Monday, March 8, 2010

In Search of The Best Carbonara

This is the second week of my Lab and already I am missing office ... nampak sangat the Lab so relax nyer. Actually, the lab usage of my "brain capacity" is like 80% but because I don't have to deal with "certain" human behaviours I can pull my hair down and enjoy the academic experience of the Lab. However, I couldn't bear leaving the office to my 4 heroes ... sorang hero Tamil, sorang hero Cina and 2 hero Melayu. So 1Malaysia kan my staff?

As I was enjoying the many cups of caffeine in between breaks, I wondered some of my unfinished business in KL. I miss the Eye On Malaysia ... I haven't been to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Oh yea .... I haven't found the best pasta carbonara yet! Untuk makluman misi mencari the best carbonara tak dapat diteruskan sebab faktor usia. Muak you!

I was very amazed by our young officers willingness to spend just to "treat" themselves. Maybe that's the uniqueness about Gen-Ysters. Had a sister who is a Gen-Y ... a lot of "ME" factors. Masa I M41 ... I guess nak makan mewah kena pikir 100 kali lah. However time tu pun Pusat Bandar Damansara memang vibrant dengan foodie attractions ... unfortunately banyak dah tutup bila banyak Kementerian berpindah ke Putrajaya.

Anyway we started our search by trying out the pasta carbonara at DOME cafe (at The Curve) on Guy Next Door recommendation.

Unanimous Verdict: The seafood is heaven but they were too stingy with their cream sauce. Cair and sikit sangat. Can be better however.

Our second search saw us found old hidden treasure in Pusat Bandar Damansara. Bayangkan 8 years kat PBD, I didn't know there is a San Francisco Coffee. Nampak sangat asyik bagi Pak Ali Maju makin maju hehehe. Huhuhu .. I am gonna miss all my "caffeine fix" session with Syu ... especially after facing stressful moments at work. Mostly after working group meetings, pengurusan meetings, where we had the pleasure of "bitching" about our bosses.

We decided to try out the Pasta Carbonara there when I treated Guy Next Door, Mr Energy Saving and En Mokhtar to a lunch sempena menyambut keberangkatan En Mokhtar menunai fardhu haji di Mekah last year. I have to say En Mokhtar is like a father figure to all of us, always listen to my problems and my "pillar of strength" masa zaman our office tak cukup staff and pengurusan atasan semua nak cepat and backlogs were in thousands!

This is turkey ham fettucine carbonara.

This is meatball fettucine carbonara.

Verdict: The carbonara sauce was very thick, and the staff was very generous with the sauce. Anyway .. I still prefer seafood carbonara DOME lah ... meatball and turkey ham memang tak sesuai lah dengan carbonara sauce.

Buat masa nie... tak mampu lah nak melantak pasta carbonara lagi. Even the sight of the cream sauce made want to "vomit". Dah overdose! Unfortunately too, both pastas fail to ignite the WOW factor that will make us willing to travel around the world just for the taste of it.

Anyway, yang penting that I want to highlight in this entry ... I am really gonna miss the companionship of those 3 guys ... what's the point of a having a nice meal without the right companion(s) kan?


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

sbt psl Carbonara ni, boleh aku terbyg2 nak makan masa 'off' puasa lps. Siap menelan2 liur masa kat sekolah. Pas tu, dah tak tahan sgt, Call suruh adik ipar yg jg 'off' masakkan. Sampai je, terus melantak. Mammmamiaa

norzah said...

spaghetti carbonara memang cepat memualkan bagi org yg suka masak ikan, daging, ayam dll cara lemak pedas. cream & met don't agree with me tapi tengok gambar-gambar u tu, appetizing juga. Taukah u all asal carbonara - origin Italian carbonata - charcoal-grilled salt meat with cream.U miss some people in KL, J, will find new heroes in P. Mutiara for sure..

Nimi said...

my favorite carbonara is at Pizza Uno, Taipan USJ9. It is cooked to perfection. if not, u can try their marinara, or whatever pasta they have, eitheir cream or tomato sauce. I promise u, it'll be good.

rambomadonna said...

Yoyop: Sebenarnya sebelum nie aku pernah makan carbonara yang lagi sedap at one Pasta Stall at KLCC, harga OK, and pernah featured lagi kat Jalan2 Cari Makan. Tapi aku dah tak larat nak menelan cream sauce nie ... muak!

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: really??? I tak berapa minat makan carbonara at Italian Restaurant sebab maybe depa pakai certain cheese or olive oil kot that bila combine bau macam daging kambing ... huhuhu

rambomadonna said...

Nimi: Pizza Uno ... USJ Taipan ... maybe lepas a year or two I try ... agik mual bila nangga cream sauce pasta hehehe ... over pulak dari orang yang mengandung.

SeMiN said...

nyamannnnnn! tp rambo aku rasalah kan...lg sdap kalu ko polah sndiri jak huhuhu

rambomadonna said...

Semin: Amboi!!!! kelakar Sarawak kitak eh. I dah lama tak berkecimpung dalam dunia masakan semenjak 2 menjak nie. Tak boleh beza botol cuka dan botol kicap dah hehehe

z.a.i.r.e.e.n said...

may be you should also try out carbonara at Souled Out cafe in hartamas? My fren always ordered that -- and me, it's beef noodles -- without fail when we go there!

rambomadonna said...

Zaireen: I think I should lah... whenever I hang out at Hartamas, never bother to stop and enjoy the food. Dunno why ... but since it coming from you, I must try!

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