Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Korean Fever In The Prison

It has been quite a while since I last posted some interesting videos on this blog. I am still in my Korean Fever mode and as I was checking on some blogs on SuJu's (Super Junior) concert photos (saja nak compare dengan gambar2 I) I stumbled upon a site that link to these few interesting videos of the Dancing Inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre (CPDRC), Philippines.

My cousin and I think that this is a great effort and idea by the Centre, at least once they are release they could be employ as dancers. BTW, the Dancing Inmates perform every month to the public. Personally, we (as in gang MOTOUR ehemm ehemm) should take note ... it would be great if they all could dance to Tarian Cuti-Cuti Malaysia hehehe. My favourite is the Sewang.

NOBODY by Wonder Girls

NOBODY by THe Dancing Inmates

SORRY SORRY by Super Junior

SORRY SORRY by The Dancing Inmates

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Junior - Super Show 2, Malaysia

I don't know which one excite me more at the moment. Watching the awesome performance or capturing it on my cameras .Oh yea... I brought 3 cameras to the concert! My EOS, my IXUS and of course ... new addition to my gadget family .. Si Beri Hitam. But I have to say here .... SuJu Saranghae....

I know I am a bit "over-age" to go ga-ga over these K-pop Boys but I just couldn't help it. Not only they are good looking, they are also great performers! Even my 4-year old niece Amber got a HUGE crush over them. Last CNY, she told us ... "I also know Korean song .... sorry sorry sorry". Yes, it all started with this song "Sorry Sorry Sorry".

Honestly, I don't know the name of all the 13 members. And I only know 2 of their hit songs .. Sorry Sorry Sorry and Doraego. But when Rachel called me months ago asking if I would like to go to the concert I was like OK. So when I asked how much is the ticket and she said RM 458... I almost fainted! Wow ... I was sooooo reluctant to part with my money that time since I needed to save for my Jakarta trip last January followed soon after by CNY. Plus I never spent more than RM 200 for a concert or performances.

But when she explained that the RM 458 ticket was for the Rock Pitt so that we could see the SuJu members better, my gut feeling told me to go on with it. It reminded me of an incident when I almost didn't join Jett and Emel watching Cuci The Musical just because I was not willing to spent RM 150 for a non-establish performance. After last night ... fuhhhh the experience was PRICELESS.

Akademi Fantasia taught me a thing or 2 about the Dos and Don'ts of LIVE Concert photography. I may not be a PRO yet but at least I know how to handle my "limited" camera lenses better and understand the advantages of my both my compact and DSLR. Paling penting ... to avoid disappointment at the picture quality and ensuring "Capture The Moment" as shown above. BTW, I really have MAJOR crush on the two boys ... Leeteuk (left) and Siwon (right). OMG! Both are 10 years younger than me.

For the ladies ... one important tip if you bought a Rock Pit ticket and you wanted to take photos is make sure you wear a comfortable platform. I should have worn my Crocs platform yesterday ... I seem to forget that Sarawakians do not inherit their cousin Giselle Bunchen height hahaha. Can u see the handphone spoilling this pic? Haiyaa ...

Another great "technological" experience I had in this concert was to be able to capture and upload the concert photos instantly to my Facebook account via my Beri Hitam ... Anyway, I was really surprised to see so many young "schooling" teenagers in the Rock Pitt. Waa ... anak -anak orang kaya ker? Akak dah kerja 10 tahun baru mampu beli tiket SuJu dik oiii .. Even their cellphones were like "of the latest" models. Nasib lah akak baru bertukar ke Beri Hitam so taklah malu nak angkat-angkat tepon amik gambar depan depa!

I have to say ... I was so jealous of the media people. Not only they got the best seat, they got chance to brush shoulder with the boys ... oooo envy envy!

Overall, I really enjoy the concert despite suffering backaches from standing too long. Hehehe ... but I don't care as long as I could capture nice pictures, dance to my heart content and shout in Korean! Hahaha

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alice In "Very Weird" WonderLand

I notice few of my blogger friends have reviewed about this movie and most made comparison to AVATAR. But mind u though both are special effect movies, Tim Burton and James Cameron style of directing is different plus AVATAR is more to science fiction + heavy drama whereas Alice In Wonderland is a fairy tale/fantasy remaking. So the movies appeal to different crowd.

