Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bienvenidos 2011

Chakkkkkk .... suddenly it's already 2011.

It always feels like "it was just yesterday" we celebrated the arrival of the yesteryear on New Year. And as usual, most would just copy paste whatever resolutions they had the many last years. Me included. Easy ... as humans love planning but to get plans done, so many excuses. Just like my HOT PANT and BIKINI dreams hahaha

Anyway, I intended to get this entry done and published by the stroke of midnite. Satu kali YY and myself chatted about our 2011 strategies and 2010 painful memories, I heard countdown and fireworks from Georgetown (oh yaa... I stayed at the townhouse for New Year).

YY sent me a wish and popped up the "dangerous" question?

Hahaha, akak pun tak sangka ... so bold and spontaneous (and honest). But to tell you all the truth, yesterday morning when I woke up from my slumber and started to think of my achievements in 2010 and whether or not God has answered my prayers, I realised not only HE answered most, siap bagi extra lagi!

I tak tipu ... in 2009, hati I banyak meronta nak travelling daripada nak kawin. When I prayed to God, I can feel the yearning and desperation inside me when asking for blessings to see the world but when asking for finding the ONE, ada macam satu hesitation. Its like ... jalan2 dulu baru kawin. And another thing ... once married, not only your new family will pull u to the ground, your husband's family, your own family, your extended family ... and being a person making my own decisions throughout my life, listening to someone else making plans for you is a NIGHTmare hahaha

Why the change of heart? Kalau nak tau ... I suggested you all to watch this movie ... The Young Victoria. A story about the life of the young Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I love this movie, siap research lagi about the characters in the movies ... who they are, how they influenced Queen Victoria's thinking/life etc etc... In a certain way, it has similarities with my own personal life. Kat mana tu, I taknak cakap.

Of course, it may not be easy to find a person like Prince Albert. But if I prayed hard, maybe I get someone better. Right? If last year, I just planned to visit few places ... sekali sana sini pulak God make me travel. Hmmm ..... inviting thoughts jugak if many hunks fight over you kannnnn .... hahaha


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Ko tgk Movie tu kat cinema ke DVD?
Psl aku tak nmpk posternya lg?. Mcm copot pulak jantung ku tgk gmbr yg last tu...Hahaha...Astaghfirullah...

rambomadonna said...

YY: That movie was released in 2009. MMg takde kat pawagam rasanya. Aku tgk kat Internet. Sementelah berukben laju sikit hehehe

Jantungku copot jugak bila adegan tu! Takde apa pun tapi the intimacy .... buat diri ini tak keruan hahaha

norzah said...

I am so happy to see both of you on the blogpage again and giving comments like bofore. Ingat you berdua sudah berubah dgn cara tg berlainan tapi kerana dorongan yang sama - focusing on 'the prince'. The new year discussion must have covered a huge chunk of past adventure and future plans-
Well what can i say but to wish tou both the best of the best. The film you refered to must be gaspingly romantic, j, and one can swoon over it. But believe you me, actual love
Is no sweetcake. There're lots of tears and sacrifice in it, that makes it sweeter and more lasting. Yes, the habit ov f making a decixion all by yourself will have to thrown overboard once you get into yhe lobe boat. But there will be lots of compensation.
So, happy new year and happy hunting, J.

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Mmmg byk yang dibualkan and mostly the fault is mine. Busy sampai terpaksa neglect blog and member. Jadi ambil peluang ni utk catching up with each others life.

The movie is not romantic but it clearly depict the feeling of a man marrying a very rich woman, the compromise they have to make, and of a woman wanting to be seen as an equal, a partner, the real QUEEN in the man's heart.

Now, women can be CEOs and their husband may be a despatch or just a driver. But if each could see each other as equal and understand each others strength and responsibilities, the marriage may still works!

norzah said...

Touche on your last comment. Yes, even a marriage between a CEO bride and a DRIVER groom will work if both can appreciate and adjust to each other's position
and responsibilities. What is most difficult is accepting each other as an equal in term of matrimonial obligations, and ignoring society's (and relatives') questioning glances at the couple. It is society and relatives who make such CEO-DRIVER ties almost impossible.
Once you overcome the status-difference kind of phobia, the world can become your fishing or hunting ground. A husband would be a husband no matter what positions he holds in life - even when he holds no position at all as do some pensioners like me, hehehe. Even a difference in height ( like a six-foot girl and five-foot man) doesn't matter since in a horizontal position, height does not count, Oops, am i going off tangent?

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: hahahaha ... height does not matter, but size does (hahahahahahahahahahaahahhahaah) OMG... I need to speed up this hunting and fishing operation.

You are right about society and relatives questioning glances. Marriage should be meeting of the mind (heart and soul as well)but still most people forget that a CEO bride after a long day at work may not want a lavish dinner in a fancy restaurant but just want to be in the arm and embrace of her DRIVER groom.

... thus I would like to ammend our civil service mantra ..." Performance first, people later"


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