Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Junior - Super Show 2, Malaysia

I don't know which one excite me more at the moment. Watching the awesome performance or capturing it on my cameras .Oh yea... I brought 3 cameras to the concert! My EOS, my IXUS and of course ... new addition to my gadget family .. Si Beri Hitam. But I have to say here .... SuJu Saranghae....

I know I am a bit "over-age" to go ga-ga over these K-pop Boys but I just couldn't help it. Not only they are good looking, they are also great performers! Even my 4-year old niece Amber got a HUGE crush over them. Last CNY, she told us ... "I also know Korean song .... sorry sorry sorry". Yes, it all started with this song "Sorry Sorry Sorry".

Honestly, I don't know the name of all the 13 members. And I only know 2 of their hit songs .. Sorry Sorry Sorry and Doraego. But when Rachel called me months ago asking if I would like to go to the concert I was like OK. So when I asked how much is the ticket and she said RM 458... I almost fainted! Wow ... I was sooooo reluctant to part with my money that time since I needed to save for my Jakarta trip last January followed soon after by CNY. Plus I never spent more than RM 200 for a concert or performances.

But when she explained that the RM 458 ticket was for the Rock Pitt so that we could see the SuJu members better, my gut feeling told me to go on with it. It reminded me of an incident when I almost didn't join Jett and Emel watching Cuci The Musical just because I was not willing to spent RM 150 for a non-establish performance. After last night ... fuhhhh the experience was PRICELESS.

Akademi Fantasia taught me a thing or 2 about the Dos and Don'ts of LIVE Concert photography. I may not be a PRO yet but at least I know how to handle my "limited" camera lenses better and understand the advantages of my both my compact and DSLR. Paling penting ... to avoid disappointment at the picture quality and ensuring "Capture The Moment" as shown above. BTW, I really have MAJOR crush on the two boys ... Leeteuk (left) and Siwon (right). OMG! Both are 10 years younger than me.

For the ladies ... one important tip if you bought a Rock Pit ticket and you wanted to take photos is make sure you wear a comfortable platform. I should have worn my Crocs platform yesterday ... I seem to forget that Sarawakians do not inherit their cousin Giselle Bunchen height hahaha. Can u see the handphone spoilling this pic? Haiyaa ...

Another great "technological" experience I had in this concert was to be able to capture and upload the concert photos instantly to my Facebook account via my Beri Hitam ... Anyway, I was really surprised to see so many young "schooling" teenagers in the Rock Pitt. Waa ... anak -anak orang kaya ker? Akak dah kerja 10 tahun baru mampu beli tiket SuJu dik oiii .. Even their cellphones were like "of the latest" models. Nasib lah akak baru bertukar ke Beri Hitam so taklah malu nak angkat-angkat tepon amik gambar depan depa!

I have to say ... I was so jealous of the media people. Not only they got the best seat, they got chance to brush shoulder with the boys ... oooo envy envy!

Overall, I really enjoy the concert despite suffering backaches from standing too long. Hehehe ... but I don't care as long as I could capture nice pictures, dance to my heart content and shout in Korean! Hahaha


norzah said...

Wow, so u really had a ball of a time imbibing the Suju show. Kesian sampai sakit belakang berdiri, bersorak dan ambil gambar dgn tiga kamera. Harga teket hampir 1/2k. Memanglah utk org2 kaya je, dekat sebulan gaji bagi kaum marhaen. The boys are really handsome esp Leeteuk and Siwon. Nasib baik tak pakai batik l***s, hehehe. Michael Jackson datang ke Malaysia dulu tengok tak? Lagu pop sekarang memang buat orang2 muda gile. C'est la vie (Fr), ars est longa, vita brevis (Lat) (art is long life short).

Jett said...

though "aku sik minat K-Pop" (meminjam kata2 pemilik rumah tumpangan lolong leeling luer), i'm sooo jeles sb ko dpt nangga konsert frm tht seat. dekat giler dgn stage!!!

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Oh yes. I must be out of my mind buying that very expensive ticket. But just for the fun of it and so far, memang worth it going to a SUJU concert. Totally DAEBAK ... like their fans say it hehehe. Yelaa kat Kuching mana ada international concert and lepas 10 tahun baru mampu tiket konsert kat rock pitt hehehe

Kalau depa pakai batik l****s, sure lah ada yang tak balik rumah Norzah ooiii..

rambomadonna said...

Jett: Mun kau nangga konsert ya mesti kau pun excited. U know kedak aku dolok nok sik pernah follow AF7 alu terer lepas 1-2 konsert hehehe.

Nang dekat. Aku seronok benar bila Kuhyun sembur air kat aku bila aku leka ambik gmabr si Si Won hehehe.

Nimi said...

in your self-photo ya, y the brother behind looks bored? or maybe he was shy tengok u amik photo. mcm muka bodyguard muahaha

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