Thursday, September 30, 2010

Britney Spears On Glee

After a very disappointing opening last week, the second episode came back with few clips and songs to drool on based on the Queen of Rebirth ... Britney Spears. Sampai i sanggup tak study nak tgk episode minggu nie hehehe .... Here are my some great Britney MV by Glee Cast.


I am A Slave For U

Me Against the Music

This time Brittany .... u rocks!


norzah said...

Great songs and superb performance, J. I am a Slave For You would knock out the hardest of hearts, melt down the hardest steel...but Tut my Berrey ( touch my body) got me reeling with laughter, even when seeing it for the second time, hehehe. No wonder that you're Glued to Glee.

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