Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alice In "Very Weird" WonderLand

I notice few of my blogger friends have reviewed about this movie and most made comparison to AVATAR. But mind u though both are special effect movies, Tim Burton and James Cameron style of directing is different plus AVATAR is more to science fiction + heavy drama whereas Alice In Wonderland is a fairy tale/fantasy remaking. So the movies appeal to different crowd.

Anyway, as i had mentioned in Norzah's blog, I was looking forward to watch the movie as I am a BIG fan of Johnny Depp and Johnny is a frequent collaborator in Tim Burton's movies like Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Bettlejuice. But of course, if it's a Tim Burton movie ... mesti ada Helena Bonham Carter. Though I am not a BIG fan of hers, I think she played the part of Queen of Hearts well ... "Off With The Head"!!!!!!

Actually I was curious about Tim Burton's directing a fable like Alice. Not that I am a movie expert, it's just that many of Tim Burton's movies nie a bit gothic, dark, "Halloween" and soul less. So does this Lewis Carroll story fit his style of directing? When I think hard about it .. I have to say yes. I read the book when I was 9 or 10 and I find the Wonderland a bit weird rather than fantastic. Hey I am not alone ... this was a comment I got from one review article on the movie.

Ever since I was a kid , the original Alice in Wonderland illustrations have struck me as ...not pretty, ...not lyrical like the Disney pictures, but wierd.
That's what Carroll seems to have had in mind a ...wierd, unsettling wonderland all its own. Pretty was available in the 1800's but he chose hyper-realism. Burton is the first artist to understand this. The original (kids) book illustrations are very close to ugly and threatening. The photos from the movie seem to have finally delivered what the authors' vision really was....a scary unreality where we are never really quite comfortable.
This movie forces one to deal with a beautiful, but unsettling universe. This is bigger than 3-D. Cudoes!

However, Tim's version of Alice In Wonderland has made it Alice in "Very Weird "Wonderland. Just like Norzah, I was anticipating an "adventure" in 3D and again another disappointment. I find it so cold and weird . Huhuhuhu ... I have been watching disappointing sequels and remakes lah throughout 2009 and as of March 2010. Hmm I think they should have stick to the original Alice in Wonderland storyline ... then baru lah Johnny Depp's character akan menyerlah. Honestly if you asked me, Johnny is the best person to play the character of the Mad Hatter.

I was on my way to the cinema when suddenly this Mad Hatter came out of nowhere and walked so fast that I had to run after him. I managed to catch a pic ... sayang a bit blur hehehe


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Best jg bila dah tua2 bangka merasa jd budak2 balik. Mcm cantik dan best je props kat mid valley tu. Tp, aku teringin skals tgk show Disney on Ice

rambomadonna said...

Jom kita tgk next school holiday. Normally dia show during school holidays!

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