Monday, January 24, 2011

Ushering The New Year of The Rabbit - Fengshui dan Dzi Beads

According to Lilian Too ...

"The Golden Rabbit Year of 2011" is a year of clashing discordant energy. It fuels the tendencey for many to take offence at the slightest provocation. Many will be quick to anger and impatience dominates the year. But it is also a year when many animal signs can make meaningful advances economically. Those who know how to tap into the veins of the good fortune will even rate 2011 a bonanza year.

These last 2 year I was not really into fengshui, as compared to when I first started in 2004. Having just moved into a new home, new office, being in strange land and had nothing to do during weekends, I decided I needed a hobby. I found out later that Uncle Tan studied geomancy and asked him to tutor me on some of the basic principles. I never fully master it ... for religious (and laziness) reasons ... however sometimes I did applied some of the "hard to understand logic" just for the fun of it.

Okay recently, the bad vibes of 2010 had been a HOT topic among a special group of friends and how it had affected their life. Well to be honest, the tiger year of 2010 too most was a challenging year with plenty of competitive pressures. But in general, for me a Fire Snake lady, it was ok and much better than the year before. So one of my friends told me that he was thinking of buying crystals for good luck charm for 2011. However I advised him to checkout the Dzi beads as I think it looks better on man as an accessory.

I noticed that lately these bead stones have gain popularity among private gem collectors (and feng shui practicioners) in Malaysia, usually for good fortune. The strongest energy comes from Tibetan precious white jadeite dzi, aged from 100 years above. These "old" beads price can fetch up to thousands of RM. New or young beads, aged between 2-3 years, are sold between RM 70.00 -150.00.

My first dzi bead was a 9-eye dzi bought in World of Fengshui MidValley in 2007. Cost me RM 388.00. That time, it was among the few places that sells genuine dzi beads. However, I found out later that mine was not a "young" bead. Hence, the price. Initially it came with a string of clear citrine crystal as a bangle. Later I replaced it with golden citrine for "more better " (hehehe ... apa punya English) wealth luck hehehe! FYI, contrary to some beliefs, crystal actually doesn't works for everyone if based on the person self-element.

Notice the difference in colour between my 9-eye dzi and the rest? Over the years, I bought few more into my collection, for specific purposes. Now I own a 3-eye, 11-eye, garuda, kuan yin and tiger tooth dzi beads. Some I made into bracelet, some as a necklace and some, I haven't decide what to do with it yet. Dzi beads to me ... are trendier looking than crystals (which are closely associated to old Chinese Ah So) hehehe

My favourite dzi bead stone would definitely be the Kuan Yin Dzi - meant for relieve of suffering and loneliness, and bring forth mental tranquility, strong protection, love, righteouness, joy, kindness and ensure safety in travelling on all mode of transport. Can you see the Kuan Yin image on the bead stone? I bought it in a pair with the Garuda dzi, however last year, my Garuda bead broke after my bracelet fell on the floor. Some people believe that it was a sign that a "harmful" luck as been overcome. Gulp!!!! (Garuda dzi is for very strong protection, cure serious illness)

I usually buy my Dzi beads at the Dzi Kingdoms with outlets in Mid Valley Megamall, KL and Gurney Plaza, Penang. Another good outlet is Gem Max Crystal Sdn. Bhd in Prangin Mall (Level 4). This is because some people sell fake dzi which are made from porcelain, plastic or glass. Better be safe than sorry. Make sure you ask the staff to do some Ba Zi readings first so that they can recommend the right dzi beads for you.

One of the hassle of owning a dzi beads or crystal beads is that we need to clean it once in a while to energize the "power". All you have to do is go to any crystal shops and request for "cleansing".They will put it in a large crystal singing bowl, that will create a kind of humming sound. Last year, before my transfer to Penang, I went to have lunch at Brem Mall Kepong with Mr Energy Savings and Guy Next Door. We passed one Crystal shop selling authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl. I've never intended to buy these bowls but sometimes the sound of it wasvery enchanting. Plus the one on display were just brought from Tibet. Hehehe ... i ended up buying one!

Anyway, you don't have to believe that it has special powers or what not. But I love my beads and I believe one day ... it may fetch high price, just like some rare old beads usually found in certain native accessories of Sabah and Sarawak. It's a keeper!


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