Sunday, September 5, 2010

Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich

Sunday ... means no breakfast and lunch in the Yeoh's residence in Ayer Itam. This is because our chef, Auntie Rose, wants her weekend off from all culinary duties. This doesn't bother me much as usually I will either be working (Mem Besar love to visit Penang on weekends), travelling or sleeping hehehe. No need to wait for Ramadan, I always fast during weekends ... but buka puasa at 6.30 pm (official dinner time since 1938) hahaha

Anyway, today I suddenly felt so hungry macam 10 tahun tak makan. Funny, last night me and Thomas already "sahur" at Northam Beach with a bowl of Hokkien Prawn Mee and a plate of German sausage. BTW, Thomas and I had a very interesting outing last night but both of us forgotten to stop and snap photos. Yesterday, there was a parade of "transporting the God" from a temple downtown to a temple in Ayer Itam. I saw few "deities" like the Jade Emperor, Kuan Yin and some like the Journey to West gods. I even saw life "hungry ghosts" ... it was really interesting.

Photo source: The Star, 8 August 2010

There were also few "ko tai" concerts (where the singers wore sexy outfit) ongoing almost at the same time which draw more attentions from the living than the dead ... hahaha, seriously, I saw the front row seats which was supposed to be empty were pushed aside by some excited "male audience". Wah ... these "ko tai" performers are getting sexier and better (performance wise) every year. Singing to upbeat numbers ... even Britney Spears pun kalah hehehe. Yesterday's one, one singer wore a skimpy short mini pants that look more like a panty ... panas panas! Forgot to take picture!

I told Tom," Wah! Ghost nowadays so high taste one".

Ah Tom ", Han nah ... you don't know aaa, ghosts nowadays so modern already. Give them the old type show, sure bad luck one" hahahaa ....

Ya lah. Come to think of it. Young and new ghosts may want something from their generation.

Opsss ... back to my afternoon rendezvous.

So ... I went to the kitchen to search for something edible. There I saw some leftovers of the Dragon Fruit bread which my auntie bought yesterday.

Then I remembered the Neapolitan Ice-Cream which i bought last weekend. I love Neapolitan Ice-Cream. I always wish I could I have Neapolitan Ice Cream birthday cake like Eve and Alexandra Blackwell of Sidney Sheldon's Master of the Game.

Anyway I wondered if people from the new generation know how heavenly it was, eating ice-cream with sandwich bread. Before there was this MacDonald's famous McFlurry, Swensen, Haagen Dass or Baskin Robbins sundaes, Ice-Cream Sandwich was "the favourite sundae" whenever the ice-cream man pass our house, after school or at pasar malam.

During my school time, one ice-cream sandwich only cost about RM 0.30. Cone ice-cream about 20 sen. I remembered when I was 8 years old. I sanggup kena kejar anjing just to buy this ice-cream sandwich at Uncle Ah Chai's house.

Taraaaa .... my masterpiece. I need to have something hot to complement it. Yum yum!!!

A cuppa of my home-made Old Town White Coffee.

Hehehe ... before "makan" have to take picture and arrange my sandwich and white coffee cantik-cantik. Little projects like this really excites me. Auntie Daisy was wondering what I was giggling about in the dining room. I am sure she must be thinking "Gila kah apa ini budak!"

Anyway, as I was enjoying my ice-cream sandwich, I wonder how my friend Meli is doing in Bonn, German. I am sure dekat-dekat Raya nie and especially in bulan Ramadan, he must be missing a lot of Malaysian food. (Suddenly felt sorry for "porking out" here)

Meli, if you read this entry, I would like to suggest you to visit Naples, Italy. It is said that the best pizza is from Naples, Italy hence the Neapolitan Pizza. I read about it in my latest read ... Eat, Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert. Have a blessed Ramadan dear friend.


norzah said...

I am down with a cold but can't resist commenting on your breezy, fast moving and yummy ice-cream sandwhich presenttion. So you're really enjoying life in Penang and the hungry ghosts seemed to be very pleased with the food and the 'ko tai' show presented.
Keep looking for the ghost with jiwa sesejuk air di gunung. He must be around somewhere, lured by the 'ko tai' show. Tapi the show would surely excite him.
Or are you looking for the unexcitable one? hehehe.

rambomadonna said...

Norzah, these few weeks jer boleh enjoy. Lepas nie life kembali sibuk and no time to look for that "ghost" hahaha ... come to think of it, that ghost must watching some skimpy ko tai show somewhere and forgotten about me hehehe

get well soon dear friend. drink a lot of water and no ice cream k.

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