Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bad Reputation on Glee

Again ... I had to skip the most awaiting entry on my trips to Langkawi and Labuan in conjunction with the Malaysia Water Fest 2010 as my Gleeker's self is so overpowering at the moment. Well, after last week's "anti-climax" episode entitled Home, I took my time for this week's episode entitled Bad Reputation (click on the link to watch online) fearing another "disappointment". Ohhh .... don't get me wrong. Last week's episode was great just like all other Glee's episodes. It's just that after the The Power of Madonna frenzy, last week's episode was so pale in comparison.

Anyway, just as the title suggested, this week's episode surrounded on the theme Bad Reputation. Although not as great as the Power of Madonna (which I can relate to very easily) Bad Reputation storyline was a bit patchy though more entertaining than Home, which actually in my opinion expanding on the character of April Rhodes, after Kristen Chenoweth great cameo in the The Rhodes Home. Thank God for the duet Fire (Will and April) or else I will be sleeping half way through the episode (Home).

OK honestly I couldn't relate this week's theme with the storyline except for the part where Sue Sylvester got a taste of her own poison when her self video doing the jazzercise on Olivia Newton John's - Get Physical was posted on YouTube by the Glee Club members and got 3 million hate comments. Hmm .. might be more interesting if the self video made more suggestive moves (wink).

Hmmm ... I also think Olivia Newton John is bad with "bitchy" characters ... you know her lines on the phone to Sue introducing herself as "the" award winning Olivia Newton John and bragging about her song Physical was the no. 1 single for 10 executive weeks. It was Sue's sarcastic line "oh yea ... what's up with the accent" that got me tickled.

Anyway, if you all would like to see the original video clip by Olivia Newton John back in 1981 click here. Couldn't embed the video. You can see some of the similarities.

Bad Reputation featured some of my favourite HIT songs during my teen such as Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby and MC Hammer - Can't Touch This. (love the seluar kembang which was a hype in the early nineties). We used to have rapping sessions in the dormitory to these songs. We were great "dancers" back then ....

However it was this another 80's hit that actually caught my attention and made me started checking YouTube for video links. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I do ... Glee Cast to Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of The Heart.


norzah said...

Listen carefully to the lyrics of the three songs - Getting Physical, You Can't Touch This and Total Eclipse of the Heart - and you'll agree that Bad Reputation is a suitable theme fpr the episode. Getting physical can mean many things of course while TEOTH keeps repeating the line I really need you tonight. Actually many of the rock and rap songs contain lyrics if translated into Bahasa can never be played in this country but fortunately some people don;t understand and that's good. Love the songs you picked up, J. From the karaoke performance in Labuan . I know that you guys are top class dancers yourselves.huhuhu.

rambomadonna said...

Glad you like the songs. Apart from the Olivia Newton John moment, which is actually a remake of her famous song Physical, featuring Vanilla Ice and Mc Hammmer songs befitting the theme of the episode. Both performers got quite a reputation as Bad Boys in the early nineties.

Anyway, I sort of like this lyric from Physical ... "there is nothing left to talk about less it's horizontally" ... I am still trying to understand the "horizontal" part hahahaha

BTW, you haven't seen me and nely screaming our heart out during Felix Agus performance years ago.

norzah said...

The line ( there is nothing left...less it's horizontal) is one example of a suggestion that translated into a local dialect will not pass RTM censorship. Mc Hammer and Shaggy are two rappers that often make me laugh with their subtle, very subtle, suggestions. (Aha, aha, that's the way I like it.)

Ya, I've to see you and Nely screaming your heart out one day. Belt out a wild song and I'll scream along from one corner of the room, hehehe.

rambomadonna said...

That one kena tunggu boss boss takdak ... kalau tak dah keluar satu lagu Bon Jovi that night ....boleh head banging satu kali.

norzah said...

Ok, will tunggu, I thought your boss was just as sporting as you were!

rambomadonna said...

Aiyooo Norzah ... that one macam lip service jer.

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