Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Malaysia and of course to one particular anak Malaysia, my dearest blogger friend, Norzah.

"Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest."

Ok, if people ask me, what do I like most being a Malaysian woman ... I would definitely say "to go shopping without worrying about the bomb or must be escorted by a male family member or spending people's money or whenever and wherever I want". I am after all INDEPENDENT and LIBERATED from any form of colonization or restriction. Best kan?

So in conjunction with Malaysia Day and in celebration of my own INDEPENDENCE I decided to liberate myself from my laziness and "anti-socialness". Yaaaa .... dunno why ever since I returned to Penang I feel so lazy to mingle around with my friends and colleagues here. Most of the time, I prefer to spend my weekends at home. So today, I decided to accept an invitation to my very good friends Open "New" House (just moved in a week before Ramadan) in Bayan Baru. Both husband and wife are my good friends whom I know when I was in KPKT.

To be honest, in Penang, I am chauffeured-driven everywhere. Ya lah ... bila lagi nak merasa jadi Pengarah kan. So even after 6 months... I am still "blur-blur" about roads to certain places. Maybe it's also because I takdak kaki here. But like Thomas often said ...

"Why worry ... pusing-pusing you will still be in Penang Island maa. Just make sure you don't drive over the Penang Bridge, that one sure lost one."

After a few KL-style U-turn and "kena hon" by impatient Penang drivers (oh they will always find reasons to use the horn), I finally managed to find the place, which turned to be in a very good location in Bayan Baru. It's about 10 minutes drive to airport and Queensbay, and just few km from shopping areas in Bukit Jambul and PISA. No wonder Kelvin, another good friend of mine, worked very hard to get a unit. His mother-in-law to be must be very please. If all the shops are occupied it's going to be very happening like Sri Hartamas. But sorry, no pics.

So after the open house, I decided to go to Queensbay, which is about 10 minutes drive (5km) from my friend's apartment. However I saw that the place was jam packed with shoppers so I detoured to Prangin Mall. After all, I just want to watch a movie and get myself some Korean drama DVDs. I will blog about the movie and dramas later. Imagine, 6 months here in Penang ... baru 2 kali I went to Queensbay Mall. My shopping mall now is the Ayer Itam market huhuhu. You can get everything in Ayer Itam ... great breakfast and stuff at great bargain.

Ayer Itam is packed with people during weekends

Anyway, the most important achievement about being an independent Malaysian woman today is transforming my room from a "pig-sty" (literally) into a "boutique homestay". Hahaha

You see, many years ago, my family extended my grandparents house to build a very big room. However, since we only occupied the place once a year, my aunties and daddy turned it into a storage and partly ration room. My aunties love to buy everything in bulks during sales. So katakan ada perang or natural disaster, we have ration to feed us for a year... hehehe. But over the years, some of the things that they bought became junks.

So when I moved back to my grandparents house in May, I was literally sleeping among piles of junks. Bit by bit I cleared some of the unwanted stuff. And today since I haven't got myself a birthday present I decided to reward myself with a great sleep every night. And TARAAA ...

Jangan main-main tau, the pillows are not calang-calang pillows you know. One is a Lavender Therapeutic Pillow (to encourage deep sleep) and the other one is a Gingko Therapeutic Pillow (for memory and mental clarity improvement). I bought the comforter set and pillows at 70% discount in Pacific KOMTAR. All in all I spent about RM 300.00. Nak buat macam mana kan, memandangkan takde bed partner so bed tu terpaksa lah bagi comfortable sikit.

When Auntie Lily saw my new comforter set, she said " Wah ... mau kawinkah?"

Cikgu Yoyop, tolong jawabkan hehehe... (malu-malu nie)


norzah said...

You make me proud to share your salutation on 1 Malaysia Day celebration by virtue of being born on Sept. 16. Thanks so much for the well-wishes, J.

I just smiled when you say that you've decided to liberate yourself from laziness and an antisocial tendency. You, lazy and antisocial? Really J, who'd believe that. Since becoming tourism supremo in Penang you've not only established your credentials
in the official capacity but also your authority at home.Turning a messy storeroom into a five-star
bedroom is no easy job. Beside handling all the
office work, you've also travelled to Thailand and Indonesia, attended several functions and countless meetings in KL., and I'm sure completed a number of reports and working papers. All in 6 months.
Is that the output of a lazy lady supremo?

I would think that some congratulations would be in order. With such hectic schedule I'm not surprised if you have had little time for socialization and visiting places in Penang. That can certainly be done later.

For now, I think, you need to relax a bit, Cool down and look around for the illusive Mr. Right. He could be closer to you than you think. Therapeutic pillows
are alright to induce beauty sleep, but sleeping alone in a huge bed can invite a lot of wild dreams
and make one feel a little lonely.

That's just a thought, anyway. Thanks again for the well-wishes.

mohdsazali said...

sapa kawan bos tue... En rosli ka... kalu yea kim salam lah kat dia...

cantik la bos... cadar... kalu nak beli cadar cantik n confortable beli kat butik Aussino (saya rasa kat penang pun dia ada cawangan) cadar dia harga boleh la... yang syok nya cadar dia bila tidur malam tak rasa panas... kalu umah bos umah kampung lagi best.. pagi2 dalam pukul 4 hingga 6 mesti tak mau bangun punya...

kepaa kawan bos selamat hari lahir la.

nanti ingat nak g penang la.... bolehlah bawa jalan2 pusing penang...

rambomadonna said...

Norzah: Kembang kempis hidung i dengan puji-pujian sebegitu. All this while I thought my best achievement is "menumbangkan the arches". Hehehe

But I really think I deserve a good rest and good sleep more than a sleeping partner at the moment. hehehe ... too exhausted for any "physical activities". However, kalau ditakdirkan bertemu jugak dengan sleeping partner dalam masa terdekat ... (quoting yoyop)

"I akan terima dengan kaki terbuka"


rambomadonna said...

Sazali: Yup. Jadi jutawan hartanah sekarang ni dah boleh beli 3 bijik rumah kat Penang. Don't play play ...

I memang suka Aussino but masa tu I tak gi ke Queensbay or Gurney. So masa ke Prangin, Akemi tgh sale 70%. Tapi memang selesalah sebab thread count tinggi dari comforter biasa. I suka sangat design nie. Japanese sangat... I like!!!!

Letak kepala atas bantal itew kejap jer terus lena ... best betul.

Mai lah Penang zali. Semin and rosli pun ada bawak jalan. I pun dah ok sikit2 jalan Penang. Kalau tak OK call jer semin hehehe

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Sorry. Lambat reply. Leka dgn Hitrik Roshan kejap. Hehe

Sila nyanyi yg kat bawah ni ya:
Si Yoyop:"Oh Aunty Nelly Paya, Jaime mau kahwin".

Aunty Nelly: "Kahwin dgn sapa?".

Ha Jaime, turn ko pulak jawab. Hahaha

white said...

cantik bed sheet dayung..hehehe

emel said...

cool.. still remember those days when we were craz' 'bout shopping those stuff, ended up bought same set of bedsheet di parkson??...

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