Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life's Like That - Life Lessons (Part 2)

Haiya .... very sorry ha. This entry comes soooo late. You know lah sometimes my mind often occupied and overtaken by events. Nak cari makan katakan. Anyway, this is a sequel to my Life Lesson Part 1, so sape-sape yang belum baca ... kindly read the first part first.

So, I was touched by Yoyop latest entry on being Young, Gorgeous but Single and the loneliness she felt during Hari Raya. Anyway Yop, I hope after reading this entry, you will see things from different perspectives and continue living your life to the fullest, surrounding yourself on God's greatest pleasures.

My second lesson came few weeks before Christmas last year. My mum, dad and foster parents were in town painting the city RED hehehe. Dad received a call from Mrs Koh asking him to collect few valuable items belonging to her late husband that might be of good to him.

The late Mr Koh Eng Thong was a weightlifter like my dad. To my dad, he was more than a mentor to him. The late Mr Koh won Gold Medal for Malaya in the 4th British Empire Games held in Auckland in 1950 (currently known as Commonwealth Games). Before his death, Mr Koh never fail to grace my dad's gym anniversary as well as any events conducted by my dad. Wow, I was just trying my luck searching for articles on him via Google and never thought his info would be on Wikipedia. I met him a couple of times but regretted of not getting myself acquainted with photography sooner ... else he might be able to teach me a trick or two.

Anyway, the late Mr Koh being a good, loving and responsible man left behind quite a fortune to his wife and kids to ensure their living comfortably after his demise. I have never been to his house in PJ but not wanting to disappoint my dad ... we tried to locate the house although the only information my dad could offer was the house was near the LRT station ... hmmm. I was not going to lecture my dad about PJ is so huge and there are thousand of houses near LRT stations plus which LRT, STAR or PUTRA?

Being a true KL lite (murtad!!!!!) ... huhuhu I suspected it must be somewhere between Kelana Jaya or Taman Bahagia LRT station. Nevertheless, nasib baik I pernah tolong YB Chew Mei Fun at her MCA service centre so when Mrs Koh told me her house is in SS2 ... the search was easier. Nevertheless, after that my family ingat KL nie macam Kuching to me. Just throw me an address ... I will know. Sometimes tak larat nak explain Shah Alam arah mana, Klang arah mana, KL arah mana, Sunway arah mana ... Cheras nak cross kat mana. To them, all those places macam from Batu 9 Jalan Kuching-Serian to Pasar Batu 7 hehehe. Tapi I pun suprised with myself. Everytime my friends and family members threw me an address ... I know the location or at least know how to get there. Huhuhu ... nampak sangat kaki jalan atau puas sesat!

Oppsss .... back to the story. So we managed to find the house and it was very well maintained by Mrs Koh. It has a very nice lawn and the house was soooooo warm and homely., with all the basic fengshui principles in place. No wonder Uncle Koh did so well in business. When Mrs Koh told me that she wanted to sell the house and moved to smaller home, easier for her to maintain ... my calculative mind estimated that she might be able to sell this house close to RM 2 million - based on the build-up, land area, condition of property and location!

As I was listening to her chatting away with my dad on her life without Uncle, about her relationship with Uncle's children from previous marriage (they don't have children together), about her future plans, about her dilemma looking for new place to stay and finding houses near LRT stations it dawned to me that even if we managed to find life partner and settle down one day, we might ended up living alone also one day ... if our spouse leave us first and have no children or children to busy with their own life.

From her stories, I knew Uncle pampered her so much. To a point that, she was not allowed to drive a car. Everything been taken care of by Uncle and she focussed all her energy as a homemaker. So I knew it was quite tough for her initially when she need to start all over again ... alone and at 70! I listened carefully to her stories, taking note about what to do and not to do in order to retire comfortably without menyusahkan orang lain. However I am sure, the wonderful memories and more than 40 years blissful marriage that she had with Uncle made her loneliness less painful and life more meaningful.

Nevertheless, the moral of the story was ... no matter what path that God has chosen for us, one day we still have to meet our Creator alone with no one to guide us or hold our hands. Though people often say that humans are created as a pair, which I doubt, must we dedicate our entire life looking for the "lost" other half?

To yoyop ... Memek pun mesti lonely Raya nie walaupun ada cucu-cucu and anak-anak sebagai penghibur. Cuba ko bayangkan ... when Raya is over, semua dengan life masing-masing. So ada hikmahnya tu you are single now ... besar pahalanya tu Yop sebab dapat jaga your mum. Syurga tu di tapak kaki ibu!

To Norzah, sometimes men should not be intimidated by women who can take care of themselves. They often forget, men mortality are shorter than women and we women not only have to take care of ourselves when we are older but katakan lah kena tinggal, atau suami meninggal ... we need to care for the children too. Takkan nak mintak dengan keluarga mertua kot. So tak rugi dapat kami yang PAKEJ nie hehehe

The end.


emel said...

Hmm..Always remember, there are always moral of the story, rite? And also a lot story behind story one.. No matter what we do in our life, do appreciate & cherish every single moment we had, coz life is short, betul sik?? Pasal sesat menyesat especially in KL or Pen ya, ia perkara besa2 jak.. U really learn a lot, then. Well, better u experience it, then u will learn better tat way :)

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Hahaha.Promote nmpk yg last tu?. Rugi tak dpt kami yg PAKEJ ni. Yeah, btl juga yg ko ckp. ko tau je la kan bila hormon tak stabil, lain2 yg difikir. Moral of the story is, setiap sst kejadian itu pasti ada hikmahnya.

Abet said...

