Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Exorcism of Hafizzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... (Final-The Moment of Truth)


To Hafiz, you know the best place to park your Honda Accord.
To Kazen Davidson and Jet, thanks for inviting me into your Hafizzzzzzzzz world.
To Emel, what's next in the list?
To Suna, I may pay your wage low but with benefits. Wat did our mum teach us about running away with "foreigners"?
To everyone, thanks for supporting this blog. I need a sleep!


By 7.00 pm, Stadium Bukit Jalil had turned to a battlefield of the fan clubs. Some came in blue, some in green, some in black and white, some in black and some in red. I began to worry when Kazen Davidson called out to some fellow Hafizians strange names ... like "eh you GI Joe1234 kah? or "you must be Cutegirl1977". Sounded so Illuminati to me. Anyway it marvelled me that ordinary people who were complete strangers as first later became "geng karas" due to an idol.

OK, the carnival didn't live up to my expectation, the ticket sales on the other hand was beyond my expectation. Never expected to see so many AF7 fans or recently converted to fans - most of whom lompat parti or just wanna join the fun. Jet and I saw Tomok on our way to the arena in Isma's FC green T-shirt. We waved our "Hafiz fans" at him and he waved back. I never thought that he is tall and cute in real life. Yummy!

We met more Hafizians in the Arena but from different "doctrines". There are PTPL Hafizians, KLang Valley Hafizians and Kuching Mali Hafizians. Another rare Hafizians is the Afro Hafizians. It tickled my heart when I read Jet's comment on his FB pics that the reason why he wore Hafiz cap that nite was to avoid kutu from the AFros.

The ritual started with the organiser's rep giving instruction on the do's and don't during the live telecast, prohibition on the camera and handphones during concerts and of course voice check ... "sapa peminat Hafizzz kat sini?" Waaa.. responses could be heard from all corners and Kazen Davidson and Jet were shouting, jumping and waving Hafiz banners in excitement.

Hafiz first performance that night was a bit shaky (sorry no pics) and I could understand the pressure of being the first one to perform. He did his best, but Fizzz ... you need certain kind of charisma and groove to sing that song. Your vocal and diction maybe OK for the song, but u need to inject some cheekiness. But come the 2nd song, that song was soooooo youuuu ... everytime you reached the high notes, or the flat notes during the bridge or chorus ... gosh I lost count of how many standing ovations and cheers I did for you. Kazen Davidson was speechless!

Anyway Kazen, I have to be true to myself. Admittedly Hafiz had been consistent in all in perfomances. But the reason why I voted Claudia before and admired Akim performances that nite was I valued good live performances. Anyway, Hafiz wins in his 2nd song for originality and "penghayatan". And Aflin was wrong about Akim's performance was original - Faizal Tahir did that before. Sorry to Akim's fans out there, even if Akim won that nite he will always be compared to Faizal Tahir.

The highlight of the "exorcism" was the seconds before AC Mizal announced the winner of AF7. I shuddered at thought of wat Kazen Davidson will do if Aril was announced the winner. For sure somebody will turned into an Incredible Hulk. Hehehe ... to mine and Jet's amazement, the minute Hafizz was announced the winner, Kazen Davidson was in tears! Goodness Zen...

I was so touched when all Hafizians, regardless whether we know each or not hugged and hi-five each other. The stadium was filled with echoes of Hafizians rejoice.

I quickly made a dash to the stage so that I could get best snapshots with my DSLR ... Then when I saw media people with their high-end SLRs with expensive zoon lenses, I felt sooooo small. Wat the heck, I climbed onto a chair and shouted to Hafiz and Datin Tiara to look at my direction (as usual). Geramnya when some photographers blocked my view and in the end this was my best shot. Sorry Fiz!

Was the exorcism successful? This is an excerpt from Kazen's latest entry ...

"As the MC announce the 3rd to the 5th place, everyone were shouting Hafiz’s name. I was the loudest to shout, I think so lah. Finally when he announced that Hafiz is the champion, people shouted, people screamed, jumped, clapped hands, run here and there while me, I cried at my place. I cried like a baby.. huk huk huk… hehehe.. Well, it was the moment I would never ever forget!!! I was satisfied with the result. No more votes needed. No more AFUNDI.. no more diary after this and no more Saturdays concerts. As what one of Hafiz cousin said No more AF after this. I Agree! I like Hafiz and his attitude." ...


Why u don't vote for Hafiz? Don't mess with a Hafizian ...

With Hafiz cute and adorable sisters.

For more pics, check out my FB...


suna said...

Bertobat juga akhirnya dia...
Susah kawin kalau ada orang ketiga ni..hehe

BTW, 'mie'...you getting chummy with mommie si hafiz ni...ada udang kah?

rambomadonna said...

A way to a "boy" heart is thru his mommie maa ..

"mie" just want hafiz honda accord.

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Jaime, kita ada maruah. Nak Honda accord pun bukan begitu caranya. Haha

rambomadonna said...

terpaksa sue, nak tangkap satu honda accord dah dalam kategori miskin tegar

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