Anyway, as i had mentioned in Norzah's blog, I was looking forward to watch the movie as I am a BIG fan of Johnny Depp and Johnny is a frequent collaborator in Tim Burton's movies like Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Bettlejuice. But of course, if it's a Tim Burton movie ... mesti ada Helena Bonham Carter. Though I am not a BIG fan of hers, I think she played the part of Queen of Hearts well ... "Off With The Head"!!!!!!

Actually I was curious about Tim Burton's directing a fable like Alice. Not that I am a movie expert, it's just that many of Tim Burton's movies nie a bit gothic, dark, "Halloween" and soul less. So does this Lewis Carroll story fit his style of directing? When I think hard about it .. I have to say yes. I read the book when I was 9 or 10 and I find the Wonderland a bit weird rather than fantastic. Hey I am not alone ... this was a comment I got from one review article on the movie.

Ever since I was a kid , the original Alice in Wonderland illustrations have struck me as ...not pretty, ...not lyrical like the Disney pictures, but wierd.
That's what Carroll seems to have had in mind a ...wierd, unsettling wonderland all its own. Pretty was available in the 1800's but he chose hyper-realism. Burton is the first artist to understand this. The original (kids) book illustrations are very close to ugly and threatening. The photos from the movie seem to have finally delivered what the authors' vision really was....a scary unreality where we are never really quite comfortable.
This movie forces one to deal with a beautiful, but unsettling universe. This is bigger than 3-D. Cudoes!

However, Tim's version of Alice In Wonderland has made it Alice in "Very Weird "Wonderland. Just like Norzah, I was anticipating an "adventure" in 3D and again another disappointment. I find it so cold and weird . Huhuhuhu ... I have been watching disappointing sequels and remakes lah throughout 2009 and as of March 2010. Hmm I think they should have stick to the original Alice in Wonderland storyline ... then baru lah Johnny Depp's character akan menyerlah. Honestly if you asked me, Johnny is the best person to play the character of the Mad Hatter.

I was on my way to the cinema when suddenly this Mad Hatter came out of nowhere and walked so fast that I had to run after him. I managed to catch a pic ... sayang a bit blur hehehe

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Puan Director First Day

Hahaha ... "kejis" nyer tajuk entry nie kan? (pinjam kejap ayat feymes Meli and Adawiyah).

Anyway, today is my first day reporting for duty at Ministry of Tourism Malaysia (MOTOUR). Have been looking forward to this day ... sampai research lab on urban development in Singapore jadi research on Singapore's tourism industry hehehe ... As I had mentioned in my last entry, Singapore and Penang nie share the same history and commonalities but lately Penang mcm dah tertinggal jauh. Of course, Singapore and Penang at present ibarat mcm comparing orange and apple but as tourist destination, Penang definitely has it's own mark on the map.

Right now, I am fully detach or devoid of any sentimental feelings for my previous Ministry. Not that I will never cherish the memories and experience I gained throughout my service there, I just don't want to compare and I want to ensure I blend into the MOTOUR culture fast. Plus, semua Ministry memang ada common problems... maybe job description jer berubah. Even masa berborak dengan officers lama MOTOUR, banyaklah stori mori yang menarik keluar. In fact, tgk office MOTOUR at PWTC and PUTRA PLACE ... tak jauh beza pun dengan ofis KPKT. Nama pun Government...

My batchmate ... Nel (Sabah Office), Adawiyah (N9 Office) and junior batch Esther (Sarawak) reported today too. Jadi meriah lah sesi berkenalan dengan SUB Sumber Manusia , SUB Perkhidmatan Pelancongan, Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (TKSU) Pelancongan and Ketua Setiausaha (KSU). I terpaksalah mengaku Cina and give my most Cina Penang looks today. I found out KSU pun orang Ayaq Itam ... OMG ... jiran sebelah rumah kah? Hahaha ... harus akak "mentererkan" diri tentang area Ayaq Itam and kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya. Takut kena "spot check".

In fact, everyone dah "forewarned" me about Penang Office. From the politics, to the industry players, to the NGOs and staffs. This is where I think my experience in Enforcement become so important. Penangites to me memang "pro" in politics, consumerism, human rights ... and very sarcastic too. Just slightly better than KL lites. Tapi kan, enforcement KPKT pun lebih kurang jugak lah. Kalau setakat Penang jer, I can manage lah. Maybe I should treat this posting as new learning experience and rest sekejap from 8 years kepeningan kat enforcement. Sapa2 yang pernah kat enforcement tau lah.

