Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Langkawi Revisited ...

Today is the starting of my very long leave after weeks of facing endless paperworks, meetings, office politics, concerts, photoshooting, food trips and reunions ... Honestly, the past few months I faced life greatest pressures and greatest pleasures all at the same time. So it's time to strike a balance.

The Pain To Get There ...

My break started with last weekend retreat cum departmental course on the Island of Langkawi. Our Datin Z got herself in trouble trying to get us there but sometimes I think office politics in KPKT can be too much to digest. Myself and Syu was kind of dissapointed when Hatifah told us that we "might" not be able to go to Langkawi because it had become such a BIG issue.

Sorry lah whoever that officer is, i don't think it's professional to make so big an issue when u can at least ask or tegur nicely. I know u are doing ur work but I believe Datin Z and Dato' KP didn't just simply approved the course. You see, all the officers who joined the retreat are deserving officers who had been working our "a*#" the pass few weeks just to make some people look good. It broke my heart when I was told that Shah made an effort to identify the officer in order to explain his action, when he doesn't even need to justify his actions.

Mie Intoxicated by Langkawi Breeze

Aerial view of Island of Penang ... Can see oredi my dad on his kapcai ..

Apart from the forests, I have difficulties staying awake on seasides hahaha. According to Syu, it might be due to the negative ions of the sea neutralise the positive ions of our body (or is it the other way round). Maybe that's why lately I love to spend weekends either with Emel in Kulim (with all the greens) or my dad in Penang (with all the blues) and got sick whenever I returned to KL (with all the greys).

My room (Room 811) at the Bayview Hotel had the view of the sea and Kuah town, but I as you can see here, there was nothing much I could do with an 18-55 mm lens (sigh). So I took out my Ixus which has the wide angle function. Sometimes its always your ol' buddy that saves the day.

View of Kuah and the sea from my room. (with my DSLR)

Taken with my IXUS (wide angle)

The Course

I didn't do much shopping or sightseeing on this trip as most of my waking time I was listening to Protocol and Ettiqutte Lectures. The course I would say was superb and interesting. I always had problems about protocols now I had to deal with one of the PEMUDAH taskforce working group. You see, most of the time I did the air-asia approach of free seating. So that people can mingle - which the NGO loves, the private sector don't bother but the government look at it seriously.

But now that I am a grade 48 officer, my works should reflect that including protocols. We had a good time in the role play that the lecturer gave us 5-star. Of course la I jadi the tetamu kehormat maaa... Apart from protocols and ettiquttes, we also learned about a thing or two about some prominent international leaders, politicians or royalties and the dos and dont's when dealing with them.

Langkawi Geopark Photoshoot

The Canopy Walkway

The Gondola

The trip to the Geopark served as a great opportunity for me to experiment on landscape photography. Too bad I am not so much a landscape photographer though some commented that my photos are great. It was a bit cloudy during the photoshoot but I did take one sunset pics on Syu's Ixus (she borrowed my battery pack since I was using my DSLR). More reason to get a wide angle lens.

Think that they laughed in excitement? Don't ever looked down.

I always thought "diving" is an expensive hobby, I guess photography is no diferent. During Hafiz concert, I wish for a zoom lens. Now I wish for a wide angle lens .. Just a matter of time I will be wishing for a macro lens. Luckily I haven't taken up diving, but already I have been searching for underwater casing. I better hide all my "financial spending" cards.

The Shopping

I did mentioned earlier that I didn't do much shopping right? Well, not much by my standard lah. But it was one of the most expensive shopping for the year 2009. Hahaha, I bought a zoom lens for my camera (for less than RM 1K) and a new RED camera bag to compliment it at Kuah Town. All I need to to do was closed my eyes when the tauke swipe my card.

Then I stopped at Hj Ismail Group shops to buy some chocolates .. mostly dark, bittersweet variety and of course ... During the field trip to Langkawi Geopark we stopped to get some Gamat products at Nusantara and on our way back, I bought a Tefal Grill Pan, the one I had been eyeing for centuries hahaha ... for only RM 71.90 at Idaman Suri.

The Food

Sorry Langkawians ... foodwise, Langkawi (so far) has nothing much to shout about. Maybe some other time when I am with the right epicureans. I really wanted to explore the non-halal food of Langkawi. Especially seafood cooked with wine. We had steamboat at the Phoenix restaurant on our 2nd nite there, which was so-so despite the fresh ingredients.

Anyway, our lecturer did slip some valuable information though like there is one stall selling "goreng pisang" (banana fritters) which is the Sultan of Brunei favourite. HRH would always stopped by the stall everytime he comes to Langkawi for some goreng pisang and paid in $100 (Brunei Dollar) for it. So we asked the van driver to stop us there on our way to the airport.

The stall is not far from the airport. To get there, from the airport, if you are heading to Kuah, you will reached a roundabout. Turn at 12 o'clock, you will see a mosque on your left after 10 metres and the stall is just opposite. The banana fitters were crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside. The kuih especially the donuts are must try - very yummy. No wonder, even the Sultan loves it too.

Note: Other pics are on my FB


SeMiN said...

langkawi oh langkawi... nantilah kehadiran ku ujung th nanti hehehehe!

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

The same thing Jaime. I haven't save even 1 cent in my bank account so far. Ntah ke mana je pg duit2 tu...Skrg ni tgh simpan duit utk .....kena bc blog aku dulu.

rambomadonna said...

semin, aku mungkin gi lagi this xmas. I wanna a tropical inspired x'mas.

suhaila: tu lah kadang2 aku takut tiba2 jer aku jumpa the man that i will spend of my life with and I don't have a single cent to get get married warrghhhhhhhh...

norzah said...

Jaime, read your account of the Langkawi visit. The pics are excellent n the running commentary, most amusing. Didn't know u managed to do some serious shopping in spite of the brief stops. A shutterbug always see more than others on any trip. Keep shooting.

rambomadonna said...

dear norzah, thanks for your very encouraging comments ... it really makes my day and I feel motivated to post more pictures and commentaries in my blog. Thank for your support.

norzah said...

Jaime, gambar u ambil dari hotel di Langkawi sama angle dgn gambar i ambil, seperti dlm my blog gema sukma. U r wideangle one surelah better.

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