Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finally .... I am a STudent (Part 2)

If Fairy Godmother do exist in this world, I am sure she is Datin Zaitun. Hahaha ... she does look like one hehehe.

Anyway, prior to Datin Zaitun's call to my office that morning there were series of incidents throughout 2008 and 2009 that sort of like open my mind to the reality of my service and the office politics within the public sector. I couldn't recall what made me so oblivious to my surroundings ... Was I too dedicated? Maybe ... Was I "slow" in terms of the latest news and gossips? Possibly... Was I not ambitious? Hmmm .... depends on the situation. Maybe I just "don't bloody care" (say it in the most British accent please).

Having said that, I loved what I did in the Housing Ministry. I learned a lot about the property sector .. from legislation to town planning, land administration, conveyancing, housebuyers protection, banking and finance, valuation, rehabilitation, project management, construction ... I learned and study a lot. Met lots of people, worked with lots of experts on different areas of property development, and I guess the one that gave me most satisfaction is solving house buyers problems and educating them. Everyday I arrived at work 6.45 am and finished work at 7.45 pm ... initially because I want to avoid jam but later ... I guess I just love working.

Then came my first HLP application in 2008 ... was (i think) motivated to further my study that time. And then came the interview session when we were ask to present our proposal to a group of panels selected by JPA. It was quite different back then ... you apply, got your interview and then you prepare proposal. That was the time I realised that I didn't know what I want study about. Everyday I tried to think of a fancy topic but till the day of the interview nothing came out from my brain. 

Despite loving what I did in housing, I could not find an area that I want to specialise in and that is related to my work. Land? I know about land law and land administration but I don't do the job. It is just related to my work in housing (developers license processing) and I must know the processes. 90% of my works in the Housing Ministry deal with The Housing Development [Control and Licensing] Act 1966 (Act 118) but most of the complex legal matters were undertaken by the Ministry's legal advisors and public prosecutors, and law is not core business of a PTD. In the end, I decided not to go for the interview until I know which area I want to focus on and related to PTD core business.  My love affair with housing came to an end in 2010, 2 weeks before I got the call from Datin Zaitun and I shared that in this entry.

It took me quite a while to digest Datin Zaitun's "offer" and to "process" it later. I did have plans to "mintak tukar" but you know once you start to immense yourself in your work, you began to forget it. But somehow, I couldn't resist considering her offer (I wrote about it here) and worse of all ... I said YES to her before I know what the job was all about. Dah kata YES baru sedar ... OMG Penang! I don't know a single thing about Penang. Yes .... my family is from Penang (my dad lah) but Penang is like so strange to me. Not only I will be in a new Ministry ... I will be in a new OPPOSITION State, new working environment, new job scope, new set of team ... OMG OMG ...a TOTAL OVERHAUL!!!!

After a while ... I decided to take up the challenge. It is not everyday your prayers are answered and your wishes are granted kan. Somehow ... I still feel pressured and takut. 

Did I do the right thing?

Now I got 4 teeth and nothing can stop me now!
 to be continued .... (boleh but novel blog aku ni)


norzah said...

Memang boleh dikadikan novel, Jaiame. The only critical need in turning it into a novel would be to create some villain characters who would be tormenting you and driving you to the edge of the cliff. Only then will the tension and the suspense come in full force. You also need a hero somewhere behind the scene who helped to push you ahead and keep you on track with the torch of hope always burning bright in the distance. Hey you've all the ingredients of a good novel there, about a voluptuous girl unsure of where to go in life, but finally taking up the rein in her hand and riding out boldly into the adventurous outback.

Sorry, got carried away. Your entry is rich with honesty and feelings....but don'tlah jack Tun too much. Although the focus is on your own uncertainties and indecision, you reduce the impact of the tension faced by not characterizing those who made you feel miserable. You don't have to name people, just create non existing characters, hehehe.
Ok, keep blogging.

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