I pun tersentak on how much I have lost in term of PTD Road Map lah ... Nel, Ad and Ester semua pernah buat HR, Admin and Kewangan. I if not menyibuk memang tak tahu langsung pasal admin and kewangan. Satu je lah my consolation ... nasib dulu Dr. P suruh I buat "hal ehwal korporat" for enforcement. At least I tau apa Star Rating, ISO, KPI, Pelan Strategik, penyediaan maklumbalas Parlimen, buat paperwork for penetapan dasar, Memorandum Jemaah Menteri etc. Like Ad put it... I banyak sangat buat core business Kementerian, bukan core business PTD.

I saw Ad and Esther were so worried bila we were informed that we have to do enforcement. To me ... mcm ofis lama pulak cuma saiz dan workload lebih kecik kot hahaha. I just work on to put everything in place dulu lah. Terkenang zaman re-org JPN start dulu ... I felt so hopeless when I don't know mcm mana nak re-organise staff ikut perjawatan yang diluluskan. Baru naik M48 pulak time tu. Time tu jugak lah baru sedar ... why we need to have sense of direction. Kalau boss sesat ... apa lagi anak buah! Terus akak pun check compass "fengshui" hahahaha

Oh cik yoyop ... buat masa nie tak nampak lagi objek-objek yang ingin dilihat.. was too worried pasal nak lapor diri to think about objek-objek. Tgklah if akak dah sampai ofis Penang nanti ...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kembalikan Sinar Pulau Mutiara

Travelings and vacations can be very very addictive sometimes. Last year, I booked for few trips straight ... of course, my transfer to Penang was quite unexpected nor it part of the plan. Nevertheless, it didn't stop me from looking forward to many other oversea trips. I wonder, lepas tak cuti bulan 6 ni huhuhu. Bangkok and Chiengmai dah melambai Sabbai, Sabbai ...

So Mr Energy Savings (Lim) and I decided to checkout the great offers and packages at the 2010 MATTA Fair at Putra World Trade Centre last Saturday. The place was really jam-packed with visitors and almost every booth people were seen inquiring and bargaining. Lim and myself were looking for great deals for Korea and Japan, particularly during the Sakura season between end of March and early April. Lim lived and studied in Japan for 6 years and was looking forward to return to Japan again. And of course I don't want to miss the chance traveling with a "free tourist guide". Furthermore, I can go free and easy ... taste the local cuisines, take great photos and shopping!

By comparison, Korean trip is way much cheaper than Japan but I save Korea for something else (hints: Winter Sonata) ... Aigooo ... next week is Super Junior concert and I just can't wait to meet them. Saranghaee ... Oppsss ... Lim had been telling me to learn basic Japanese online but I ended up watching KBS latest drama ... The Slave Hunter. Hahaha

So while checking out the booths, I saw Sarawak and Sabah Tourism Board booths. They were side by side and Sabah's booth nampak jauh lebih menarik dari Sarawak! :( My friend who worked in Sarawak Tourism Board posted on Facebook that they collected about RM 1.4 mililon worth of sale from the MATTA Fair. Wonder how much Sabah collected?

Actually I malas nak admit but I was anticipating Penang Tourism booth somewhere in the Fair. At least I get a glimpse of what they are promoting. I think I saw a Penang Tourism booth but why is the participants macam wakil from prominent hotels in Penang. Hmm ... this doesn't look good. Is Penang too famous to be promoted? Huhuhu ...

In fact today while checking out on development plan approval process in Singapore and digging more infos about Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority and URA Masterplan 2008, I find myself wandering away at the Uniquely Singapore website. Singapore and Penang shared a lot of similarities - historical background, the Strait Chinese culture, China town, Little India, heritage buildings to a point ... Singapore has Pulau Sentosa, Penang has Pulau Jerjak hahahahaa.

Suddenly I remember one BIG Billboard near the Ayer Itam market many, many years ago that said "Kembalikan Sinar Pulau Mutiara".

How???? Now I feel pressured!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Social Networking ...

Actually I am suppose to complete a report on "benchmarking" our proposed "transformational" ideas on property plans approval processes with other cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Gold Coast, North Sidney and Dubai. Tapi tiba-tiba ada "brainfreeze". Lagipun hari ini tiba2 WIFI kat PICC nie excellent pulak ... I LIKE ... Hebat sekali untuk bersosial melalui talian telekomunikasi dan alam maya...

Social networking nie has been a BIG issue lately in KPKT. Some people feel that it should be allowed during office hours on Ministry's internet connection, some suggested that it should be allowed on certain hours like lunch time, some are against the idea of social networking in the office at all. For me personally, as an active network socialite in a form of Facebook and a team leader/manager myself, I think we should allow it on certain hours.

