Thursday, January 7, 2010

Freedom Of Religion

I was waiting for Guy Next Door to complete a very important presentation to KSU tomorrow. So while waiting, I killed time reading today's papers. A very, very HOT issue caught my attention but instead of feeling GLAD, OFFENDED, VICTORIOUS or CONCERNED, I was INTERESTED and decided to form my own opinion based on historical background, linguistic and cross-cultural values of 3 religions of GOD.

Throughout the data search and analysing process-the McCurry case, Norzah entries on sensitivity, 1Malaysia, Dr. M's entry on Federal Constituitions and certain politicians or bloggers writings on the issue came into mind. So satisfied that I found a more intellectual and rational explanation on the issue I decided to share it with Mr. Energy Savings.

So at the end of my short lecture I said,"Sometimes Lim, I think its better to be a free-thinker but in my case, a free thinker but not an atheist. Understand the foundation and essence of the religions and embrace all the best values that benefits me spiritually."

Innocently Mr Energy Saving answered,"Cik Jaime, saya free thinker. Saya tak percaya Tuhan tapi saya kena percaya Tuhan."

I was like "huh"?

"Cik Jaime tak tahu ker? Saya dah bersumpah. Rukunegara kita yang pertama kata ... Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan".

Hahahahaha .... Dunno whether to hate or love him for saying it earnestly. Just imagine if some non believers want to make an issue out of it!

However, I also have to agree to Norzah's view on this issue:

"You don't have to take everything to the Court. Nor can the Court rule that you must believe or not believe, love or hate something or someone, like or dislike certain things etc. It can only rule on what you can do or not do in terms of explicit action."


norzah said...

Hey, u read my latest entry on the web! Thanks. U know, I was also saying something this evening on a freethinker in the novel I'm writing. Is there some telepathic process going on here? Hehehe.
So your presentation to the KSU is tomorrow! Good luck. When King Gaz ( Ghazali Shafie when he was a Minister) drew up the Rukunegara, he asked me to write a TV drama showing a man shot down but didn't die because he had the Rukunegra printed on his back. I said I couldn't. Why? The character might not die but the writer might because of a disbelief in what he writes about. Moral of story: you can't force a person to believe. A belief is between you and God. Naso? ( A teacher of mine used to say that meaning isn't it so?).

rambomadonna said...

Thanks ... my presentation is part of KPKT presentation to Tan Sri KSN on Thursday so he wanted to ensure everything is perfect.Balik 10.30 pm last nite.

Wah wah wah Norzah ... novel! I think I can guess about the plot lah ... Especially now that I am so "in tune" with your writing style. Once you get it published jangan lupa canangkan ...

Luckily you didn't write the drama ... so like the Chairman Mao's cultural revolution.

norzah said...

You bet I won't write on anything I don't believe in, J. Writing is more committal than just saying something.As for the novel,there's a lot of research that needs to be done.Itu yg payah dan paling mencapekkan.Boleh tolong ke? Hehehe, feenya tentu tinggi sekali.

rambomadonna said...

Nak tolong camana? Of course my helping me pun not cheap hehehe

norzah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
norzah said...

J, the deleted comment is mine. Banyak kesalahan typo. I tanya u jika ada jumpa account lengkap mengenai rombongan Tengku AR pergi UK tuntut kemerdekaan. Siapa wakil MCA dan MIC, apa tuntutannya dan apa jwpan Kerajaan British? Dah pernah baca tapi lupa sumbernya. Feenya kalau 'in kind' lebih baguskan? Maklum I ni org pencen, hehe.

Abet said...

Zen, happy New year to you (ya ya, after 11 days of new year). you sounds so busy with your presentation, neway, all the best again to face the future ahead. life is like a roller-coster so belt up, watch your food, enjoy the ride, scream as much as you can and don't forget to put your hands up the air at certain points :)
Belt up - Be ready in all circumstances
Watch your food - Health is important
Enjoy the ride - THink positive of our work
Scream - Don't get too serious with work. BUT do it well
Hands up - Praise God/Ask help from Him

-sharing is caring-

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Hehehe ... oopsss lupa pulak disebabkan bonus yang tak seberapa tahun, kenaikan pencen pun tak seberapa hahaha ... Nanti lah I tolong find out. U nak yang full delegation from MCA and MIC ker atau just the team leader?

rambomadonna said...

Kazen: Huhuhu ... sampe aku kena keluar dari KL untuk menenangkan fikiran aku yang berserabut dek isu tok hehehe ...

I miss our AF days ... u know it was so magical looking at our team yang sokong Hafiz ... ada muka cina, muka iban, muka bidayuh, muka melanau ... nok group lain macam sepesen jak.

Happy new year to you too! Mudhan tahun to aku might an auntie again hehehe

norzah said...

Full delegation, J. I'm tracing the backgroung of all races working together to achieve merdeka - not just Tengku and UMNO.U dah keluar dari KL atau belum nak tenangkan fikiran yang serabut? Nak ubah pandangn ok tapi nak tenang fikiran kena lihat benda yg tenang seperti bayangan bulan di tasik damai. Listen to u r heart. Cupid is hiding somewhere between the clouds of your self -uncertainties, hehe.

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