Friday, February 17, 2012

Missing Home

People say "home is where the heart is" and yesterday my heart was definitely in the beautiful and serene city of Kuching, Sarawak. Kuching may not be as busy or as vibrant as my other "homes", Georgetown or Kuala Lumpur. However, 18 years of my life were spent there and many of the best memories of my life happened there.

I think a dear friend of mine currently share the same feelings. Yes, it used to be fun and exciting to get out of our hometown and gain experience in other bigger or foreign cities. Yes, it used to be fun living with friends (or live-in partners? oppsss) but like Norzah mentioned in his latest entry ... "the more people have, the more unhappy they seem to be". I am not sure whether I am seeing enough (as I still feel envious looking some of my friends travel photos) or had enough (as I still things that I want to own) or experience enough (especially relationships and motherhood hehehe) ... but yesterday I truly felt like I wanted to leave everything behind, take the next available flight to Kuching and enjoy as many bowls of Kolo mee to my heart desire (huhu has always been about food).

Another friend of mine commented yesterday that she was revisiting this blog as it used to make her laugh but many of my new entries seemed so serious, "mind-challenging" and depressing (okay I just add this) ... Hmmm ... honestly, I was (am) making an effort to write again on various topics and issues now that I am contributing a lot of "feature writings" in a local tourism magazine. She rebutted ... "leave that serious writings to the magazine or academic papers" but for this blog ... "I want that santai (laid-back) writings" ... my she sounded scary!

Hmmm .... after much soul-searching and analytical thinking ... I came to a conclusion that all of these were due to lacking of "the feel good feeling". Happy? Yes ... in certain areas and departments of my life. Content? Hmmm .... not quite, some areas are still a lot of filling up to do. I had embarked in a Happiness Project since January but what I had achieved so far is mostly enough sleep and enough eating hehehe. Yes, I miss the feeling of falling in love, I miss the feeling of childishly mischevious ... I miss the company of great friends. Huhuhu ... I am lonely ...

So yesterday, since I had a full day meeting ... I decided to take a 30 minutes break to the nearest Sarawak comfort food restaurant in Penang, Face to Face Noodle House at Penang Times Square which is about 5 minutes drive from KOMTAR. It may not be the best Kolo Mee I've ever had but enough to satisfy my craving for a taste of home. Sorry yer ... non-halal!

Having said that, since the owner hails from Oya, Mukah ... the kolo mee that their produce have the same texture and taste like the Foochow Kampua Mee. But the garnishing and toppings definitely resemble Hakka Mee of the Peninsular Malaysia. Tastewise ... a crossover between kolo mee and kampua mee. Don't care as long as it taste like any kolo mee or kampua mee in Kuching. I was soooooo thrill yesterday because they also served it with freshly cut red chillies in vinegar.... a must with Kolo Mee. Truly made my day :)

Face to Face Traditional Sarawak Kolo Mee


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Masa ko sbt "i'm lonely" tu..Hmmm... FOR A WEEK, I'M Lonely. Bila sdh biasa hidup bsama anak2 buah, bila diaorg takde, terus sunyi. Biasanya aku yg 'tinggalkan' diorg, kali ni, diorg tinggalkan aku.
Syukurlah, aku tak jg tak happy. Cuma, biasalah manusia. Tak pernah cukup. Org kata dah byk negara aku travel. Tp nafsu aku, selagi aku belum 'mati', selagi itu aku travel.

rambomadonna said...

Anak2 buah ko kemana time tu?

Aku hidup dengan family aku disini but I still feel lonely sebab I don't have much friends of the same passion. Hujung minggu, they oso have their own program and u r not their priority.

Nafsu untuk travel simpan sikit untuk nafsu yang "lain" juga ya YY. Mana taw ...

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Oh ya, diorg ke Langkawi 4 a week. Semua sekali. Tinggal aku dan seekor kucing yg menjengkelkan aku drmh. Diorg dah balik mlm sabtu lps.

Hahaha...Same goes here. Kwn skerja tak sama passion dgn aku.

Huhu..mana tau..Tp nafsu aku utk travel ni dah meluap2, tak dpt disorok2 dan dibendung2. Masa & wang 'on', kaki turut 'on'.

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