Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Yeoh

"May your Special Day
Be a celebration
Of where you've been,
Where you are, and
How you are growing
Together in the Lord"

by Joyce C. Lock

Mie's Note : I purposely BOLD the world Together. Hope both of U get the message. Happy 34th anniversary Mummy and Daddy, from your ever loving and forever 17 daughter.


SeMiN said...

they r so sweet!

rambomadonna said...

kena tgk sapa photograher yang catch the moment... huhuhu

mohdsazali said...


Sweet sangat your parents... bos memang you anak emak... muka you, body you sejibik ikut denetik mak you.he he he he he

rambomadonna said...

yes, muka dan body I mcm my mum's 34 years ago ... hahahaha

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