Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sorry ... Maybe Next Year

I had dinner with a close acquaintance of mine at DOME Cafe, initially to discuss about our trip to the Land of Smiles when suddenly he brought up about the Penang Beat Prelude. He told me that a big company is eyeing to organise and sponsor the event scheduled in Oct 2012.

Exotic Percussion from Thailand performing for Penang Beat Prelude 2011

Though I welcome the recognition over "that work of art" but I think I have to say NO this year for I am planning for a street party ... which based on my calculation if planned and executed accordingly may be another signature event of Georgetown. Penang Beat Prelude confirmed that the experimental music concept formula works but the success of the Borneo Street Dance 2011 organised by MOTOUR Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan sort of like putting the icing to the cake.Besides I am sooooo not going to join the craze of feeding music fests to tourists ...


Well, sorry I have yet to organise my thoughts on the Street Party so can't share now. But the inspiration from this Street Party is the feng shui principles of using sounds, merrymaking, lights and lots and lots of joy and happiness to revitalise and dispel lerthagic and weak chi (energy), thus improving luck and jump starting a stagnant life.

Our office is moving to a newly conserved colonial building in a once very famous street in the 1960s. During daytime, the place is busting with activities but come night ... it is like a ghost town, with all the old heritage buildings around. Usually, Chinese businessmen will call the lion dance group to grace the place as well as to dispel evil spirit and summon good luck through the loud sounds of drums, cymbals and gongs.

But I want to dispel evil spirits lurking along the street and summon good luck to all the occupants of the buildings along the street. I want people from all walks of life, race and religion to enjoy something shared, common but nostalgic ... musics of their youth (oppsssss too much information!)

I am also drawing inspirations from the streets in the Universal Studio of Singapore. If Singapore can turn their roads into an F1 International GP Circuit ... we may turned our beautiful streets into a living Universal Studio especially now that the State has declared the area as Car Free every Sunday.

Hmm ... having said that as I may not be in the position to do so ... perhaps someone may consider proposing to Hollywood moviemakers to shoot film there. Wink wink ... I am very generous with idea today.


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Aikssss..mula2 Tup tap, sorry, maybe next year...Akhirnya lahir jg 1 entry. Sesungguhnya, aku mendamba mengkomen blog mu. Haha

rambomadonna said...

Cikgu Sue Elaaaa .... saya pun mendamba mengkomen blogmu jugak ... nak kena baca balik balasan komen iols dalam blog uols ..

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