Monday, January 26, 2009

Xin Nian Lai Lor Part 2

Happy "Niu" Year of the Ox everyone ... May this New year bring you abundance of wealth and health (or new L.O.V.E) to everyone .... to Meli D'Bonn, thank you for the new year's wish and perhaps it's time for you to shake your BON BON too... kau pun sampai bila nak menjanda akak ooooiiii ...

This year, we celebrated the new year in Kuching without my dad as my grandma is very ill. He had to cancel his flight 2 days ago to be with her. I went back to Penang last week to visit her and I think she may have few weeks left. We just hope she will hold on until after new year coz in the Chinese Calender, my dad was born on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. But thinking about it, if she didn't make through tomorrow, fate has a way of making people remember her on the calender. The other reason is she was born on Christmas Day.

Despite that, we still carry on with our CNY plans without the "original" Chinese patriach. Every few hours we will call Penang for latest updates. So far, her condition is stable.


Bought this special tanglung in Petaling Street for my KL apartment.

The tanglung upclose...

Still in KL - front door ornament

Kuching - view from the entrance of the house.

Little lanterns on my mum's wealth tree ..

My mum's chrysanthemum. Many of my mum's plants bloom flowers today ... ho ye ho ye...

Our CNY cookies ...

Our household is already very Malaysian Chinese so don't expect this kind of spread in other Chinese household

Our CNY model ... bought this dress in Petaling Street Chinatown...


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