Pertama sekali, it is the best way to CONNECT with your friends and peers. I discussed a lot of things with my friends on Facebook like PTK (ethical), latest GOSSIPs within and outside KPKT (non-ethical), getting information on studying abroad overseas especially with friends who got the HLP scholarship (ethical), checking-out old friends whereabout and making fun at friend's latest photos (non-ethical) hehehe

Kedua, it is the best way to DESTRESS. There are lots of game and video uploaded/links that we can check out. Other than that, tgk jer latest pics of our secret admirers kita dulu-dulu ... sure ketawa gila punya. Dulu macam Luke Perry in 90210, sekarang ada yang dah boroi, botak, jongang hehehe. Bila I rasa stress gila nak siapkan reports to Taskforce yang tak mudah-mudah itew, I turn to my Sorority Girls AVATAR ... Misz Donna ... Caya tak, in the Sorority world, I am a DIVA, ada 6 boyfriends (which I bought), own a private jet, 2 hummer (and berderet kereta mewah), wardrobe I semua designer brands mcm Gucci, Christian Dior, Manolo Blahnik, Carolina Heirera hehehe. Selain itu kita boleh chat dengan friends.

Ketiga, it is one of the best ways to get latest NEWS and INFORMATION if you subscribe to specific social group or fan clubs. Like me I am a fan of Malaysia Airlines System ... so latest news and promotions I akan tau lah. Selain itu, we also can get latest news melalui friends shout out or profile status.

Keempat, it is also the best to PROMOTE your blogs, products, services ... for those yang involved in small business lah. I jarang lah promote my insurance consultancy services on FB. Not the type yang agresif cari clients. Latest blog entry adalah sekali dua. Just to draw more viewers supaya boleh dapat income from NuffNangg hehehe. I pun suka promote my photo-taking skills in my FB. Sekali ... ada member pun minat fotografi. Wow, dapat bertukar2 fikiran and ideas ...

Whatever it is, I feel that the management of an organisation be it government and private sectors jangan lah tolak the idea of social networking in the office nie. It is a small "carrot" or reward kepada staff pun. The important thing is ketua unit or jabatan kena play a role untuk control and avoid misuse of the facility.

As I was typing this entry ... I tersenyum bila teringat incident yang berlaku pagi tadi. This morning we had a discussion with local authorities on planning approval process. My team dah siap report kitaorang so we sat behind ... semua facing laptop ... actively typing. So our team leader checked what we were typing and said...

"Wah ... kiri Facebook, kanan Facebook ... Encik Ghani sorang jer buat flowchart" . Encik Ghani ni Penguasa Bomba Kanan yang dah nak bersara.

Encik Ghani dengan selamba menjawab," I takder Facebook sebab ramai kawan dah meninggal atau buta IT. Nak Facebook apa ..."

At least tau lah apa itu Facebook yer Encik Ghani. Hahahaha

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Akhirnya ... Kini Pasti!

"Akhirnya ............ Kini Pasti, Kumerasai Cinta Yang Suci ....."

Hahaha ... this tune had been playing in my head eversince I got that "fax" from JPA this afternoon. Complete with the Bossa Nova at my Director's office who was on Emergency Leave ... terasa very the "Akak" Nita Sarawak yang Divalicious itew... Kalau Meli ada sekarang kat Tingkat 5, Blok K ... sure I dengan penuh kedivaan "flash" the surat pertukaran depan dia.

Been quite a while kan since I last guna bahasa yang ala-ala Diva nie. The last few entries penuh dengan mesej "kesedaran", "kesedihan", "kestressan", "kekalutan", "kemarahan", "kegeraman" dan hehehe "kesunyian" yang tidak ingin diakui hahaha.

Mungkin betullah kata Auntie Lilian Too ... my feng shui this year is fabulous and also rewarding for those who had been working hard. Semalam Dato' Seri Idris Jala praised our team for our "transformational" idea ... urging us to benchmark our idea with 5 other countries. Aiyooo ... very bold step you!

BTW, I already did my pre-report for duty last Saturday at MATIC Jalan Ampang. Rasa macam hebat sangat being introduce as the D* for State Tourism Ministry Office in Penang to future bosses and stakeholders. Actually, I am quite nervous meeting my Dato' KSU cause he thought that I speak Chinese. Aiyooo, now I have to train myself to be a Penang "lang" lo!

