Monday, May 18, 2009

The Exorcism of Hafizzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... (Chapter 3)


To Mummy, Jason and Suhaila, Happy Teachers' Day
To Suna, for your support in completing this chapter 3. Anyway you still need to wait for the next chapter.


Hafiz T-shirt - check, Hafiz fan -check, Hafiz camera - check, Hafiz backup battery - check, AFUNDI10 HAFIZ - check and then we set to go. Now all that left was the "pengeras money" for the tickets. Suddenly my body got all chilly ... what if the exorcism didn't work? OMG ... we will lost Kazen's soul to Hafizsm forever.

Our journey to Bukit Jalil Stadium took about 10 minutes despite heavier traffic than usual. Didn't expect crowd at the stadium coz the weekly concerts were never a full house (as compared to Mawi's time). We got stares from fans of Aril (I guess judging from the mixture of K-pop and Gothic style) as we proudly strutted our stuff in Hafiz T-shirt. But then I would love to quote Agnes tagline " Kenak, ada ku kesah?"

The AF7 Final Carnival held outside the stadium was so-so, not many interesting booths - most were AF7 main sponsors like Hotlink, Modenas, Brands, Maybelline ... heard ASTRO charged RM 1000.00 per booth. Not many stalls selling food and drinks to my dismay. Some fans of Hafiz even stopped us asking we got our T-shirts. I had to agree with Kak Sal, better used the money for many AFUNDI10 Hafiz to 32999. We didn't dare to explore all the stalls fearing other finalists fans felt "threaten" with our cute presence.

Then from a distant we could see a sea of black and white ... so eye-catching. Nice concept lah this black and white ... I would like to applaud Kak Sal and team for the design concept and fans management. So well-organised and lots of team bonding. Hafiz is so lucky to have such great cousins and close family members to manage his fans.

Flashback to the days when I had to search high and low for nice orange T-shirt to support Felix AF3 fan club (my ex-housemate Nancy was the Secretary). But then, I would say Hafiz came from a well-off and close-knit family... a vast contrast to Felix's who rely fully on die hard fans support.

I noticed few of Aisyah fans whom we met during during AF7 week 6 concert had "lompat party". Nevermind, like our Prime Minister said, "One AF7, One Hafiz". Kazen Davidson condition remained unchanged but stable. Maybe because he was surrounded by his fellow Hafizians. However, me, Jet and Emel had to be careful not to mention Aril, Akim, Isma or Yazid in front of him ... else he "don't want to friend" us anymore. But then if he dare to say "ada ku kesah?" in front of me ... he better do coz I am the one driving.


That was our dinner. Can you believe that?

Profesionals at work.

Hafiz fans.

With Hafiz's mama.

Hafizians ... Smile for the camera.

Let's do this again guys!

Note: I promise the next chapter would be the last.


SeMiN said...

best sgt ker mamat tu punya suara Rainbow????

rambomadonna said...

suara dia so-so (oh no i am going to loose a friend) ... it his hair that is HOT.

anyway his performance had been consistent lah berbanding dengan finalist lain.

Abet said...

Jamie, please follow up on Hafiz activity for me. He has a show in Shah Alam this week end, if you don't mind to go there and takse some snaps... Please please please. Don't stop blogging. Besides foods, you can blog on entertainment too...Sustain Development and to me, it's the struggling of a fetus! (that's mine)

rambomadonna said...

Kazen, salah ya ... its the survival of the fittest.

I am suppose to go to Langkawi this weekend Zen. Kalau sik jadi, I will go to the concert for you!

Where exactly is the show location?

Abet said...

Kan aku ada engkah dalam bracket struggling of a fetus! (that's mine).. hehehe..

Oh, its outside stadium shah alam.

Abet said...

Again,,, pls don't stop blogging, K.

Olpicture said...

naper... rainbow dah nak tutup kedai ke on Blog?

rambomadonna said...

Oh tidakkk ... salah faham jer too. Wat I meant was the next entry will be the last one under this saga.

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Ada yg kureng la kat koreng ni....Pakai wig le...Br GEMPAQ!!!

rambomadonna said...

hahaha ...sue suda ko baca final chapter?

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