Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Next Generation

I am taking another break from penning my next entry on 3rd day in Bangkok. As you all know, I went back to Kuching for Chinese New Year 2012 and we are ushering in the year of the Dragon (Water Dragon). So water is the element of the year. Bagus lah ... cool down banyak yang "panas-panas" yang sedang hangat berlaku kat seluruh dunia sekarang ni.

Anyway, to conservative Chinese ... the dragon year is among the most awaited year. It is a year of transformation, its a year that they should have babies (kalau son lagi bagus). Many believe Dragon babies bring luck to the family and people who are born in the year of the Dragon one day will hold high positions or very influential. You see ... in ancient China, the celestial Dragon represents an emperor and power. Today, it is the ultimate auspicious symbol signifying success and happiness. 

Having said that, many fengshui masters predicted that this year would not be prosperous lah sebab the most fearsome star that is 5 Yellow (ni boleh sebabkan extreme financial lost and injuries) is entering the Dragon sector of Southeast. Bad news for me, Snake also share the same sector so this is not a year for me to be overzealous in work or relationship (if any). Have to be extra careful and lay low this year. My consolation is that, this year's element is water whereas 5 Yellow is an Earth star. So water is destructive to earth so the impact will not be that bad huhuhuhu

Anyway, this year I spent most of my time with my nephews and nieces. They have grown so big, playful and naughty. I am happy that to see that the brothers, sisters and cousins are getting closer from the new generation. I did a lot of cooking too this CNY. From normal meals, to our open house dishes, to family party and gravies for my cousin Grace (so that she could cook her kids favourite dishes). I showcased few new recipes from all my "travel and living" experience in Penang - Kari Kapitan (modified), Duck in Salted Vegetables, Bangkok Tom Yum (from scratch uolssssss ... takdenyer pes pes), Spaghetti ala Aglio Olio (Amberly merajuk that everyone finished it up when she asked for 2nd helping) ... andddddd a dish I called ...

Ayer Itam Duck - inspired by the famous Ayer Itam Duck Rice and Kylie Kwong version of Peking Duck. After roasting it for few minutes, the duck then cut in pieces and pour the special gravy on top
I also babysat for Florence and Grace - supposed to be until Thursday, then the kids didn't want to go home then extended to Saturday. I loved having kids around especially when they are well-behave. Well, my cousins did a wonderful job in raising their kids ... except both of them are lazy cooks ... so for 6 days, their kids get to eat proper home-cooked food from Auntie Mie.

From left to right: Ashleigh, Amberly, Gina, Marco, Maegan and Michelle. Funny bah my nephews and nieces, my mother pulak they anggap their nenek.
The baby in pink is Fidelia. By the way, I think Michelle and Ashleigh will grow into stunning beauties one day.   
The girls sleepover getaways at my mum's house.
Amberly doing the split.
Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to showcase, the little mister whom I mentioned in my previous entry. Jeng jeng jeng jeng .....

The rumor is true ... I am my Mamma Mie new man ... do you have problem with that?
This is my girl so jangan kacau.
So this CNY, I met Mr Carl Nickson for the first time. I was so shocked to see a 1 month plus baby that looks like a 3 months old baby. According to his grandma, his weight now is 5kg plus plus. Goodness, looking at him, holding him makes me want to have my own baby ... (terus sakit perut walaupun tak berkaitan).

Shot 1 - okay sleeping peacefully.
Shot 2 : Closer shot, ok still sleeping.
Shot 3: At this time, the kids were shouting and baby Nick "terkejut" (panic!!!)
Shot 4: Alamak terbangun pulak .... I did try to put him back to sleep but he kept staring at me.
"Don't kiss me anymore", I think that's what Baby Nick was trying to say.
I knew he wanted to "play".
Eh ... who taught him that ... jaga Mama pukul nanti.
I must put on my best pose too ... Aunty Amberly is too photogenic.
I love to be the centre of attention!


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