Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010

Actually for this entry I wanted to put all my best photos to depict how busy and memorable was this year was for me. Kinda like bumper issue for Jan 2010. Unfortunately my broadband suddenly slowing down on me. Arghhhhhhhhhh ... of all the days!

How was your New Year's celebration?

Yoyop smsed me saying hers was like normal days. Mum called telling me they had BBQ and I could hear my little Gina screaming at the background. That girl, when I was home she played mute. But when on the phone, sometimes she would sang to me her favourite song ... Matahari by Agnes Monica. She got that DNA from you mum so don't fret at her lack of interest for anything intellectual. Farid called to ask whether I would like to join him and Farah to Genting. Julina also smsed if I would like to join her BBQ party and so was Uncle Perumal. My phone till now didn't stop ringing from New Year's messages.

But the best call for New Year 2009 adalah .... jeng jeng jeng .... dari Lolong Liling Luer! I was very very suprised when she called. Oh kena beli 4D aku hari tok! All this while ... it's either me or Jett or Emel or Kazen. She is ala-ala Harry Porter's "she who must not be named". If her name was ever mentioned, it will bring shudder to the bones. Hahahaha

I was overwhelmed! It felt so good that amidst all the excitements, festive moods and merry-makings ... some people still think of you! Gosh, unfortunately I had my own private plan last night. I just want a silent and peaceful celebration. Silent is golden maaa .... Hahaha ... just kidding ... I got H1N3 so kepala banyak pening wooo ... Thank God, after a hearty meal and medication I felt much better. Fortunately I still could see fireworks from a distance from my apartment balcony at midnight.

I recalled one of the many reasons why I wanted to work in KL ... to be able to experience the many celebrations in KL as featured on TV (that time mana ada Astro kat rumah ... so the best channel was TV3). But if you asked me to go to Dataran Merdeka or KLCC now to watch fireworks ... a BIG no. The overwhelming crowd was suffocating, and too many Ariel Peterpan.

Many years ago I would felt sorry for those who had to celebrate the New Year or any festive celebrations alone. However, having gone through it all myself (though on purpose) I felt sometimes we need to be alone to reflect ourselves and to make new plans for the future. Especially when you are being put into a situation that you have never planned, expected or wanted.

Believe it or not, God had just sent me a message. I am so relief that I am not Britney Spears ... hehehe. Wanna know why ... watch E! True Hollywood Story on Channel 712.

Albeit all these, happy to see that 2009 was a year of the beginning of a new beginning for most - my foster younger brother Puvaneswaran became a legally married man, Emel reignited her passion in cross-country running (apart from scuba-diving) and expanded her "test market " to Filipin (about time ko keluar dari market Kulim and some say Penang), Yoyop found her SOLmate and SOULmate in paragliding, Niejah discovered new "passion" in marriage (kalau sebut passion tu dalam konteks Niejah nie kena "passionate" sikit ya) and Suna had put Auntie's Lisa touch to test in her photography debut entitled - "My Face".

2009 also saw me made new acquintances and new adventures with Jett Zafril, Kazen, Guy Next Door, Farid, Mr Energy Savings and Aunty Ming. With Jett and Kazen, the magical moments of AF7. With Mr Energy Savings and Guy Next Door, you know sampai sekarang I masih muak makan Pasta Carbonara (we were on a hunt for the best Carbonara, so we tested 3 places so far and it proved to be too much for me). Farid, I love beaches and I hope to explore more next year with you and last but not least Auntie Ming. Auntie, till now I could hear your high pitch voice saying good-byes only to be ended later by "ohhhhhhhhhh I left my pouch" hehehe.

Hmm wonder what 2010 had in store for me? Honestly to me new year means new challenges that sometimes drained the energy in you. Therefore I never make resolutions for it may means I have to find the solutions.

Nonetheless ... Happy New Year 2010 everyone. May the new year bring joy, prosperity and wealth to you all! Eh sounded like Chinese New Year pulak hehehe


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Happy 2010 too Jaime. Banyok yg kono buek thn ni Milah oii...Tak sabo nak melalui hari2 mendatang dgn SOLmate Hahahahaha(den gelok dgn loudspeaker)

Olpicture said...

Happy New Year 2010... patut la lama tak nampak akak (even in my pages)rupanya tak online lama... wanted to do the same... i mean to put all the unpublished pix, tapi tak sempat jugak aaaa...

Jett said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! wow!!! the resident of lolong leeling luer called?! nang patut meli 4D ya; even 6D o jackpot pun most probably kenak 1st prize!
btw, too many ariel peterpan di Dataran Merdeka? hmmm... mcm kenal jak aku. HAHHAHAHHAHA
btw, jom kita gi try test international market ths year (well, aku just menemankan kitak org jak la)

rambomadonna said...

Yoyop: Amboi amboi amboi. Apo kono dgn ko nie G**g? Cakap nogori dri smlm. SOLmate org Rombau ka?

Mudahan-mudahan apa yang dirancang akan "glide" lebih jauh daripada biasa huhuhu

rambomadonna said...

Olpic: Kesian akak kan. So like the Princess Frog under the coconut shell. U pun mesti banyak activities kan?

rambomadonna said...

Jett: Oh yes and it was a very very sweet suprise. Nya kan anti-sosial hahaha. Nang rasa macam kena jackpot aku minggu tok.

Hello Jett ... just want to temankan kamek orang test market international????? Jangan2 kau akan test market Kenya kelak hahha

Olpicture said...

ada la jugak a few activities... like my trip to Brunei and Jogja which was never see the pages of the Blogs... hmmmm is it the sign to tutup kedai? its all i've been thinking for quite sometimes...

rambomadonna said...

olpic: tutup kedai???? tutup kedai bila kita dah menopause je lah yang ooiiii when life seems so bleak. Sekarang ... LIVE IT!

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