Saturday, May 15, 2010

Panggilan Pulau - Island of The Eagles

I had been trying to complete this entry for weeks. Often, got sidetracked by entries on latest episode of Glee. Glee after all is ... addiction!

Anyway, 2010 seems like an island hopping year for me. Starting first with my posting to Pearl of the Orient (Penang), then followed by weekend getaway to Land of the Eagles (Langkawi) and earlier this month, Pearl of Borneo (Labuan). All thanks to dearest Datin Zaitun who was the iron lady behind the Water Fest events in Langkawi and Labuan. Coincidently (... and thankfully), both events were during my "most needed getaway" moments .... on Government Budget of course!

Langkawi Water Fest (9-11 April 2010)

It was not my first time to Langkawi. However, on every trip the Island never fail to amaze me and definitely there will be new discoveries. Unfortunately during this trip, I hadn't fully recovered from the week-long flu and fever (which also caused me to miss the chance to see the most expensive shoe at the Shoe Festival). So it affected my photo taking skills and some of the photos on my DSLR and IX didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be. Sayang ... my cameras lately dah jadi mcm another white elephant at home ... jarang guna.

I was joined by Syu and Tipah ... who pretended to be my Chinese (Ha Tee Fa) and Japanese (Shu Uemura) tourists. Fate and life can be quite funny sometimes. I was the one with the Chinese surname but Syu and Tipah got the "sepet" eyes (as shown in the pic below). But judging by the lusciousness of the lips ... I might pass for a Korean lady. Annyeong Haseo!!!! (Did I mention before that someone told me that I look like Song Hye Kyo of Full House if I loose the kilos???? Hahahaa)

BTW, I haven't quite master the self-photo taking skill like Suna or Syu. So terambik muka Tipah yang sebelah jer. Actually, behind those smiling faces and eyes ... it was also an emotional trip for us for I was finally leaving KPKT to start a new adventure but both girls will still have to face the depressing office back home. Anyway, little did I know I will face a hectic life in Penang. Hahaha.

The Loaf @ Burau Bay

Before the trip, I lamented to the girls of Langkawi lack of foodies attractions. Both of them looked at me in confusion. Apparently, during my last two trips I missed out the eateries at Pantai Chenang. Well during my first trip we passed Pantai Chenang to get to the Underwater World but not long enough to try out the stalls and restaurants. Plus we didn't even stop to try out the fresh bake at The Loaf despite lalu banyak kali at Burau Bay!

So, this time ... I decided to treat the two girls to a hearty breakfast at The Loaf the following morning. Well, they have a branch at The Pavillion but here is special as this is their first outlet and you can choose to have your breakfast overlooking the marina. Though pastries and bread may be a French specialty but I have heard so much about Japanese style bakeries/bistro either from Syu, Japanese shows or my favourite anime Pantasia (hehehe). Oh yea ... I was addicted to Japanese anime back in 2008. Certain dramas and animes can be very informative sometimes you know!

Our brunch selections ...

The healthy and hearty breakfast set.

I love the croissant. Spread some butter on top ... mmmmm heaven!

By the way, this is my favourite. The Pan Cream ... a must try. Pan in Japanese means bun or bread ... hence Pantasia the anime

Buffalo Park @ Kampung Nyiur Cabang

On the flight I read about Langkawi's Buffalo Cheese or Mozarella at Kampung Nyior Cabang. Wah, Langkawi got cheese meh? Hebat. Apparently, Tun M did blog about it in 2009. How come I missed out that entry. Well, I also found out that actually best Mozarellas are made from Buffalo Milk. Not wanting to miss out the chance, we decided to check out the place. Mamma mia ... the road heading to the place was so long and narrow. The signboard so misleading ...

Unfortunately by the time we reached the place, the staff had just finish making the order of the day. Tsk Tsk ... They usually don't make the cheese in big batches because of the limited supply of good quality milk from all over the island. I bought a small container of fresh handmade mozarella and ricotta (made from goat's milk). My mouth started watering imagining eating the mozarella with sprinkle of olive oil, pepper on cherry tomatoes or salad. We also tried out the Buffalo Milk ice cream. Couldn't quite decide about the taste ... or the aftertaste. A bit creamier I guess.

Apart from cheese and ice cream, they also sell other dairy products like yogurt and bottled fresh milk.

Shopping @ Haji Ismail Group of Companies shop, Kuah Town

Of course, once in Langkawi we shouldn't miss out the chance to shop at the duty-free shops. I am not keen about buying liqour in Langkawi. Many years ago some of my friends told me that it is better to buy liquor in Labuan than Langkawi. They said a lot of liquor sold in Langkawi are fake. Errr ... dunno whether it true or not as I am not a drinker but I noticed some shops don't have proper storage for their liquors.

