Sunday, July 28, 2013

Howdy From Down Under!!!!

Actually akak dari minggu lepas terpanggil-panggil nak update blog ni. But sepanjang 3 minggu ni memang pelbagai rintangan lah harus kutempuhi ... penuh onak dan duri hahahaha ... bersastera sekejap. Yelaa banyakkkkkk uols perkara-perkara yang menyebabkan jantung akak ni berdegup kencang, blood pressure up and down and makan tak kenyang, tido tak basah. Kalau ikut amazing race asia memang ada chance menang!

So ... I am not going to ramble about the challenges that I had to face ... suffice to say ... ayat pertama nak update di blog ni pun dah mengambil masa 1 jam, then nak familiarise dengan lagi. Should I write in English or should I write in BM. In the end, I decided to write in Manglish ... dengan style Rambomadonna.

Memang lama tak menulis in this personal space of mine in this blogosphere. Kalau nak cerita dari awal ke akhir why I didn't update my blog memang banyak. But to sum it up, it was my gut feelings telling me to lay low for a while. On Facebook, only your friends have access to your updates. I am very selective of friend requests. But in blogs ... you just never know. Something innocent thing such as posting a photo of you doing funny faces may ended up being politicised. It is true ... I am not making it up ... one editor for a very strong NGO in Penang got herself in trouble after posting a photo of her doing silly pose on Myspace. And she became the source of malicious attack by some politically motivated groups despite all the great community works that she did. It happened 2 months after I was posted to Penang.

Then of course, works started to catch up with you. Meetings, travellings, functions etc etc ... I found that I barely even have time for myself. Events or incidents that are "blogs worthy" became old news. I accidentally read a comment by an ex staff on his Facebook (he forgotten to log out apparently) commenting that "the new director nampak selekeh semacam jer". Can't blame him.I was really selekeh ... ya lah I myself was quite shock getting the posting order to Ministry of Tourism, Penang Office while I was in the Property Development Lab with Dato' Idris Jala (despite seronok dapat kerja di tempat baru). My DG asked me ... "you did so well here in Housing, why leave? Did we do something wrong to you?" 

Nobody is indispensable.

I did posted a few entries .. mostly work related these 3 years. But deep down I know my style of writing and what I want to write. To be honest .... there are many happy, sad, exciting stories while I was in Penang. Maybe I will cover that back in a form of a flashback ... alaaa ... banyak pun my entries dalam flashback format.

Hahahaha ... kan dah melalut ... ambik kau flashback.

I arrived in Brisbane on 16th July .... with no idea whatsoever how Brisbane look like. Information on Brisbane pun "nada". Well ... hahahah to be honest, I thought I will never make it to Brisbane.... hahahaha .... nanti lah akak crita. But a week later, reality started to sink in and tup tup ... I am already on my 1st week of my course huhuhuhu.

Now that I dah tak terikat to my post or work except for my bond with the Government of Malaysia.... I think I wanted to be more honest in my writings. Especially on matters that I think should be given special attention or deserve to be made known. My last trip to three important cities in Europe and now staying in Down Under ... I guess there are many things that Malaysia should learn. However in retrospect ... there are also many things that Malaysia are far better that Western countries, and how I wish I saw that earlier. 

Esok lusa ... since I am quite free ... I will share a bit about my uni life. Hahaha ... sambil-sambil update blog ni ... I sebenarnya tengah beli buku online. Murah kau beli online. Dekat AUD 10 - 20 per book. Ok ... catch you guys later :)


norzah said...

Read your first update with interest and full of anticipation, J. And I feel very happy that you are back in a writing mood. It's not how busy or tired you are that stops one from writing. It's the lack of that something in you which kept urging you to write, to comment, to criticize, to vent your own thoughts and feelings about it. No fun just describing things, places, people etc. It's the need to express your own impression, gut feelings, and amiliorative impulses which make you restless until you write about it. Hey, why am I talking as if I am trying to lecture to someone? Hahaha, becoz you're a student again. So, jgn marah ya. Keep writing lah. You'll soon have a lot of assignments to write. No xcuse for not updating you blog, ok? Miss your jokes and humor a lot.

sYu ueMura said...

J!! we missed u here. though we haven't met for quite a while now, and we missed each other while in amsterdam, the fact that now you're in aussie laaagi buat we ols rindu. can't wait to hear your thoughts on what malaysia needs to improve/what malaysia have that's better. i've got some, too...hmmmm. maybe i also need to blog.

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Mmg i tertunggu2 cerita yg mendebarkan jantung dan blood pressure yg penuh dgn up and down sjk ko umumkan nak ke Europe. Ditambah lg bila mjadi student kat Brisbane. Tak pe, aku tunggu klimaks cerita ni bila ko free. Mcm aku mo jg smbg study hihi.

Sooner or later i'll visit U there. Mmg aku dah plan nak pg Sydney, Uluru and of coz Brisbane. Insya Allah.

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Thank you so much for your comment. Believe it or not, apart from the writing ... the blogger template settings need a lot of refamiliarisation too... Yealaaa dah berapa tahun tinggalkan this blog. Memang excited to write back, tadi dalam kelas pun tiba2 idea pop apa nak tulis. Not a very good thing as "Class Have Priority" bak kata student services officers kat sini. You may see some desciptions writing here but yeaa ... I might want to migrate to penulisan yang lebih kritis gitew. Hahaha

rambomadonna said...

sYU: I know I JAHAT ... I should have a nice and wonderful FAREWELL party with you guys. But seriously I was really really in a RUSH. I need to pack up my things from my office, my home and move it to KL and then repack it for Brisbane. It was crazy. Sorry that we missed each other in Amsterdam and Paris too. But I was actually doing some writings for a magazine juga so my schedule are pretty pack as well. i need to do a bit of "exploration and research" a bit though until now ... I dont know how to start the article.

I suggest you start writing Syu. You might find that it will help you organising your mind more. Because I could find a specific theme for this blog, I decided to make it all of about a girl name Mie ... and how she see the world from different perspectives ... as a civil servant, as a student, some imagining that she's a chef, a foodie etc etc.

rambomadonna said...

Hahaha .... yea yea ... sabar ya yop. Maybe ko kena sabar banyak lagi sebab citer tentang my trips to Paris ... ya ampun memang panjang. Kadang2 aku kagum ko boleh sum it up mcm tu jer... aku memang payah. Mesti mau perspective, nak share feelings nak share pandangan ... bisa jadi membosankan gitu.

But I might start with Jogja ... sebab I guess I owe Joni the story :)

Alexa said...

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