yoyop's response. I like hunting for the Rajawali better. It becomes an honorable task with an ethical standard of its own.

Yes, one way to the male's heart is through his stomach, goes the old adage. But that can mean a lot of things now. You must know not only what he likes to eat but also the pantang larang, the health supplements he takes, the relatives he can stomach and those he can't etc.etc. I sum them all under 'sacrifices' . But the payoffs in having a man at your side to share all things and feelings with, is only known by those who are happily married.

Hey, enough of my own ramblings. I wish you again a happy new year and a prosperous Ops Rajawali.

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Maybe the actual meaning of Pisau Cukur makes the operation sounded degrading. However, kalau tengok filem tu betul2, it's the kesungguhan nak cari Laki itew yang i nak terapkan dalam operasi ni. Else, it would be just like last year (and the many years before last) resolution hahaha opps pecah tembelang.

And satu lagi ... taknak kalah dengan YY!

Abet said...

Me so jeles of your cooking!!

norzah said...

Ok, i saw the film n agree with the mission - a most honorable one. Don't know what techniques you' re going to use for as a man i can certainly give a few tips. More, i can tell you whether they will work or not. Anyway it's both a secret and sacred mission, so all the best.

rambomadonna said...

Kazen: Ya baru cooking of a little goddess. belum full goddess gik.

Norzah: Teknik ... senang jer... Jom kita memancing hahaha (panassss)

alferdoz said...

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