Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nasi Lemak Tanglin

Most already know that I am leaving Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Kuala Lumpur and will start another new chapter in my civil service with Ministry of Tourism Malaysia State Office in Penang most probably beginning of April 2010. A 360 degree change in term of scope of works and logistic.

Suddenly I felt like missing KL and a lot of routine, "culture" and "practices" instilled deep inside me since 2002. One of it is hitting the foodie scenes whenever I went for my work travelling. Coincidently my team members memang kaki makan. So everytime we had to go outstation or doing on-site investigations, we will "oh-som" which foodie scene to hit.

For this entry, I want to start with the Nasi Lemak breakfast at Tanglin Community Clinic at Jalan Cenderasari. To get there, just follow the same route to Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Garden), follow the signboard to Bukit Aman Police Station and shortly you will see the signboard to the community Clinic.

Civil servants based in KL must know this place. I first discovered this place when my ex boss, Madam Yong instructed me to get treatment at the community clinic after weeks of running nose, sore throat and slight fever but never bother to go to the clinic. So our office driver had to drive me there as I didn't own a car then. But before leaving, my ex boss said "Don't forget to try the Nasi Lemak there".

So when I become the boss, I pass down the "knowledge" and "wisdom" about this eating place to my new officers. Especially if we are doing routine checking around Kuala Lumpur developers' offices and premises. As the boss, I normally don't have to join them but sometimes I feel like I need to get out once in a while. Plus putting the "elaun keraian" to a good and "proper" use.

I think what makes the Nasi Lemak here special is the rice. Steam to perfection with coconut milk, so it's not sticky or starchy. The choice of accompaniments also boleh tahan. Fried chicken, fried "paru" (cow's lung), beef rendang, bull's eyes eggs, cuttlefish sambal, crispy fried anchovies and peanuts.

Featured above is my normal order. I love fried "paru" and sambal sotong with my nasi lemak. Wash down with teh tarik or teh ais ... marvelous! Pricewise ... boleh tahan. Between RM 4-RM 7, depend on the accompaniment.

Nevertheless, I still wonder why the community clinic is called Tanglin. The area is not known as Tanglin. My search on the Internet only show that the clinic was formerly a Hospital Tanglin. Is Tanglin just a name?


norzah said...

Nasi lemak buah bidara, sayang selasih di dalam puan; buang emak buang saudara, kerana kasih saya turutkan. Cite u tentang nasi lemak mengungkai kenangan mengenai pantun itu.Dari KL ke Pulau Mutiara, batik lepas jadi pakaian; tinggallah hotel tinggallah menara, jejak pelancung jadi ikutan.
Muga-muga perubahan rutin dan udara akan membawa sinaran baru dihati dan jiwa, J. Asal jangan berhenti blogging sudahlah, hehehe.

white said...

nyamannya nasi lemak, tp mun kau yg masak, i bet it will be much more deleicious..hehehe..still ingat scramble egg kau molah dolok..

anyway, congrats jemi for the good news. I wish u a happy journey..iboh lupa aku yg akan still keja di KL kelak..

Nimi Momo said...

by the look of it, you gonna immersed yourself truly in penang and forgotten about kl in no time at all. how's ur house in sk then?

mohdsazali said...

Bos... tahniah... at last ..... semoga suksess hendaknya.. bila tarikh kuat kuasa... bagi taula.. buat la party sebelum pergi bolehla.. datang jumpa buat kali terrakhir...

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: I takkan berhenti blogging. It's a way for me to improve my writing skills and connect with other people in the cyberspace ... I sebenarnya ada rasa nervous sikit nak ke penang. takut new team tak macam my current team yang best sgt2. Tapi deep down, team tu pun tgk team leader jugak kan... kalau team leader hampeh, team member pun hampeh huhuhuh

rambomadonna said...

white: lamanya sik dengar berita kau.Bila kau akan kembali ke tanah air? about that scramble egg ... mengingatkan aku ngan bubur and kasam sabik pahit kau ... yummmm

Thanks... aku sikkan lupak ngan kau. susah senang kita datang merantau di KL.

rambomadonna said...

Nimi: Most of the time I balik to Penang as tourist... so now have to do paradigm shift lah. I haven't see myself living and working in penang sebenarnya. To be honest, malas nak restart sebenarnya.

The house I still maintain sebab I akan datang KL on and off.

rambomadonna said...

Zali: I tgh poning Lab skg nie so takde masa nak plan for the party. But I think I akan buat... don't u worry!

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Hmm...nasi lemak. Mengantuk bila dimkn diawl pg. Selalu jg dgr keglameran Nasi Lemak Tanglin ni. Nnt kalau ko kat Penang, I'll visit U.

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