However, I will definitely make Haji Ismail or heirs/heiresses richer on every visit. I am fond of Tefal cooking wares. My mum would love the Visions, Correlles and CorningWares. However this time, I decided to get myself a Pyrex serving cum storage dish. More practical for me as normally after entertaining I will have hard time storing the leftovers. You can also use it to bake brownies or baked macaroni and cheese.

For my younger sister and my little nephews and nieces at home in Kuching. Chocolates are must have. For my own indulgence.. I bought few nougats and mini snicker bars (you know just in case tak sempat nak masak dinner). Excuses ... excuses hahahaha

I was almost tempted to check out the camera shop where I bought my zoom lens (though I vowed not to spend so much in Langkawi) when we got a Hallo from Datin. All those shoppings made us forgot why were there at the first place! So off we head to Pantai Chenang to meet up Datin and Norzah.

Hot Air Ballon & Raggae Concert @ Pantai Chenang

Actually, we didn't quite know the exact location of the Water Fest because from the road all you see are chalets, restaurants and small shops selling souvenirs and offering "massage" services. Then Datin guided us through a small lane between a chalet and mamak restaurant and VOILA ...

According to Datin and Norzah, we missed a lot of the water activities during the day like the Simbah Kuyup (a bit like the Thai's Songkran), kayaking, parasailing and jet ski races. Little did they know that we were doing our own Amazing Race in Langkawi ... from our hotel in Pantai Chenang to Burau Bay then to Kuah and back to Pantai Chenang again hehehe.

Anyway, the highlight of our trip there was when we got the offer to try out the hot air balloon FREE!!!

Errr ... I don't know why and how it happen but other than fear of flying, I discovered that lately I had fear of height. Aiyooo ... so not rambo! Alamak terkantoi dengan Yoyop ... one of the reasons I had to say no to paragliding or parasailing. Not only that ... I also had to say no to scuba. Maybe it is because I had this fear of "leaving" too soon without fulfilling my dreams and wishes has eaten me up. Yalah too many traumatic events these past few years.

Anyway, what Norzah said is right too ... Fate is already written, if we are meant to peacefully departing tomorrow so tomorrow we will definitely "departing". So why living in fear... Anyway, flying on the hot air balloon was definitely a free sauna to all of the girls. In fact for a while I was afraid that my hair got caught in the fire. And I guess I was not the only one hehehe.

However, the view of Pantai Chenang from above ...

and below was PRICELESS.

We stayed on until late evening in Pantai Chenang as we were told that there will be Raggae Concert that night. Waaaa ... instantly i thought of getting a printed shirt and ala Bob Marley's braided wig ... just for fun hehehe. Anyway, my type of reggae is more of UB40 than Bob Marley's.

Wonder when was the last time the singer got his hair wash ... I love his reggae version of Hey Jude. Heard myself singing to the tune along with the crowd.

Some audience were very "kuai" some were sporting

And some audience took advantage to snap photos. I love the lighting effects.

The Banana Fritters Stall @ Langkawi Mosque

Of course, our journey in the Island of the Eagle would not be complete without a visit to the "secretly famous" banana fritters stall. I blog about it last year. Reported to be the favourite of the HRH Sultan of Brunei. Tipah was not with our group on our previous trip to Langkawi so she missed out our afternoon rendezvous at this stall. BTW, the stall had shifted from opposite the mosque TO next to the mosque. Besides the banana fritters, the donuts are must try ... "nyaman" kata orang Sarawak.

Nasi Lemak RM 1.20 @ Pantai Chenang

Another attractions of kampung stalls on this part of the country is the RM 1.20 Nasi Lemak. Traditionally wrap in banana leave and old newspaper, just the way I love it, and usually come in 3 choices of sambal - anchovies, shrimp or squid. Sometimes it comes with salted fish. We do have it in Kuala Lumpur but unfortunately, it's already commercialised and way more expensive. I blog about it last year.

This one is with the shrimp sambal.
BTW, it was freshly wrap and the steam clouded my camera lens.

This one is with squid sambal.

BTW, Datin sent a letter to check out some of nasi lemak and laksa stalls in Penang recently but I noticed "a particularly" famous nasi lemak stall and was featured on many food blogs was left out from the list. Haaaa ... kena tunggu future entry.

Next entry : Panggilan Pulau - Pearl of Borneo


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Amboi...Pjgnya entri blog kali ni. Tpaksa bc beberapa kali sbb masa yg tidak begitu mengijinkan..
Oh ya, bila ko ckp DSLR dan IX ko dah jd white elephant...trus tringat aku hr tu masa g Spot Landing, ramainya Fotographer. Dorg sbt Fish eye la, dan byk terms lagi lah yg aku x paham. Disimpan trus Coolpix aku tu. Malu nak keluarkan. Hahaha. Tu sbb kali ni aku x upload sbrg gmbr. Tggu di tag je. Gmbr2 yg dorg ambil pun sgt santek..

norzah said...

