Saturday, January 2, 2010

Korean Drama Fever (H1N3) – HOT BLOOD

When my foster dad called me yesterday asking why I was so silent the whole week, I simply answered, “Uncle, I got H1N3 lah … not feeling well”.

“Hohoho,” he chuckled. “Better don’t come to the house then.” (Sigh!) Good for me too. Otherwise Auntie Pakiam will start feeding me and Puvan’s wedding is just 2 weeks away. Why did I agree to wear saree for his wedding?

Anyway I wonder whether Uncle Perumal understood what I meant by H1N3. I felt a bit feverish though due to lack of sleep since Christmas. Hehehe

Well I have to say my mum was part to be blamed. She gave me “bad influence” when she was my Orang Gaji Berijazah for 2 weeks. I thought that I was soooooooooooo over with Boys Before Flower (BBF) and went on with my life. I never anticipated that I got hooked again … this time with Hot Blood (and sometimes Iris or Terms of Endearment). Mummy, you should have stick to Sehati Berdansa!

This time, it was a real challenge too because unlike BBF, Hot Blood was not a super hit. Other than Viikii or Mysoju, it’s hard to find other sites to watch the drama if the link is broken and being “Mie” I want to watch this drama on high definition. Even the “fan-subbers” took their time to provide the English subtitle. During the glory days of BBF, tonight it went on air in Korea… tomorrow you could watched it on thousand of fan sites.

So I’d got no choice but to download this drama episode by episode from Aja-Aja website on my crawling broadband. Huhuhu. Sometimes it took more than 24 hours to download an episode. Nasiblah I am not a PHD student, surelah tak balik UK tahun depan hehehe. The waiting really kills me!

Synopsis, cast information please click here. (if you dare Semin!)

Hmm, what do I like about this drama? Actually I was quite drawn to the character Kim Jae Hae played by Chae Jung Ahn, who is the top female car salesperson in Korea. Sometimes she can be the vixen, straight-forward and hardworking businesswoman, compassionate spinster, spirited team leader, wise elder sister or wicked witch of the west. For a while I believe that Ha-Ryu, the main character, may have fallen hard for her. But pandai cover line through his naiveness.

As for Jae Hae, though I don’t really approved whatever feelings she may still have for her ex, Kang Seung Joo, I understand very well the feelings of a woman who had fallen head over heels for a man only to be deeply hurt and betrayed later. She had to create a strong outer shell to conceal and protect the shattered damsel in distress and faced challenges in life alone. Hmm … déjà vu!

Whoever that comes next may need to work hard to get her love. I have to applause Chae Jung Ahn’s performance here, not easy to bring that character to live.

Since I only have KBS World on my ASTRO subscription so it’s plain to see most of Korean dramas which I am more familiar with are from KBS. However I knew that some great dramas aired in SBS in Korea. One in particular is You’re Beautiful.

I stumbled upon it while “googling” for Top Korean Drama 2009 and there is this site who ask viewers to vote between Boys Before Flower OR You’re Beautiful. Hooo … bahaya ni. Biasanya fever or drama addiction seperti ini ada kaitan dengan kedatangan BIG MAJOR TASK!

Anyway, I will blog about it later if it’s worth watching. Here is the link for the 1st Episode.


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Ohh...inilah H1N3 nyer. Napa Norzah lama dah tak komen blog ko?

norzah said...

J, Yoyop, kepala aku masih rasa padat kerana demam selsema. Sebelumnya server komputer pula kaput, 3 hari tak dapat masuk internet. Inilah ujian tahun baru 2010 agaknya. Mala Xmas dulu rasa tak sihat tapi keluar juga round-round KL. Tak keluar kereta pun.
Dah dapat baca blog u orang semula banyak nak komen tapi kepala belum hening lagi. Ada aku tengok Yoyop cakap nogori. J pun terkejut. He he sorang kena sakit SOL ( den tak tau apa) dan sorang lagi sakit HiN3. Cuma eden sakit batuk dan inguih. Ayo golo den. Anyway Happy New Year to U all.

SeMiN said...

rambo!... nampak makin remaja..hehehehehe

rambomadonna said...

Yoyop: Yes.. still better dari demam "kerinduan" huhuhu

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Yours too? I tot ada satu ISP utama di M'sia claimed that - never trust the first timer hmmm...
Baru jer plan nak ambik fix line sementelah rajin mendownload 2-3 menjak nie huhuhu

Anyway, get well soon. Hari nie I masih pening2 lagi tapi gagahi jugak gi shopping ke SOGO. Esok nak start kerja dengan baju baru hehehe

rambomadonna said...

Semin: Bila dok tgk drama korea nie rasa zaman remaja tak cukup happening lah pulak. Heehehe

Last Saturday, I watched KBS song festival 2009, semua best K-pop groups were performing and it was like so happening.

Lain sungguh dengan our music scenes.

Olpicture said...

kawan i suka Boys over flower ke haper... best sangat ke citer tu? I penah layan citer Princess Hour tu dulu jer... yang lain tak. Even Winter Sonata... ha ha ha

rambomadonna said...

Olpic: Jangan ko cuba mempersendakan the power of soap opera korea nie. I pun mulanya not a big fan pun. Tapi Lepas tgk 6th episode kat KBS world I search segala site nak tgk balik from episode 1-22.

Percaya atau tidak, ada seseorang yang kat UK and somesay Kedah, tak percaya dengan benda seperti ini.

BOLEH ... he beat me tgk final episode mentang2 time the version yang telah disubtitlekan upload kat Internet di Korea, I masih lena. So not fair!

So my advice, jangan mudah terjebak!

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