Anyway, I will have to convince him that I have fulfilled all the Tourism Ministry Officers requirements with flying colours. I can sing, I can dance and I was INSTRUCTOR tarian Poco-Poco during my BTN hehehe. Tarian Cuti-Cuti Malaysia ... piece of cake! Do you know that all senior officers in MOTOUR must know how to dance Tarian Cuti-Cuti Malaysia?

Hmm ... feel nervous pulak now. Dunno how it would be on the 17th huhuhu

Monday, March 8, 2010

In Search of The Best Carbonara

This is the second week of my Lab and already I am missing office ... nampak sangat the Lab so relax nyer. Actually, the lab usage of my "brain capacity" is like 80% but because I don't have to deal with "certain" human behaviours I can pull my hair down and enjoy the academic experience of the Lab. However, I couldn't bear leaving the office to my 4 heroes ... sorang hero Tamil, sorang hero Cina and 2 hero Melayu. So 1Malaysia kan my staff?

As I was enjoying the many cups of caffeine in between breaks, I wondered some of my unfinished business in KL. I miss the Eye On Malaysia ... I haven't been to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Oh yea .... I haven't found the best pasta carbonara yet! Untuk makluman misi mencari the best carbonara tak dapat diteruskan sebab faktor usia. Muak you!

I was very amazed by our young officers willingness to spend just to "treat" themselves. Maybe that's the uniqueness about Gen-Ysters. Had a sister who is a Gen-Y ... a lot of "ME" factors. Masa I M41 ... I guess nak makan mewah kena pikir 100 kali lah. However time tu pun Pusat Bandar Damansara memang vibrant dengan foodie attractions ... unfortunately banyak dah tutup bila banyak Kementerian berpindah ke Putrajaya.

Anyway we started our search by trying out the pasta carbonara at DOME cafe (at The Curve) on Guy Next Door recommendation.

Unanimous Verdict: The seafood is heaven but they were too stingy with their cream sauce. Cair and sikit sangat. Can be better however.

Our second search saw us found old hidden treasure in Pusat Bandar Damansara. Bayangkan 8 years kat PBD, I didn't know there is a San Francisco Coffee. Nampak sangat asyik bagi Pak Ali Maju makin maju hehehe. Huhuhu .. I am gonna miss all my "caffeine fix" session with Syu ... especially after facing stressful moments at work. Mostly after working group meetings, pengurusan meetings, where we had the pleasure of "bitching" about our bosses.

We decided to try out the Pasta Carbonara there when I treated Guy Next Door, Mr Energy Saving and En Mokhtar to a lunch sempena menyambut keberangkatan En Mokhtar menunai fardhu haji di Mekah last year. I have to say En Mokhtar is like a father figure to all of us, always listen to my problems and my "pillar of strength" masa zaman our office tak cukup staff and pengurusan atasan semua nak cepat and backlogs were in thousands!

This is turkey ham fettucine carbonara.

This is meatball fettucine carbonara.

Verdict: The carbonara sauce was very thick, and the staff was very generous with the sauce. Anyway .. I still prefer seafood carbonara DOME lah ... meatball and turkey ham memang tak sesuai lah dengan carbonara sauce.

Buat masa nie... tak mampu lah nak melantak pasta carbonara lagi. Even the sight of the cream sauce made want to "vomit". Dah overdose! Unfortunately too, both pastas fail to ignite the WOW factor that will make us willing to travel around the world just for the taste of it.

Anyway, yang penting that I want to highlight in this entry ... I am really gonna miss the companionship of those 3 guys ... what's the point of a having a nice meal without the right companion(s) kan?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nasi Lemak Tanglin

Most already know that I am leaving Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Kuala Lumpur and will start another new chapter in my civil service with Ministry of Tourism Malaysia State Office in Penang most probably beginning of April 2010. A 360 degree change in term of scope of works and logistic.

Suddenly I felt like missing KL and a lot of routine, "culture" and "practices" instilled deep inside me since 2002. One of it is hitting the foodie scenes whenever I went for my work travelling. Coincidently my team members memang kaki makan. So everytime we had to go outstation or doing on-site investigations, we will "oh-som" which foodie scene to hit.

For this entry, I want to start with the Nasi Lemak breakfast at Tanglin Community Clinic at Jalan Cenderasari. To get there, just follow the same route to Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Garden), follow the signboard to Bukit Aman Police Station and shortly you will see the signboard to the community Clinic.