Memang panjang betul cite U, J, walaupun rasanya kejap sangat kita semua berada di Langkawi. Lepas naik hot air baloon u all terus disappear in the crowded beach dan I selepas tengok persembahan malam tu sekejap terus balik ke chalet yg paling dekat dibelakang pentas. I was trying out the new Celcom broadband which I bought and it failed to work until very late that night. My other half was of course already snoring away even as the drums from the concert stage pounded away and the electric guitars tore the night to shred. The next day we did some shopping - I bought only a small nonstick frying pan to allow me to fry a nice round sunny-side-up for my breakfast - and left for the airport. The memories that I had of the visit were poured out in the shot entry that I wrote, though more of them remained enshrouded in the music of the first encounter on the beach. Hehehe.

norzah said...

2nd reading baru nyata humor dan jiwa seni penulis blog. Dia yang berketurunan Cina tapi Syu dan Tipah pula yang bermata sepet, hehehe. Rupa macam Korean lady:Annyeong Haseo? I lebih ingat: Oh toe kay jinay sayo? ( Bunyi O tokay minah sayor). Then bila you kata org cakap u macam Song Hye Kyo (kalau kurus), I terus tengok rupa Korean star itew..memang ada iras-irasnya tapi u original dia but facelift..ooops i terbaca ya, entah ia entah tidak! Akhirnya pemandangan Pantai Cenang dari udara: yang nampak lelaki gemuk tercegat seorang diri ambil gambar. Kelakar betul. Juga cite makan cream susu kerbau..terlalu lemak. Yuk. Gambar 2 setengah org dara (muka Tipah nampak sebelah je) dengan luscious lips tu pun menggeletek hati juga, hehehe. I like.

rambomadonna said...

Actually, framework entri dah ada weeks ago tapi disebabkan oleh Glee, terpaksa aku by pass banyak kali. Baru semalam aku berjaya siap dan publishkan. Tapi of course I tried to make it as informative as possible siap dengan links to my previous entries in case adalah tourist baca blog aku nie kan...

BTW, fish eye lense memang mcm hit sekarang ni. Tapi biasanya aku nampak paling banyak diguna untuk ambik gambar landscape, gambar kawin atau mcm fashion mag gitew. Takpelah... bukan ko tak biasa tumpang posing kamera orang kan ...

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Writer's block juga minggu2 kebelakangan nie. So kadang-kadang kena baca balik entri2 lepas to get back the groove. Well, I taknak lari daripada my "trademark" writing style.

Yes, Langkawi story mcm more about MIE and the sepet girls and less about us. Lagipun encounter kita kat Langkawi was sooooo brief. I ada ambik gambar sikit kat Labuan including during our head banging sessions.

Anyway, as I was writing this entry ... I got a date invitation from someone whom I pernah call "Kesatria Baja Hitam" ... nampaknya I need to work on losing the kilos coz he used to say that I looked a bit like Carmen Soo.

norzah said...

Good luck on the KBH date, Carmen Soo. Shake off the kilos by moving around taking more photographs of food but not eating them, hehehe.

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Huhu...siapakah gerangan Kesatria Baja Hitam tu?. Btl tu Jaime, gmbr ko berT-shirt merah tu hampir tak nmpk lagi leher ko. Kan dulu leher ko jinjang. Jd, kembalikanlah kejinjangan leher itu...Jgn biarkan ia hilang ditelan kegemukan. Hahaha

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Sebenarnya ada kisah lucu antara I dengan KBH ... dan mengapa dia I gelar KBH. Tapi nanti2 lah I crita, biar kami bertemu dulu.

Pasal ambik gambar food tapi tak makan memang sukar lah ... sebab hanya seorang pencinta makanan saja yang tahu mcm mana nak ambik angle gambar makanan yang bagus and meliurkan.

rambomadonna said...

Siapa gerangannya ... yang pasti bukan "kekasih gelapku" yang pernah diblogkan dulu.

Hey, gambar aku T-shirt merah salah ambik angle bah itu. Leher ini masih jinjang lagi, betis ini pun masih bunting padi hahahah

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Errr....kalau betis Marina Noyou aku percaya lah betis bunting padi. kalau betis RamboMadonna, errrr....(sila jwb sendiri la...)Hahahahahahahaha

norzah said...

Rambo, Yoyop, (leher) jinjang tu sekarang banyak jenisnya ikut kesukaan masing-masing. Begitu juga bunting padi - ada yg panjang ada yang pendek- ikut suka masing-masinglah. So, Kojak dulu pun claim fesyen rambutnyalah yang paling popular. hehehe. said...


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