Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Korean Fever In The Prison

It has been quite a while since I last posted some interesting videos on this blog. I am still in my Korean Fever mode and as I was checking on some blogs on SuJu's (Super Junior) concert photos (saja nak compare dengan gambar2 I) I stumbled upon a site that link to these few interesting videos of the Dancing Inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre (CPDRC), Philippines.

My cousin and I think that this is a great effort and idea by the Centre, at least once they are release they could be employ as dancers. BTW, the Dancing Inmates perform every month to the public. Personally, we (as in gang MOTOUR ehemm ehemm) should take note ... it would be great if they all could dance to Tarian Cuti-Cuti Malaysia hehehe. My favourite is the Sewang.

NOBODY by Wonder Girls

NOBODY by THe Dancing Inmates

SORRY SORRY by Super Junior

SORRY SORRY by The Dancing Inmates


norzah said...

Hi, J, another brainwave eh? Brisk and lively music can certainly help people to do brisk and exhausting bodily exercises in schools, prisons and even office gatherings. But someone needs to introduce the idea to the Head and that's the problem.In one old malay film (forget its name) a headmistress chided a young male teacher for allowing a class to dance to a hot tune played over a radio during a PE session. Mdm at Motour could be highly responsive though, hohoho. There's so much of dancing even now. Love to see you doing the cuti-cuti thing.

nelly paya said...

Hi,Mie,at MOTOUR you can also create 1Malaysia dance our family version.know what I mean?Like Dato said there's so much dancing nowadays people would love it and who know,a clear mind and happy heart productivity pun meningkat.

norzah said...

Nelly, if u r refering to me pls use my blog name norzah only. we r just names here and we r frens, right? hehehe.

rambomadonna said...

Norzah, I know that movie. If I am not mistaken ... Darma Harun Al-Rashid and Noor-Kumalasari were the lead actor and actress. Adkku Manja or Adikku Sayang ..

I have a lot in my head ... waa lepas nie my YouTube sure meletopz.

rambomadonna said...

Waa ... Cikgu Nelly ... sudah pandai comment blog jugak ya ...

norzah said...

Hebat ingantan u, J. Memang film Adikku Manja yg I maksudkan dimana guru yang gunakan musik rancak untuk PE kena hamput oleh guru besar. Sekarang nampaknya dah kena diterima. Waktu senam di pejabat semua gunakan musik.

So, mesyuarat pagi Senin pegawai-pegawai pelancungan di Penang sok (kalau diadakan), ligatlah
dgn tarian rancak agaknya ya? Maklumlah Puan Direkturnya peminat Sory 3x dan I don't Want Nobody but You. kahkahkah.

rambomadonna said...

NOrzah: Of course .... Pelancongan Penang berjiwa muda remaja dan adik2 yang manja hahaha

norzah said...

J, masih demam lagi ke atau sibuk sangat? Takde entry baru. Miss your sense of humor and subtle inuendos.

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