Monday, March 15, 2010

Kembalikan Sinar Pulau Mutiara

Travelings and vacations can be very very addictive sometimes. Last year, I booked for few trips straight ... of course, my transfer to Penang was quite unexpected nor it part of the plan. Nevertheless, it didn't stop me from looking forward to many other oversea trips. I wonder, lepas tak cuti bulan 6 ni huhuhu. Bangkok and Chiengmai dah melambai Sabbai, Sabbai ...

So Mr Energy Savings (Lim) and I decided to checkout the great offers and packages at the 2010 MATTA Fair at Putra World Trade Centre last Saturday. The place was really jam-packed with visitors and almost every booth people were seen inquiring and bargaining. Lim and myself were looking for great deals for Korea and Japan, particularly during the Sakura season between end of March and early April. Lim lived and studied in Japan for 6 years and was looking forward to return to Japan again. And of course I don't want to miss the chance traveling with a "free tourist guide". Furthermore, I can go free and easy ... taste the local cuisines, take great photos and shopping!

By comparison, Korean trip is way much cheaper than Japan but I save Korea for something else (hints: Winter Sonata) ... Aigooo ... next week is Super Junior concert and I just can't wait to meet them. Saranghaee ... Oppsss ... Lim had been telling me to learn basic Japanese online but I ended up watching KBS latest drama ... The Slave Hunter. Hahaha

So while checking out the booths, I saw Sarawak and Sabah Tourism Board booths. They were side by side and Sabah's booth nampak jauh lebih menarik dari Sarawak! :( My friend who worked in Sarawak Tourism Board posted on Facebook that they collected about RM 1.4 mililon worth of sale from the MATTA Fair. Wonder how much Sabah collected?

Actually I malas nak admit but I was anticipating Penang Tourism booth somewhere in the Fair. At least I get a glimpse of what they are promoting. I think I saw a Penang Tourism booth but why is the participants macam wakil from prominent hotels in Penang. Hmm ... this doesn't look good. Is Penang too famous to be promoted? Huhuhu ...

In fact today while checking out on development plan approval process in Singapore and digging more infos about Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority and URA Masterplan 2008, I find myself wandering away at the Uniquely Singapore website. Singapore and Penang shared a lot of similarities - historical background, the Strait Chinese culture, China town, Little India, heritage buildings to a point ... Singapore has Pulau Sentosa, Penang has Pulau Jerjak hahahahaa.

Suddenly I remember one BIG Billboard near the Ayer Itam market many, many years ago that said "Kembalikan Sinar Pulau Mutiara".

How???? Now I feel pressured!


norzah said...

Dah mulai terasa pressure kerja yg menunggu di P, Mutiara, ya? Gitulah pegawai yg betul-betul ambil berat dan responsible - belum masuk kerja kepala dah
pergi dulu tinjau masalah, hehehe.U've to compete with (or complement) P Langkawi as a tourist spot. Why don't you make a new film titled " Lambaian Pulau Mutiara" as a new launch. Barulah bakat shutterbug dan pengarah drama boleh dieksploiitasi sepenuhnya.

rambomadonna said...

I nie very particular about benchmarking. So I need to get opinion from tourists and potential tourists on what they are expecting from Penang tourism industry. Takut nanti I will be compared with previous pengarah when I guess by this time sebenarnya I might be cleaning up some mess. Huhuhu

I checked out Penang Tourism website semalam. My mind was thinking travel bloggers and shutterbugs .... just a new approach.

SeMiN said...

Penangites are looking forward to have a brand new director with loads of new fresh ideas and desires to shine the island of pearl tourism industry. hehehehe.... go rambo go!

rambomadonna said...

Semin: Tadi after report duty rasanya memang toughlah my job kat Penang. HUHUHU

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