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Sawadee Ka Bangkok 2012 - Day 3

I wanted to publish this entry sooner but I left my travel note in Penang (a small notebook where I jotted down important infos about our Bangkok journey for future reference), so was a bit lost on what to write while was in Kuching. Anyway, I compensated my 2 lousy sessions at Dahra Beauty and Spa, Bangkok and the Baan Silom Heritage hotel's own massage service with a 90 minutes aromatherapy massage at my favourite Thai Odyssey@Straits Quay. Finally .... rasa sangattttttttttttttttttttttttt puas! I will definitely request for Ya (the name of the therapist) again for my next session.

Sorry .... sidetrack!

By the way, I forgot to mention in my previous entry that Zaini and myself got ourselves the BTS Sky Train Smart Pass (since we traveled mostly on the Sky Train) which cost about 260 Baht (60 baht deposit + 100 baht card price + 100 baht reload value). Actually, it is convenience to have this card around having learned some valuable lessons during my last trip to Singapore, especially when travelled during peak hours or weekends. Cut the queue, cut the hassle. The BTS Sky Train Smart Pass is valid for 2 years from date of purchase.

BTS Sky Train Smart Pass and Singapore EZlink card.

Our first destination on the third day was Madame Tussauds Bangkok. During my previous trip to Bangkok in 2010, Madame Tussauds Bangkok had yet to be opened. In fact, I found out about this "must-visit" attraction when helping Emelia planning her trip to Bangkok last year. It is the first in South East Asia and third in Asia after Hong Kong and Shanghai. It is located on the 6th Floor of Siam Discovery Centre. To get there we took the BTS Sky Train to Siam Station.

The ticket counter.
Naomi Campbell, welcoming visitors.
The ticket price is 800 baht which include a guidebook and a photo discount voucher. This is my first Madame Tussauds Wax Museum visit so I will not complain on the ticket price or number of wax figures on display. Except that, it was a bit smaller than I expected. We arrived early, so that we don't have to queue or fighting for our turn to snap pictures with our "idols". 
Madame Marie Tussaud
Anyway, lately I truly felt blessed living in Asia ... many attractions now is coming to our region (i.e Madam Tussauds Bangkok and Universal Studio Singapore) so we don't have to spend so much money and travelling time just to visit these attractions in faraway countries. Plus the best low cost or budget airlines are also in our region ... therefore everyone can fly and everyday low fare! Seriously ... I am soooooo into Asian destinations at the moment.

The wax figures are divided into sections : The Royal Room, History, Leaders, Arts and Science, Sports, Music, Film, TV, A-List Party, Behind the Scenes and History of Madame Tussaud. There is a gift shop if you want to buy something back for your friends or love ones. I took so many photos and here are some of it ...

King Bhumibol parents

With our former Prime Minister, Tun M.

The First Lady of the White House.
Wow!!!! This is so scandalous.
Mie playing golf with Tiger.
I am sexy and I know it...
Slam Dunk with Yao Ming.
Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Get me out from here.
Capt Jack Sparrow was not please with the "treasure" that he found.
Mie on Oprah ...
For other photos, feel free to check out Zaini's blog entry ....seriously, I was soooo envious of his photos with some of my favourite celebrities! (Yelaa kan some people kena "berdiri sama tinggi" baru nampak santek!)

Pratunam Market

We finished our tour at the Madame Tussauds at about 1.30pm. Initially we planned to go shopping at Siam Paragon but after seeing nothing really "unique" that caught our attention, Zaini suggested that we hit the Pratunam Market to look for costumes and accessories for shows. The taxi fare from Siam Paragon to Pratunam Market was about 50 baht (meter taxi).

Pratunam market comprised of retail stores and outdoor stalls, along narrow alleys. Most of the stalls I noticed selling textiles, clothing and accessories. Anyway, Zaini was looking for a tailor specialising in dance costumes whom he befriended many years ago. Of course we couldn't find the person, nor could he remember the exact location of the shop ... not when many of the shops looked identical.

Interesting T-shirt.
We found many shops selling costumes as we ventured further into the alley, complete with head gears and accessories. The costumes ranged from 800 baht and above. Most that caught my eyes priced between 1200 baht - 1500 baht (costume only). Consider veryyyyyyyyyyy cheap. In KL according to Zaini, one costume cost about RM 1000.00 plus plus ... The best thing is, they also do delivery. While Zaini was busy selecting the ostrich feathers, I got myself 2 beautiful batik sarongs (of all places) - my reason ... the designs were similar to a nyonya sarong and belt (only 79 baht!).

Berat OK!
Miss Universe
Fru fru
Hard Rock Cafe, Bangkok

We returned to the hotel to refresh ourselves for the Calypso show, happily carrying 2 big plastic bags containing headgears and ostrich feathers. I am sure, judging from the all the starings that we get, people assumed that Zaini was the cabaret dancer and I was his manager. It was sooooooo good to be back to the comfort of the hotel that I almost "terlajak tidur".

We hit the skytrain back to Siam Paragon and walk to Siam Square looking for Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok at Soi 2. Goodness I had forgotten that there were many great shops and booths at Siam Square selling fashion items. But time was limited and I really need to get to Hard Rock Cafe to get my T-shirt and shot glass. 

Couldn't come here during my first trip. Now I got what I want!
Dinner at Sizzlers, Siam Centre

Initially, I wanted to have dinner at MK restaurant, a very famous suki/hotpot chain of restaurants in Thailand. But we were too lazy and hungry to locate the restaurant, plus we didn't have much time, so I told Zaini we should try the Sizzler restaurant at Level 4, Siam Centre. Went there before with Aey and Jett.

Just to prove that I went to Siam Paragon.
Grilled vegetable salad from the salad counter.
Grilled Bassa Pesto serve with brown rice.
Calypso Cabaret Ladyboy Show

Personally, no trip to Bangkok is complete without watching this ladyboy show (serious!). Especially first timers.

From Siam Center we took the BTS to Ratchadewi Station (about 5 minutes). The Ratchadewi Station linked directly with Asia Hotel, the venue of the Calypso Cabaret so not to worry about not finding the place. Calypso has two shows per night, 8.15 pm and 9.45pm.The ticket cost us about 1200 baht per person.

Established in 1988, you get the feel of the 1950-60s cabaret when you enter the theater. The theater can accommodate up to 350 guests per night and the seating arrangement is 5 seats per table. 

We were among the first to arrive.
The ticket comes with a free drink coupon.
Mie and Zaini.
It was another full house that night and most of the patrons were foreigners and tourists. We saw (and heard) some guests communicated in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Tagalog, and of course the Queen's English and some other European languages. Some even make new friends especially those who came alone or with groups of friends but were seated next to each other like the China-Chinese guy and Japanese girls on the table next to ours.

The show was divided into few performances, each with it's own theme.

(Pre Show) First Lady-The Classic
(Pre Show) Italy - Young, Beautiful, Handsome
Opening Show - With all the feathers.
The Chinese Ballad
The Ostrich Parade
The Wondergirls
Can't remember but I call it Burlesque.
Contemporary Thai.
Taco fantasy.
Like The Flow of The River.
The show was entertaining but I think I prefer Simon Cabaret in Phuket. The "girls" in Simon Carbaret were also better looking, plus the performances were more colourful, modern and energetic. Plus I think they have to do something on the commentaries ... a lot of "Ladies and Gentlemen". The audio sound system also they have to improve, suddenly the music just stopped with a thud instead of slowly fading out.

End of Day 3.
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