You sounds like mok belaki dah.. hahahaha...


Beuntung lelaki yang beroleh kazen ku tok... sure your husband sik ninggalkan rumah pun..

Apa lagi, mun dah ada anak. wow!!

Previously it is something that everyone is looking forward to having it, but only now, it seems to be an option....

*adakah aku merapu dtnganghari yang molek ini?*

rambomadonna said...

Emel: Ya belum include agik ajaran2 sesat si Thomas hehehe. Perhaps things happen for a reason, kalau aku dah belaki kinek tok ... sik dapat lah kita duak nite diving ngan Thomas and hidup aku hanya kerja-jaga anak dan laki -kerja-gaduh dengan laki-kerja- tido-makan= everything will around me, my kids and my laki (kalau ada). If we think back, there was a 6-year gap of me without you tauk ... sedangkan 5 years aku spent every single day ngan kau di Kolej.

rambomadonna said...

YoyoP: Harus promote seluruh dunia PAKEJ tu. Nak create awareness katakan. Sometimes ... you have to market yourself, selain packaging kena jugak rebranding hahaha... mcam "rugi tak dapat kawin dengan anak Pak Subi. Macam-macam ada". hehehe

Tu lah aku suruh ko makan omega-3. Time sedih2 biasanya time tu lah ada anasir luar yang akan mengganggu fikiran kita maka harus lah kita kembali kepada pangkal jalan ... aminnnnnn

rambomadonna said...

Kazen: Dah lamak udah aku mauk belaki tapi semua laki sik mauk ngan aku. Gine nak molah... paksa lah aku polah Pakej Rangsangan Ekonomi untuk menarik perhatian pelabur hehehe

pasal husband sikkan tinggal rumah ... itu sudah semestinya! teori semua atas palak, praktikal jak belum hehehe

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Hahaha. Gila bah ko ni. Ntahlah Jaime, bila aku kenal/jumpa 'lelaki', hati kecil bertanya, "is he the one?". Mcm skrg ni aku terjumpa balik kwn lama slps 15 thn terpisah (Kwn sek mnengah). Dan kini he turns into "somebody". Bah, nntkanlah kesinambungan Life's Like That-Part 1 version aku pulak. Hahaha

SeMiN said...

Rambo, nada entry ko kali nie bunyi lain jer.... dah jumpa sesaper yg sesuai ker???... raya jalan sakan tak? ker ko buat persiapan jaga opis sorang2 ehehehe!

rambomadonna said...

Yoyop: Jgn terlalu mudah jatuh cinta ... let it happen, better still make it happen ... akan ku tunggu perkembangan Life's Like That itewww ... BTW, I spoil my diet today ...

Semin: Hari ini belum ada lagi ... tak tau esok lusa, mungkin kah akan kutemu yang "sesuai" iteww... Aku tido sakan lah raya nie min. Nanti I blog about it.

norzah said...

I like u r part 2 - part merapu part sangat true. People can be alone physically ( tak kawin) tapi dlm hati ada manusia yang jadi inspirasi, reference dan tempat lepas angin kuskus yang menyesak dada. Kalau u gambarkan marriage sebagai rutin jaga suami, jaga anak, jaga sdr, ibumertua dll. tentu it sucks. Tapi kalau pikirkannya sebagai mencari kebahagiaan bersama, cross-stimulasi fikiran dan idea, tempat bermanja (dan kadang-kadang berkelahi, lepas steam), tentu ada tarikannya. Namu tak salah kalau u remain single dgn beau tertentu terkunci dalam hati sanubari, hehe.

rambomadonna said...

Mesej terakhir tu yang penting Norzah dalam cerita nie ... "tak rugi dapat kami yang PAKEJ nie" hehehe

norzah said...

Memang tak rugi, J, malah macam kata Yoyop, "Rugi tak dapat kami yang PAKEJ ni." Cuma org yang nak takel PAKEJ mesti cukup syarat, mesti yakin diri. Takut tak terbawa. Pasal tu lambat jumpa org yang berani agak nya. Camne pun balik kepada jodoh. Kalau dah
jumpa dunia karam, negeri terbakar ke...mesti jadi, kan?

suna said...

well said J mie,..that's what I thot exactly..
Hujung2nya smua dari Tuhan, maybe it's better for us to be single at this stage..better for us, our family, our community,..heck! maybe better for the whole world community..
Let's just be ....
and let's leave our takdir to HIM with the holistic, whole-istic and all-encompassing view..
After all, we are worthy and wealthy and if we are single..well, don't blame us.. blame the chickens..thee hee hee!

suna said...

btw, norzah...just take what we said about the marriage institution with a grain of salt..
it's a defensive mechanism..
practically embedded in our genes.. 'when u don't have it, bitch about it''s better that pining and finally getting desperate..and dunno, getting bun in the oven without the 'event' perhaps..

rambomadonna said...

OMG Suna ... your command of English these passing years is astounding! Sampai susah my elementary level English ni try to decipher the meaning behind each word.

Anyway, I like this sentence though ... 'when u don't have it, bitch about it' ... so true!

norzah said...

Suna, pun ada yang tak jumpa jodoh n cannot 'bitch about it'. What todo? Bun in the iven is a good metaphor for the ladies. I cant find a suitable one for the single men. Boleh tolong nggak?

suna said...

if u only knew, ...I have here 20-something, i early twentyish men..or shall we say boys who are busy bemoaning their single status..not exactly bitching, but more to whining..
their issue? not handsome enough to get the girls but are desperate to 'just do IT!'..

J mie, and we thot we ARE the losers..hehe

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