Civil servants based in KL must know this place. I first discovered this place when my ex boss, Madam Yong instructed me to get treatment at the community clinic after weeks of running nose, sore throat and slight fever but never bother to go to the clinic. So our office driver had to drive me there as I didn't own a car then. But before leaving, my ex boss said "Don't forget to try the Nasi Lemak there".

So when I become the boss, I pass down the "knowledge" and "wisdom" about this eating place to my new officers. Especially if we are doing routine checking around Kuala Lumpur developers' offices and premises. As the boss, I normally don't have to join them but sometimes I feel like I need to get out once in a while. Plus putting the "elaun keraian" to a good and "proper" use.

I think what makes the Nasi Lemak here special is the rice. Steam to perfection with coconut milk, so it's not sticky or starchy. The choice of accompaniments also boleh tahan. Fried chicken, fried "paru" (cow's lung), beef rendang, bull's eyes eggs, cuttlefish sambal, crispy fried anchovies and peanuts.

Featured above is my normal order. I love fried "paru" and sambal sotong with my nasi lemak. Wash down with teh tarik or teh ais ... marvelous! Pricewise ... boleh tahan. Between RM 4-RM 7, depend on the accompaniment.

Nevertheless, I still wonder why the community clinic is called Tanglin. The area is not known as Tanglin. My search on the Internet only show that the clinic was formerly a Hospital Tanglin. Is Tanglin just a name?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The LAB That Change Mie

I had difficulties to update my blog since last week. Firstly, my "moving forward" mission means I had to go to war with many "people" and I did not expect to be selected for the Property Development Lab under PEMANDU (lead by Dato' Idris Jala) beginning 1March 2010. Secondly, the WIFI in PICC and MAXIS Broadband coverage around Putrajaya and Seri Kembangan was slow. So getting even a web page load took centuries (lebih-lebih lah pulak).

Just as an introduction, the LAB was organised by PEMANDU after it was revealed in Doing Business Report 2010 by the World Bank Group that Malaysia rank at 109 out of 183 countries in Dealing with Construction Permits, a drop from ranking 105 in 2009. Hong Kong and Singapore took up the no 1 and 2 spot respectively. So the "experts", the industry players and representatives from various related agencies were called to study and find solutions to the problems, plus what the Government should do to improve the rankings.

I will not elaborate on what are my roles and functions in the Lab as many still do not understand what "THE LAB" is all about or want to know how I do my work. But the from the bottom of my heart, I thank God the Almighty for this chance. The Lab not only open up my mind on my career building but whatever "uncertainties" I had over my decisions and "the attachment" feelings that I still had for my current position in the Ministry of Housing and Local Government completely vanish!

At first I offered to pull out from the Lab after finding out that what the Lab wanted to achieve contradict with what I can contribute from my field of expertise. But after 4 days into the Lab, I could see why my participation as well as my team members are vital. Our team approach are more on seeing and doing things differently and from another perspectives. So facilitators tend to like our ideas as it is in line with PEMANDU objectives pun. But of courselah ... other teams will not give up their ideas without an "intellectual fight".

That was when I realised no matter how good I am in my current job, my area of expertise is just peanut compared to the land experts, building experts, health and safety experts and of course lah industry players. My knowledge in those fields is piecemeal here and there. In fact I could not be considered "property expert" yet despite 8 years dealing with various housing issues. Sedih kan ... 8 years of commitment rupa-rupanya peanut sahaja ... Satu je lah my consolation ... when it come to consumerism, housing law or property business practice... semua pandang kat I.

The LAB also ignite my interest to further my studies in property development ... in particular "Redevelopment" and maintenance/restoration of historical or heritage buildings. In fact, one particular person ignite it so much that I am considering to extend the plan until PHD .... huhuhuhu. Boleh kata lah ... I am seeing the future Semin and Meli in this person. Funny, I am also seeing Norzah in this person. Perhaps because sama-sama ex-KSU and ada PHD kot hehehe ... BTW that person is Professor Datuk Dr Nik Mohd Zain Bin Nik Yusof, ex-KSU NRE.

I memang respect lah when he could identify, recite and explain provisions in the National Land Code dengan ketepatan yang luar biasa. Even the number of provisions in the Housing Development Act 1966 is only 1/50 of the NLC. Terbuka jugaklah mata dan pintu hati "akak" untuk terus belajar and memperbaiki diri. Anyway, learning is a lifelong process.

BTW, my "Googling" found quite a number of senior and high ranking civil servants "dulu-dulu" have PHD. Sekarang mcm lebih ramai yang ada PJK, PPJ,PPM hehehe

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